Do you face the choice of smell, but you don't know what to pay comments on? Today I present the most popular branded perfumes for women and mins who enter into current trends.

Finding your favorite perfumes that will be right for the opportunity to be a challenge. One of the best ways is to test those fragrances that others like.

The most popular branded women's and Mskie perfumes, such as Calvin Klein Euphoria and or Dior Fahrenheit, have a cult status and despite the uptake of years, still love them.

See the ranking of women's and Mskian perfumes that enjoy the most popular popularity in Poland . You will find compositions for children and the evening, perfect for the summer and on more vile days. I invite you to a very pipe.

Ranking of the most popular branded perfumes

1. Calvin Klein Euphoria

The most popular branded women's perfumes

Women's woody-floral scent
Perfect for more violent days and evenings
Lasts 8-10 hours

Every woman likes feeling out, that's why the Calvin Klein brand creates this mysterious smell. This is the sexiest women's perfumes in this ranking. The composition lined with a cat's claw.

Euphoria echce nose sodkim navy blue, which in the heart gives places to the flowers of orchid, lotus and fiocw. His dance is caught by woody notes. I personally love them for the fact that a woody gboki and an earthy smell that evolves through the whole.

This is undeniably the most popular of all women's perfumes on the market. It is a magnet for compliments and is fantastically worn during the day and in the evenings.

2. Christian Dior Fahrenheit

The most popular branded branded perfumes

Skrzano-splendary smell for matches
Perfect for winter and auto
Lasted up to 14 hours

S Good smells, great smells and masterpieces. Fahrenheit is certainly among the latter group. He personifies perfumery plays in the way Robio is not much fragrances earlier and later.

Fahrenheit is the opposite, a very mska composition, which is the highest, shows the fragrance notes of Skra and Fioc. Initially, seasoned raw lavender, gako muskatoow and wood. In the heart, the smell becomes more flowery, and in the base it acquires a Pim-Ambreen GBI.

This sensual fragrance is known for its titanium duration. It will be grated to the mocz, who likes the classic, but he wants to smell new.

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Classic women's perfumes for the staff

Modern chypery perfume
Perfect for what work
It lasted over 12 hours

Perfumes as sweating as a couple night - Mademoiselle by Chanel is a seducer woman, elegant, pena grace, who feels modo and sexy. This is by far the most beautiful women's perfumes in the Mocznie on all you know.

Nothing in this composition is a matter of chance. Sophisticated patchouli, bitter wise, raz and the flower will be afraid that will give himself a woman.

The composition fits more on the relevant days, although its fragrance notes are so universal, ez successfully works on the evening randk, parties and meeting with friends.

4. Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette

Elegant perfumes of Mskie on the day and on the evening

Wiey, the smell of MSKA from Bergamot and pepper
The perfect spring and autumn
Lasts 8-10 hours

Sauvage is at the same time rough and sophisticated, which met with great interest in the mocz. The composition is synonymous with escaping in the open space. He shakes to get out of the comfort zone and discovering passion and new emotions. Looking at the popularity of these perfumes, this idea will enjoy the mocz very much.

Sauvage opens a mixture of aromas of bergamot and pepper. Lavender and balsamic Ambroxan are in his heart. The base uses warm wood notes and ladanum.

The smell is called the daily classics, which, despite the large projection and duration, is given to the office, as well as for a picnic or evening walk at the Vietle Ksiyca.

5. Lancome la vie est belle

Branded women's perfumes with a powder smell

Sodki women's scent with vanilla and iris
Works at the time of more vague temperatures
It lasted over 12 hours

If I were in paradise, women would dress in La Vie Est Belle. This is a beautiful women's perfume, which is a lot of flaws. The composition wraps the sodk praline sodk, aromatic vanilla and patchulo pusher and remains felt by the whole.

Contrary to appearances, these perfumes are not like a confectionery. It is true that he has a large soda, but it is well lined with a powder chord, fruit and a flower bouquet will be afraid and Jamin.

This is a very universal fragrance. It fits a woman and collects a lot of compliments, which turned out to be a perfect recipe for the popular perfume in all you know.

6. Hugo boss boss bottled

The most popular mskie perfumes for work

Vanilla fragrance with apple, cinnamon and wood
Perfect for what work
It lasts 9-12 hours

There is probably no more iconic fragrance than the green Hugo Boss. The most popular Mskie perfume is characterized by intensive projection and a characteristic composition, wild boars of which boss bottled never ages.

The soda of vanilla and cinnamon is passed through the accents of green apple and citrus, wild, which is the perfect fragrance to work and for what. Perfumes are popular in the age of the age.

7. Chloe Eau de Parfum

The most rating women's perfumes in the spring

FLOWER Women's fragrance ZR, Piwoni and Loosia
Perfect for Cieps, spring work
It lasts 7-9 hours

Chloe presents the creative and impression of the women's sides. It is a smell suitable for a free spirit with a sense of elegance. The composition turns a classic perfume with an amazing smell.

The chloe perfumed water begins with the swallowing of floral nuts of the scented pens and spring freesia with sodium lychee. It smells like lily of the valley in the heart, and the base has a delicate wooden-ambroty smell.

This is one of the best perfumes of the Chloe women's fashion house. Enjoy huge popularity and take up a high place in the ranking of the best -selling perfumes in Poland.

8. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de l'omme

The best perfumes of Mskie, who love women

a fragrance with cardamom and lavender
Perfect for more violent days
Lasted up to 6 hours

This is the most popular perfumes of the Mody Fashion House Yves Saint Laurent. This safe, spicy cocktail can truly enchant. The first violin is played here by cardamom and classically Zioowa lavender. This is a seductive composition, MSKA, and contemporary.

La Nuit de Lhomme feels perfectly in the company of women, so the ideal opportunity will be a date or a romantic evening walk. Despite the skeptical opinions about the reformulation, the perfume invariably captivate with your warm and velvety smell.

9. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

Women's popular perfumes during summer

WAY Women's smell with citruses
Perfect on summer days
Lasted up to 6 hours

If I have to see this smell to the place on earth, it would be Woskie Amalfi. Light Blue is definitely summer compositions that I associate with the runs and clean white.

The secret of the composition lies in the ruling citrus chords, which over time blow up on the Skra, revealing a juicy apple, jamin and bells. And all this on a wood base.

I meet with opinions that the perfume is not big, it is on my Skra to stay through the whole with moderate projection.

10. Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Probably the most popular perfumes in the world

Intense root-cinnamon smell
Perfect for an autumn evening
It took over 10 hours

1 Million Fashion House Paco Rabanne will gain the name of the iconic, because it is one of the most recognizable fragrances of the 21st century. If you live in the city, every day you pass a few lamps that smell.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million is the opposite of a very mesh perfume. It is sodki, intense and resembles the viteral evenings and a crackling stallion in the fireplace. It has a bouquet of Ambra, spicy spices and wood notes such as zander. There is a place between the compositions of wood and oriental.

How to choose the best branded perfume

Choose the right type of smell

Sodkie - Sodkie notes often make the smell of perfume intense, so people who like strong, wrapping compositions. Characteristic fragrances are: vanilla, pralines, chocolate, caramel, mid.

Wiee - an ideal perfume for OSB leading an active life mode. They are characterized by cheerful and energy, which is why these are usually chosen by ywio women and marshes. The characteristic fragrance notes are: lemon, bergamot, flower, vetora, ginger.

Oriental - CIic perfumes, but sensual. Fit to the OSB he likes, he pays comments and does not blame the resting creation. Characteristic tuty is: Ambra and other Ywice, Pimo, Kadzido.

Fougere - it is a starting of dbowy moss, lavender and beans tonka. Object, otherwise known as the fern perfumes, the compositions for the Moczs are dominated, but you will find them in the offer of women's fragrances.

Spice - that is, sharp, wea, spicy perfumes. He considered the compositions of the Vibrate and Ywioowe. The aroma is made to such spices as cinnamon, ginger, ana, turmeric, pepper, reconnaissance or muscato's tapestry.

Flower - is the most popular composition of women's fragrances. One flower or cay bouquet in the mixture. Often, floral perfumes are pim and fruit.

Analyze your life style

We often do not take our style of life when choosing a fragrance. We buy perfumes and wear them for work and for evening events, in summer and winter. Which of course is not a blanket of the world, but if you want to bring out the best of what is worth a few different fragrances and dresses those that match the occasion and season.

On warm days in summer and spring, we choose mixtures of a saber projection, which gently call the SKR, and do not wrap it with a thick bunny. Flower and fruit notes are eaten here.

Autumn and winter it is worth sprayed with a more expressive fragrance with greater projection and duration. Usually, dominate the spree, woody and sodium notes. Such compositions are pleasantly enveloped and attracted.

For what , for example, to work whether schools, permanent compositions will be checked, but about sabej projection, i.e. those that do not leave a tail behind. You have fruit or delicate flowers like fioc and milling milling, it will be perfect.

Evening perfumes should be expressive, intense, gbokie. Choose wood, balsamic or spices such as cinnamon, cardamom.

Choose the appropriate perfume concentration

EDC, EDT, EDP In the perfumery, there are many skirts at the sight of which more than one person wrinkles forehead. Unless you develop these terms, it is not a problem, so determining what is Rni, yes.

Koloskie waters (EDC) have the most concentration of oils (2-4%) and usually they know the composition of fragrances. Maj sab projection, because you stay up to 4 hours. S created to visit Skra in the summer.

Toilet waters (EDT) give a slightly stronger smell that lasts on Skra about 5-8 hours. Include from 5-10 % of fragrances in ethyl alcohol and best work for what.

Perfumed waters (EDP) can be a lot for what, as well as for special occasions. Stene of essential oils ranges from 15 to 20% and usually two piles are enough to make the smell stay up to 12 hours.

The shelter of perfume is tens of thousands of fragrances and you will surely find what for themselves. In this ranking I focus on brands that are most popular and liked by Poles. I hope that from my suggestions on your streets on your fragrance will be the best perfume of the world.

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The most popular brands