sl, ditches pepper, black pepper, white pepper

Heart note
gray amber, iris

Base note
zander tree, cashmere wood, vetocy, pimo

Women's perfumes Calvin Klein Reveal Woman is an exceptional smell. Great whether cream, powder and wooden chords.

Calvin Klein has a great sense of market and creates fragrances in a popular trend without losing its quality. This is usually commercial perfume, but at the same time devilishly interesting. Without bearing whether it is erotic in Obsession or the exotic sensual in Euphoria, the brand always goes to the tastes of millions of women in the world, while maintaining charism.

Confirmation of the theory of Somen's Reveal Woman perfume from Calvin Klein . It's a beautiful smell, but an unconventional way in the soup. Executively Reveal is that it does not smell a banal duo of sodium fruit and flowers. It is neither flashy nor the silent one. Fits a woman for a staff.

The fragrance created two excellent perfumers - Bruno Jovanovic and Jean -March Chaillan. It has been classified as ' Sone's oriental perfume '.

Reveal Woman in an extraordinary way or fragrance notes of flowers, spices and trees, wild, which this unusual perfume is playing with many species is difficult to classify.

What does Calvin Klein Reveal Woman smell like?

Calvin Klein Reveal Woman smells like a cream powder with a color. The fragrance note of salt is shy with warm wood and powder chords. Although the composition is actually associated with the sea and the sea, it has its warmth in it a human element and is perfectly on the Skra.

Gesture notes

When I spray the perfume, immediately feel sl. It smells like Sony Ocean in Penym Socu. The smell has the right dose of runs, which is why these ocean associations can be marked. Three types of pepper make the composition sparkles on the Skra. After all, they are controlled sparks, because the fight effect is the conversion of ciepa and talk.

Usually, women's perfumes with notes of salt have a sea duo in it is clearly holiday. Reveal is different.

Heart notes

The fragrance notes of the heart have great, the smell of children's powder. Iris starting with gray ambb, Muska, a delicate SL, brings a picture of a walk around Play during the last rays of the emerging Soca.

Base notes

After what time Reveal Woman becomes more free and slowly falls off. The most perceptible is the wood chord - zander tree and cough . It is like a forest covered with a warm blanket. Like a calm evening in front of the fireplace. There is a lot of peace in him. I admit, the eT of the projection phases likes the least.

Cao does not have a stuck projection. Perfumes stick close to your arms and are not too intense. If you want a perfume that pays comments, Reveal is conservative in this matter. After all, it is a lasting smell. It stays on Skra for over 8 hours . Initially it is intense, and when it is already in the base, it remains very close to Skra.

Calvin Klein Reveal Opinions: Tests after tests

Testing the CK Reveal Woman I was under the impression of this fragrance. First of all, I like the fact that he can surprise and changes on the Skra depending on the weather.

I am one of the OSB, which wears Reveal senses nuts . I was very surprised, because I do not find them in the list of fragrances, and feel them, which does not happen to me often in other perfumes.

I meet with opinions that it can be fruit in postal notes and smells of marzipan. Unfortunately, I don't experience it. You can succeed.

I admit that he likes Reveal very much . The fragrance notes are extremely successful. That is why it is an interesting smell that can be sweaty, spicy, but also sensual and soda.

They can't miss the fact that they are one of the most compliments perfumes I ever test!

Is this a smell for what? Definitely! However, they could be completed for evening outings. It works well on the Skra and smells natural, so it will be belt on many occasions.

Is it worth buying Calvin Klein Reveal for Woman?

I appreciate the perfume for women Calvin Klein. Euphoria, Eternity, CK Be and Obsession, which are the history of my life, has a permanent place in my heart.

CK Reveal is really successful fragrances. Has a sensual powder smell . It surprises with a pepper finish that can teach in the nose.

There is an innocent child in these perfumes, and on the other hand you will find this element of MSKI in them.

Reveal Woman is not vulgar in aden and can be unusual and everyday at the same time. Many women treat this composition as their Signature Scent.

This is a solid composition that has been developing on Skra. High -quality wild quality has an grounded position on a perfumery map.

He knows the intriguing differentness, but it is properly coarsely. I recommend Calvin Klein Reveal Woman for a woman .