What fragrance Calvin Klein is the most successful? Which women's perfumes Calvin Klein Fachn best? See the ranking, read the reviews and choose the perfect for you.

Calvin Klein will create an international dodge. From the uprising in 1968 to the moment of selling in 2002 it is worth the $ 730 million dollars.

CK is a brand recognized at the same level as Pepsi. However, from the beginning they arouse much stronger emotions - erotic ads would be an inherent element of promotion of new products.

The slogan "you know what comeeen me and my calvins? - Nothing" in the mouth of a 15 -year -old model to shock to Americans at the beginning of the 1980s.

Flooding legendary jeans and underwear, CK offers an extremely popular fragrance line. Although the clothes signed with Mark Calvin Klein are characterized by minimalism, its smells often deviate from this exposure - tell stories about strength, dreams and senses.

Looking at Mark as a cao, it is difficult to say whether it is perfumes S supposition to ascetic collections of clothes, or in the contrary - Calvin Klein dresses in perfumes.

Plants designed for CK take in the PIKN PIKN to all Zaktkw Wiatk. Do you want to get it?


Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Euphoria

Euphoria's women's perfumes have the prime minister in 2005 and since then the most popular smell of WRDs of Polish women. or sodk a sensual orient with a delicate smell of flowers. It is elegance and a sensual in a strong, autumn-winter fragrance. Perfectly ley on scarves and turtlenecks. It wraps and pulls like a magnet. In my opinion, this is an evening fragrance for strong women.

Permanent: 7 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy note: navy blue

Heart note: Lotos, Orchidaa



Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Beauty

Beauty women's perfumes are the smell of a warm spring day. One when you already know that the hat and rkawiczki do not leave the wardrobe for the next months. This is a sodium perfume that smell like a bouquet of flowers. S simple to pick up and universal - this is a great choice and for official meetings. He doesn't impose, but these are not nothing. Mona wears them.

Release date: 2010

Last: 6-7 hours

Intense: 3/5

Gowy note: Ambrette, red pepper, lily of the valley

Heart note: Kalia, Jamin, Magnolia Aport

Base note: Virginia cedar, cashmere tree

Continuation: Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty


Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Eternity

Eternity, or eternal. Women's perfumes from 1988, which arose as an expression of Calvin Klein to the other. They are not for each, because the easily flavors are intensively flowing. After some time, it leaves a wonderful, silk bases, which still lasts on a Skra. This is a typical perfume with a tail. The smell of a modest but determined woman. Message: Approach, but not too close.

Last: 5-8 hours

Intense: 4/5

Gowy Note: Green Litets, citrus oils, lily, freesia

Heart note: ra, fioek, lily of the valley, a fair

Base note: zander, heliotrrop, pimo


Perfumes mskie Calvin Klein Encounter

The best perfumes of Mkskie Calvina Klein - very woody and root at the beginning, cashmere in the base. Rum and cognac create some avant -garde AUR, but in the opinion of many OSB are cardamom and woody fragrance notes add a composition of an unusual character. If you are looking for truly Msky perfumes, Encounter is a great smell.

Last: 7-9 hours

Intense: 3/5

Gowy note: cardamom, mandarin, rum

Heart note: cognac, pepper, jamin, patchouli

Base note: pimo, cedar, agar


Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Obsession

Obsession, or do what you find in this smell: danger and contradictory. This is on the one hand, on the other, eroticism. The smell is ambiguous, difficult and Gsty. On PKI continuously since 1985. It works perfectly in the autumn-winter season in the accompaniment of turtleneck and jeans. In no case for a gift.

Last: 9 hours

Intense: 4.5/5

Gowy note: mandarin, vanilla, peach, basil, bergamot, lemon

Heart note: coriander, zander tree, wise flower, jamin, dbowy moss, cedar, ra

Base note: Ambra, Pimo, Cyweb, Vanilla, Vicinia, Kadzido


Calvin Klein In2u

In2u from 2007 is a great choice in the spring and summer. Calvin Klein In2u or you smells Rolin and vanilla soda. In my opinion, there is a bit of MSKA. The strong advantage of these perfumes is a large capacity and low price - you can get this fragrance to 150 zotych. Prepared with my mistakes. There is the one available in the blue version of Mska.

Last: 4-5 hours

Intense: 3/5

Gowy note: bergamot, grapefruit, li currants

Heart note: orchid, cactus

Base note: Ambra, Cedar


Calvin Klein Truth

It is a village and an energizing smell in the spring and summer. Strongly citrus at the beginning and floral in the heart. The base lasts on a Skra for about 2 hours to give silky and soda effect. It belongs to those sharp, not delicate compositions. If you like smells, Calvin Klein Truth is definitely worth testing.

Premiere: 2000

Last: 5-6 hours

Intense: 3/5

Gowy Note: vetocy, patchouli, bamboo, bergamot, lemon

Heart note: zander, peony, lily, mimosa, Jeyna

Base note: pimo, amber, vanilla


Calvin Klein Euphoria Men

Euphoria's perfumes will find their place in the classification due to the unusual popularity of moczes. Although the opinions are often negative due to the existing, it is a wind perfume on the staff. It's a smell, perfect for spring and summer upay. It is pleasant and gives a sense of ruling. A bit classic, a bit modern, above all universal.

Premiere: 2006

Last: 5 hours

Intense: 2.5/5

Gowy note: ginger, pepper

Heart note: black basil, shit, cedar tree

Base note: amber, patchouli, Brazilian sequoia, suede


Calvin Klein Reveal Men

If you are wondering which perfumes Mkskie Calvina Klein S the most chard, there is one answer - Reveal. Its smell is aromatic and body. It is so much that it was able to wear spring and autumn. This is a sodium-bitter perfume that aim at twenty and thirty-year-olds. Elegance in a modern edition. Ideal for work and for incorrect meetings.

Last: 6-7 hours

Intense: 2.7/5

Gowy note: pear, brandy, ginger, mastyks, melon

Heart note: suede, shemlores

Base note: Tonka beans, vetocy, amber


Calvin Klein CK One

CK One had their prime minister in 1994. In Poland, in Poland, immediately after changing the system, the smell of unisex would be a revolution of culture. A woman dressed in CK One was like Coco Chanel in the 1920s. For this raw bottle, the soup unlike others. Success would of course be spectacular, and they are permanently healing on the bodies of many women and men. Despite the uptake of years, these perfumes will not lose their claw.

Last: 7-8 hours

Intense: 2.8/5

Gowy note: pineapple, mandarin, papaya, bergamot, cardamom, lemon

Heart note: muscatowo, fioek, iris bark, jamin, lily of the valley, Ra

Base note: zander tree, amber, pimo, cedar, dbowy moss

27 continuation was created, but the most characteristic S CK One Shock for Her and CK One Shock for Him.


Calvin Klein CK BE

I can not miss CK Be - a fragrance for women and men from 1996. Although it is clearly associated with them, it is not a continuation of this line. Extremely, the perfume is perfect for hot, lazy days. Prescation like laundry, hung in the windows of wax tenement houses. This is a private number one in the CK fragrances. Timeless.

Last: 6-7 hours

Intense: 2.8/5

Gowy note: lavender, myth, mandarin, self, bergamot

Heart note: green grass, magnolia, orchid, freesia, peach, jamin

Base note: zander tree, amber, opoponaks, pimo, cedar, vanilla

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