Sodkie women's perfumes like candies, desserts, cakes. Some make us feel generous, we don't like others at all. See how the best choose for you.

The market is flooded with another wave of the premiere of sodium perfumes for women who are not worth the slightest attention. When I am last to be a interesting smell, I will sleep for weeks, testing the next ones and I could not decide.

One would be too childish at the girls. Others would be too vulgar, which makes it crazy. The next smells interesting at the beginning, but after two hours they were imperceptible on my Skra.

After tests, I find many interesting fragrances, but I score a letter to 10 absolutely best sodium women's perfumes.

In this ranking you will find new fragrances - Dolce Garden , the largest classics - Hypnotic Poison and the fastest perfumes like Candy . See my letter and choose the best for you.

The best sodium women's perfumes

1. Dior Hypnotic Poison

The most beautiful sodium perfume for women 2024

There is no welfare, hypnote poison is a predatory and dangerous smell. It spreads its poisons around the body and attracts everyone's comments. This is a beautiful poison that never stops working. Even after a shower.

It smells of bitter almonds and vanilla powders, and the base is very creamy. Biae flowers and fruits make this toilet water on one side sodka, on the other it has a rolinn.

Although the fragrance is very soda, fluffy and mikki, it is never might. It is great to put on thick shawls, sweaters and is perfectly worn.

2. Guerlain la petite robe noire

Sodki cocktail in the spring

Although black dresses from Guerlain S extremely popular, the most beautiful for me is the classic La Petite Robe Noire. Cherry with almonds, red blueberries and licorice are a sexy quartet, gorcy and very time.

The smell fits in with the idea of ​​Maja Black, and just like she fits a woman. This is a good perfume for evening outings, as well as too autumn and winter days.

This is one of the best compositions of all fruit-packer, which I am asking. It is the most sophisticated.

The soda was built on rolls, which is why it smells out of the way at a party in a fashionable club, as well as in working at the desk.

3. Prada Candy

Definitely the fastest perfume in the ranking

Wonderful, fluffy perfumes with the smell of sweets, which will often be charm and female sex appeal.

Candy awakens the range of experiences: it begins with a ywic aroma, which turns into a candy smell, and then turns into Pynny caramel. Although caramel and vanilla are very sodium, they are not childish. Candy is a sophisticated composition, heat, sodk and some powder in the base.

It is not complicated and does not change significantly during the projection.

The only downside is poor on my Skra. However, when apply this candy perfume for a scarf or scarf, stay for several days.

4. Lancme la vie est belle

Sodki smell of patchouli and pralines

La Vie Est Belle creates delicious pralines from Paczul and a querbing, powder iris. It's in a bottle.

Is this popular perfume? Yes, and he is at it! It smells like a delicious vanilla dessert. Their feminine, delicate, calm gourmand smell is perfect for autumn and winter frosts during the day.

On Skra, he is ywioowy under a nice one: rich and strong. He has some everything, and at the same time there is no exaggeration in it.

From the first moment after the application, SKRA is soda, sensual, the body ... she is amazing! This is why women who never like sodium, powder or floral perfume

5. Dolce Gabbana Dolce Garden

The best Gourmand Women's Perfume for Summer 2024

Dolce Garden, a sodium perfume in a ditch bottle, is released in 2024 and to the best fragrance this summer. Although it does not resemble the garden and does not match the duty bottle, it is so carefree that it is difficult to miss it in this ranking!

It is juicy and creamy at the same time. The opening is a fruity bomb. On my Skra Reanas, Marakuj, Mandarin and a little grapefruit. Moments later appear milk coconuts and tropical ylang-ylang. In the base it resembles an almid and vanilla dessert.

These perfumes are delicious! Although they are not happily ambitious, there is no boredom in it. It will give you a lot of pleasure.

6. Volume Ford Noir Pour Femme

Sensual women's perfumes with oriental soda

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is vanilla perfumes with AMBR and frosty, Kulfi's milk dessert. The smell of Mona will describe as a balsamic-wood-building-that is, a soda in a different style.

The Kulfi fragrance note is not very intense. It gives a slightly nutty smell that builds an amazing, dark style of composition. As for the Orient Przystao, it is Gsty and characteristic, respectively. He will definitely gather a group of faithful Mionics.

If you like a perfume that pay comments on your mind and not often found in other women, noir pour femme will be perfect for you.

7. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Strong coffee perfumes

In Black Opium you can get vanilla, coffee, pear and licorice the most. Gourmand fragrances from licorice and coffee are really intense and noticeable for the whole projection time.

Pear and vanilla pustn tasty like a fluffy cake covered with sodium sauce. Sometimes I sense these spicy pepper ditches. This perfumed water impresses the stretches. It stays on the Skra through the whole and leaves a duugi tail.

Is it worth it? If you have a sabo for sodium perfumes and you are attempting to be less obliging, this black opium is the answers to your needs.

8. Giorgio Armani S Eau de Toilette

Delicate fruit perfume

S, s, s !!! Toilet water from Armani is a more airy version of the classic.

As in the first version, the fragrance note of the pear was shood with black currant. However, here an intense, earthy patchouli stays in check, and Cao is not so wrapping. PIMO, on the other hand, adds pure composition raw.

All with my mistake about the spring-summer season and women who look for soda. This one has an icy breath of freesia. Si Eau de Toilelette will be your favorite fragrance, if you are looking for a soda elegance that will fit for all occasions.

9. Thierry Mugler Angel

Permanent caramel perfumes with watt sugar

Such perfumes do not get it often. Some love them, others hate them. However, no one may refuse him genius.

You will find all the shelter soda in them: mid, chocolates, caramel, vanilla, even the aroma of cotton candy. All this in the company of patchouli, pima, tonka, amber and all the mass of fruit.

Although it is not honestly refined, Angel suits great outputs. His flirtatious smell will blame in the shit and direct all views on you.

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, the composition shows a different face. Her permanent is an amazing, so if you will be wearing her clothes, her smell will stay with you for several weeks.

10. Britney Spears Fantasy

Cheap sodkie gourmand perfumes up to 100 zotych

Britney Spears fantasy is a classic Gourmand fragrance. It smells of a muffin covered with white chocolates with the addition of kiwi and lychee. The soda, very tasty, but the somewhat childish smell suggests in its place in this ranking.

The composition is perfectly mixed, fluffy properly and is not lacking in charm. High as a low price will please all Sodkie deserts.

Some, think that the bottle is shoddy. If this does not bother you, I am sure that the smell will do a good impression on you, as it does on me.

A short story of Sodkie Gourmand perfumes

Gourmand Women's Perfume is a fragrant style that is new in perfumery. The history of this family of fragrances in 1992 Thierry Mugler his phenomenal composition Angel.

Perfumers stator behind the smell - Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin - were the first who created perfumes so sodkie that you want to eat them. Immediately he will be a huge success and open the road with many other fragrances.

In the blanket, Gourmand fragrances are the only dessert that guarantees 0 calories ... wild perfumery, obstacle no longer knows remorse.

Why will you love sodium perfumes

Sodkie smells give a lot of positive energy - no matter how the weather you have outside the window and in what place you are in the game.

Without how old you are, what is your life situation, you can have a pleasure to entwine your neck with a great shawl shawl.

S for me a writ of carefree. This is a time when they don't have to prove anything to anyone, don't run, don't compete and I'm good for myself.

You will love sodium perfumes, because they will comply with your Spokj life and it is an extraordinary feeling that everything is going well. And if not, it can not be worth it and so worrying.

Sodkie women's perfumes can be fruity, caramel, chocolate. It can even smell like cotton candy. So it will be suitable for women with different tastes.

All you have to do is choose the ones that are best for you. Give me in a comment which perfumes you like the most.

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