Calvin Klein Eternity moment of fragrance notes

raspberry, lynx, melon

Heart note
peonia, jamin, water lily, Passiflora

Base note
zanda, pimo, cashmeran

Of all women's perfumes, which utosami the color of the ditches, this is my favorite moment.

The smell of summer fruit and classic flowers is built on the basis of bodily Pim.

The composition interprets the moment of falling in love. It can seem that it should be light and frivolous, but it is only in fairy tales. That is why on the one hand you will find a girl innocent and uncertainly, on the other mature and rational.

And although the moment of the classic version - Calvin Klein Eternity - basically everyone, this is the reflection of the scent of Eternity, it may prove very similar.

He transfers me with misleads in a very important place in my life.

What does Calvin Klein Eternity perfumed water smell like?

As I mention, it is the smell of peen contradicts. But this should not surprise anyone.

Sop of Sop Endtonily and the moment suggests that the composition will be two opposite poles . And the purpose was shrouded, with this not on the principle of compromise.

It is rather difficult to think about the gradual development of the composition, it is linear . It simply loses its intensity over time.

From opening you know that you are dealing with flowers. Although in the list it appears only from the heart, in reality it is immediately.

For me, the most noticeable is the duo of pens and raspberries . But over time, the latter loses intensity, and finally disappears.

The scent of the nose can smell, but it is really interesting. You will also feel a little sticky, but acidic lynxes and sparking Jamin .

Over time, the composition becomes more soapped. There is no counter after the fruit, but I can feel the lilac waters and jamin.

Peony of course does not give you a forget and she is still a gwn character of this story.

At the beginning, the fragrance base is powder , then dusty. It brings to the smell of a cosmetic pad.

I don't like it - it spoils the beginning of the composition. And unfortunately I do not sense these either Pima or the wood chord (even Cashmeran).

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment: My opinions

A few years ago I decide to take some time at my grandmother's home in the countryside. I have to focus on writing my work, and the holiday time in the city is especially favorable.

I pack a few clothes, a laptop, piles of needed books and set off to the world. During my stay I work surrounded by peonies in the shadow of age trees.

When I take breaks in the evenings, I staff on a blanket with a book on a small clearing between the smell of elegant, downy flowers and a small raspberry chrulek.

That would be a paradise. My mae heaven.

I like moments the most when after the west of Soca, under the watchful eye of my grandmother, I water her beloved rolls.

Although I don't go out of me even for a second, sometimes I make artificial rain to flowers. The smell, which rises after spraying the peonies, so that the staggers at times.

For me, the perfume of Eternity Moment is this moment and this place. And many different meat: to Czowiek, to nature, to eat.

Is it worth buying Calvin Klein Eternity moment?

I am convinced that the perfume of Eternity Moment does not have many Monicics of women below 25 years of life. It is true that the smell is and romantic, but this is contrary to the demanding composition.

Eternity moment is liked by women 30. It is also complimented by mushrooms in the powder phase.

So if you are thinking about buying this composition as a gift, I am convinced that this is one of the best proposals. Hisly, if it has a non -bothering gift.

This is a great proposal in the spring and summer. It works well during the day. Certainly it is the right perfume for work and for official meetings. Their permanent is moving. The composition lasts on Skra about 6-7 hours, on clothes for a maximum of two days.

In my opinion, Eternity Moment is a good purchase, I have my bottle myself and I often sit for it. A big plus is the low price, which puts compositions in my favorite perfumes for what.