red fruit

Heart note
Peony, floral notes, jamin

Base note

Kenzo World Women's Perfumes in the opinion of many OSB PCZ Like a divorced strawberry compote. Although closed in a beautiful packaging and promoted wind campaign, they are faces of my expectations.

Kenzo World would be an expected fragrance by all Kenzo fans. The fragrance presents the image of a free woman, a belligerent, full passion and having an unlimited energy. or traditional motives from modernity.

ADVERTISEMENT KENZO World perfume will make me a thunderous impression on me. There is everything there: Miao, OBD, Humor and Into Rhythm. When I feel the smell itself, I wonder why the team of intelligent people think that this fruity-floral compote can be interested in contemporary women!

Kenzo World has an ambition not to be unnoticed and does not arouse obtrity. This is emphasized by the bottle, it exclaims a fantastic advertising spot, unfortunately - the smell does not present it.

How does Kenzo World smell like?

The perfume will be created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian , and the composition is described as Kwiatowa, Ambra and Wiea. The most often mentioned notes are peony , Egyptian Jamin and Ambroxan . However, on my Skra, fragrance notes go a little differently, nor are the producer presented.


Bouquet open red fruit, but I sense the gas myths that encounter watermelon Instant teas. This is a really strange opening that comes to the smell of milk, very synthetic melon . It resembles balloon rubbers for the uncer, which in all of the above 13 years of life is to be concluded. After about 15 minutes, the smell evolves and loses this chemical aftertaste.

Heart note

In our hearts we will be surprised by the explosion of flowers. A lush bouquet of flowers appears - among others , peony and Egyptian Jamin - to which the red fruit syrup will get through. Cao is no, a bit strange. It keeps sure clean and sometimes I have the impression that the composition is venturing in the lands of functional fragrances.

Base notes

The base is very uniform and Ambroxan dominates it. He is diluted, biased and has a slightly metallic stroke. This is a characteristic note that changes its character, depending on who is wearing - thus becomes the smell you love or which you hate.

Kenzo World Reviews: Who was they created for? How can you fit? Are you lasting?

World is worshiped by the 2024 collection. Flakon or the design of Kenzo California handbags and The Eye's biolerty. It is a fragrance dedicated to a joyful, dynamic and spontaneous woman.

Releases the unpretentious spirit of the one who wears it. Wrong, that after these perfumes more like a sign of women, koo 30 . The more taught with perfumes, who remember the premieres, even Jungle Elephant , may be disappointed in amazing the slightly of this smell.

It is also due to this features you can dick them on the staff. It will be able to work for work, for meetings with friends, even for sister's baptisms . I am convinced that many women will buy this perfume in the spring and summer.

Take into account other perfumed waters and their medium -long projection, the world smell is not doing well. There is about 5 hours on my Skra . Instead, his intensity is large and he was able to feel him to a lot of distance.

Inspiring advertisement Kenzo World

ADVERTISEMENT Kenzo World presents girls in an evening dress, which surreptitiously leaves an elegant dinner and begins the crazy trans amania cultural kodw. Everything surprises the viewer, and the eternal narrative of revealing what, which has not yet been in the ads of perfumes.

If in hand with these paintings, the belief that a woman does not have to wear only the ubiquitous fruit-flower perfumes, I could actually think about what.

When in 2011 Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took control of the Kenzo fashion house, they wanted to add a common spirit to the brand. Kenzo Takada will create a colorful shelter, especially important for Asian and Japanese design. Current directors will open to women.

"We hope that we will inject new collections in the Mark of the Fashionable Spirit - a sense of fun and insolence. At the same time, we want the honor and protects the traditions of the Kenzo house, such as it is worth culture, the sense of world and podra, which would be an inaccurate element of the collection in the history of Kenzo."

The advertisement indicates that the brand is going in the right direction, but in terms of perfumes they have to work on the unique character of the composition.

Kenzo World perfumed water: Is this the right smell for you?

When I look at the world ads, I don't know its smell yet, I come to my worsening chords: spices, citrus, wood, green fragrance notes, bitter, and sonic.

I was confused that the smell will be built on contracts, energy, multidimensional. I have quietly hoping for the narcotic intense . In Mylach, I create a real concept of fragrance cultures of the whole world.

In fact, the smell of Kenzo World is neither the opposite nor the surprising. It is not the same - on the contrary, he is a caki not - it is simply convincing. For Blu, it resembles a different smell of Francis Kurkdjian - My Burberry . After all, I am convinced that the composition itself will work well for many women.

The biggest accusation on my part is the dismantled between the campaign, the symbolism, the bottle, and what is actually in it. It is a pity that the Kenzo brand does not show your confusing and such courage in the design of the composition, as it does, creating advertising.

The official ride p. Erfuma Kenzo World is a vagina of freedom. If you are wondering if it is a fragrance for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you like smells of a fruit and floral chord; If you are looking for a light but composition; If you want a summer smell; If you like uncomplicated smells and you just want to smell.

No - if you usually sigid for niche perfumes and you want your smell tells you to tell you, you are looking for a wrapping fragrance for auto and winter.

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