Calvin Klein Eternity Fragrance notes

green notes, citrus oils, lily, freesia

Heart note
ra, fioek, lily of the valley, a deal

Base note
zander tree, heliotrope, pimo

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP is a women's floral perfumes that tell about myioci.

These perfumes are how he tells you that does not lose sense despite the uptake of years. S like a song that you hum under your breath when you have a good day. This is the smell of the first flowers during the spring walk. Eternity is a beautiful story of great power that lies in simplicity.

He is the opposite of his older sister Calvin Klein Obsession. While the leadership obsession for temptation, Eternity perfumed water is conservative in this matter. Is floral fragrance notes from the 80s (Paris) and 90s (Tresor, Pleasures).

Although it is currently considered classic, this style is definitely modern and timeless. Although Eternity is on the market for two decades, it is not able to call them vintage perfumes.

Fragrance notes: How does Calvin Klein Eternity perfumed water smell?

Perfume Eternity Fresings Mixture of green fragrance notes, lily of the valley, pepper and powder chords. The composition is not quoting, it perfectly works on the Skra and smells beautiful through the whole. If you are looking for a fragrance that fits the opportunity, it's a good choice.

The composition is created by Sophia Grojsman. Gosia's legend that he arose for a special life of Calvin Klein, who in this way wants a great and emergency meal.

Gesture notes

At the beginning, Eternity has an intense smell. He is tart, sharp and wilds in the nose. All because of the citrus chord. It can give you a misleading that it will add energy and ruling.

Heart notes

Later, a floral chord, the fragrance notes of freesia and lily are the most. The heart of this composition is big more pleasant than the beginning. more free and more everyday. It is like a bouquet of flowers mixed with a green scent of KI and placed on the table in an aromatic kitchen.

Base notes

My favorite moment is the base. The exceptionally long stays on my Skra. If you apply perfumes on the wax, the easier day. The composition is velvety, wrapping and silky. The rose is pierced by the Pima fragrance note with the sharp end of the heliotrope.

Although my description of the smell can sound biased, in reality Eternity is a distant perfume. They are not a traditional floral fragrance. Although you feel a bouquet of flowers here, other fragrance notes add a unique, creamy character.

This composition is not delicate, it is not romantic and is not easy. In my opinion, this is a unique perfume for women who are defined as classics.

I love in them that putting them in the morning, the fragrance. Their scent lasts on a Skra over 10 hours. They are not too intense, so they can easily be used at work.

Calvin Klein Eternity reviews: Is it worth buying this perfume?

CK Eternity perfumes, two very important features - elegance and daily. Dziki this way, fit into various women, in Kad Por and in a lot of age. Their plus is the low price and high as.

I love the perfume that represents cleanly (probably wild lily of the valley notes). He likes these beautiful fragrances that inspire me with positive feelings, such as involving, Mio and faithfully.

The smell of Eternity raises good emotions in me when I feel him on your Skra or other women. It is difficult for me to slouch SKD this feeling, but it is so.

It is a composition with high quality, and it impresses with a unique character and large duration. I have an eternity bottle myself on my pce and I often sigid for it. In my opinion, it is a perfume worth attention.