Calvin Klein Euphoria Fragrance notes


Heart note
Lotos flower, orchid

Base note
fioek, amber, pimo, maho

In 2005, the world is crazy about Calvin Klein Euphoria! This composition is really remote. Sensual, magnetic, sexy ....

There is no interplicity that Euphoria EDP belongs to the legendary perfumes. He may say that this is one of the best compositions of the Calvin Klein brand.

I notice that this is the favorite fragrance of women in the age range 30-45. This more taught noses will be used to use the whole potential of this smell.

The inside of me will work perfectly in terms of non -burning consumes for the city, as well as elegant dinners.

Euphoria is a night animal, but in the day this day does not cope. Theoretically, all perfumes that can be included in the oriental group better in more vague seasons.

It is true that CK Euphoria does not have typical oriental notes (for example Kadzida), but due to the strong aroma of the wood orchid wood, it will include such.

What does Calvin Klein Euphoria smell like?

Gorce and juicy notes. It's like a spilled pomegranate juice on a Skra. Sticky, sensual and soda, and he is eager to wander him from Skra.

This picture lasts only a quarter of an hour. Later, the composition goes into floral chords. Expressive and gbokie. This is where you meet the GWN of this story - an orchid in the company of a lotus flower.

Flower chord and it brews and burst with serving in all directions. If purple, it would smell like the heart of Euphoria.

Moments later is my favorite moment of this composition. Orchid and lotus become calmer, but still noticeable. Slowly start supporting Pim and slightly breaks down. Then this composition is cautically or with my Skr.

The base is Pimowa, he can feel the wood chord. Apparently it is a mahogany tree, but it is so delicate that it does not play any significant role.

In the fragrance notes of the base there is a dominant pimo and subtle orchid. They have to admit that it no longer seems to be subtile, after all, her smell is rising on the Skra.

Is it worth buying Calvin Klein Euphoria?

CK Euphoria smells sex. Is Sodka and Sona; Juicy and intense. This is not a composition that keeps a distance. It's a magnet.

Although love her millions, he has his opponents. This is not a light perfume for women. Therefore, the question is, will you fall in love with this orient?

I recommend you buying these perfumes, if you are looking for defiant fragrances that will be under the prd. You will fall in love with Euphoria, if you like decisive compositions that can be defined by some as perfumes of Mskie.

I recommend you tests without everything, it's really worth it.