lemon, bergamot, neroli, pear, liwa

Heart note
red pepper, gardenia, fioek

Base note
cedar, kadzido, vetocy, pimo

Interesting advertisement of women's perfumes Calvin Klein Downtown Eau de Parfum me to the tens. Unfortunately, the smell turns out to be a disappointment. You can, therefore the smell has been withdrawn.

This fragrance would be great, it is to face the legends of Calvin Klein - Euphori, Eternity, Obsession. It is not even close. Of course, this prime minister is managed by many factors, but at first glance you can see inept outflowing of perfume trends.

The Liwki and Pear duo appears in the unmistyly Jadore Diora, and the pear herself is the leading topic of the greatest hits of recent years - La Vie Est Belle and Black Opium. So what might have no way?

How does Calvin Klein Downtown perfumed water smell?

I don't know why, but there is a belief that Downtown is a perfume for fashion girls. I can't tumble it, because my impressions would be different. The nasal modem is difficult to appreciate the postal sparks of an extraordinary pear - and this is the only interesting element of this composition.

The beginning of the fragrance is citrus and riding. Lemon and bergamot are difficult to revive here, and Cao is very neutral - known for the most low -class pooch called the people.

Citrus to fly quickly and then it starts to get interesting. Pear is not so obvious here. It's a bit sodka, a bit acidic. On the one hand she would be frivolous, on the other a little sharp. Mistake that this effect is not only due to the pear - I am convinced that the duo that Liwk is doing a really confusion here.

Later, the composition completely changes its character. It is virtually imperceptible. This is strange, because the heart has an extremely intense Gardeni. Only Gardenia does not smell in a well -known character.

Here it is presented as a flower broken from a bush, thrown in a kau and trampled through passers -by on a busy street.

If the EDP designation has - perfumed water, it cannot escape after 45 minutes. This is how Avon's mist, not perfumes.

Downtown is a turbo non -permanent composition - the first fact. After 20 minutes of typical citrus and unusual pear, you will be doomed to the next p. The smell has an interesting spark for 10-15 minutes of its projection - a sad fact third.

Calvin Klein Downtown Reviews: Is this perfume? What occasions do you fit?

Well, for whom? Is this a perfume for a girl with tattoo? I would rather not be tempted by such a statement.

Rooney Mara has an unusual face that is able to adapt to each character. Certainly in the downtown fragrance it shows adequate to the target group.

ADVERTISING shows women who find sincere emotions. It is natural in his behavior and does not lose their child's charm. He goes crazy with the girls, he's located in the rain and is touched at the sight of the puppy.

These perfumes were not composed for a woman from advertising. They were made for a woman in a picture - and just like her, they are bland. Remind Versace Yellow Crystal a little, and a little womany from Mugler.

Certainly their price is their price - for 90 milliliters you can push less than 250 zotych. If you like the smell, buy the most capacity. Perfumes are very unstable, so you will have a bottle in a purse.

I think that the determination of the age range for this composition is simply senseless - it is a non -bothering psikacz in the summer -spring season. Suitable for Modych and mature PA.

Is it worth buying Calvin Klein Downtown?

I do not deny it, you may like Downtown. Happerally during the greatest authorities, when any intense smell can evoke migraines.

This is a miy smell, at a bearing, matching women and the opportunity. Although postal fragrance notes seem natural and very pleasant, with time become more and more synthetic and bland.

My opinions about this fragrance are dictated by the fact that I really likes the smells that release. Downtown just smells blank. There is not a gram of flirtation, fun, charisma.

As if it was Mao, disappear from Skra very quickly.

I do not buy such perfumes, but if you like the starting of flowers with fruit in this form, it should give the chances of downtown. However, test them before buying.