Calvin Klein Obsession Fragrance notes

Mandarin, vanilla, peach, basil, bergamot, lemon

Heart note
coriander, zander tree, flower will be afraid, jamin, dbowy moss, cedar, ra

Base note
Ambra, Pimo, Cyvet, Vanilla, Vytyba, Kadzido

Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum Stimulate the senses of women and mocz for over 30 years.

Some love them boundless, others treat them as necessary. Why do you enjoy popularity? What does this smell have in it that it raises such contradictory emotions?

For me it is one of the most interesting perfume stories. You must know her.

It is necessary to immediately indicate that obsession is not only perfumes. The success of Calvin Klein, Kate Moss and Robert R. Taylor - the face and context of the smell - is behind the success.

If you already know these perfumes and the details of their promotion, you will definitely agree with MN 100%.

Controversy show not only from the circumstances of their creation and all marketing envelope. It is also about the smell itself - CIKI and GSTE; Erotic and Wity.

What does Calvin Klein Obsession smell like?

Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Obsession opens a very strong, Muskie blow. Lemon, bergamot and basil in the colosite version are not for interpretation. They are definitely disqualified by people who feel better in delicate, floral fragrances.

The first shock, however, passes very quickly, because the composition begins in a short time. The peach soda is slowly piercing. If this fragrance was now isolated, Mona deems it undressing - a soda of a delicious fruit juice on the Skra.

However, you have to realize that for all the strongest chord is incense. It is responsible for all the emotions related to CK Obsession. I can't manage this fragrance note, which is not surprising.

We continue to go into balsamic chords. You can easily feel the flower will be a scale and great time. Fathers also in Kadzido, which this time is presented in the company of Jamin and sophisticated vanilla. This moment is amazing and very oriental.

You will definitely feel a civet that adds sharp to all the composition. Unfortunately, on some shuffles it resembles the smell of humid basements.

You must know that the women's obsession is an exceptionally intense perfume, so apply them in small quantities. Even then his projection is large, and the composition will stay on your Skra for 9-10 hours.

Calvin Klein Obsession reviews: Is it worth buying this women's perfume?

CK Obsession is an autumn-winter perfume. Better to work in the evening than during the day. S Very wrapped - like a shawl or blanket. I love them in a minimalist version, with black jeans and a black sweater.

It's a beautiful, oriental perfume. If you are an old -style fragrance fan, be sure to buy your Obsession bottle.