Sensual, expressive, mysterious - in this ranking I extend Mskie perfumes, which seduced.

The perfume is an inadequate element of our culture. They were already used in ancient Egypt, although the rpm and religious character was found. Only a few could allow themselves to be allowed, in which they use their elite.

Although the perfumes are available to everyone, their smell still works at the level of our subconscious as centuries ago. This is a visit of a mocket that impresses everyone who is in his surroundings.

What smells do you like women? How will Mskie perfume chose, which will seduce and collect many compliments?

See the ranking of the perfumes of Mskova, which are the most attractive women in women.

Ranking of Mskian perfumes who will seduce women

1. Dolce Gabbana The One For Men Eau de Toilette

The most seductive perfumes of Mskie

Cieps, spicy smell
Perfect for chodne days
It took up to 8 hours

The Dolcegabbana fashion house had a bright concept for this perfume - designers wanted a fragrance in their offer, which will become a mesk classic. Elegant and sensual - The One not only charms his classes, but these seduce women of her senses.

This is a balsamic composition that opens coriander and grapefruit. In the heart or sparkling ginger, cardamom and flower will wire. In the base, the warm mixture of Ambra, tobacco and wood. This is the aroma of Sodka and MSKA. He has something extraordinary, sexy, warm.

The fragrance lasts on the Skra through the whole and has a moderate projection. He is a spice that falls loudly at the galas of prestige rewards, but he will spend this time in the company of friends.

2. Volume Ford Ombre Leather

Impressed perfumes mskie for the staff

Sloty fragrance
Perfect for what and for the more violent seasons
It lasted from 8 to 10 hours

The way Tom Ford advertises its perfumes, it is visible to the animal of Leather. Images dripping with sex, predatory and wild, reflect the moczes that likes slowly and open spaces.

This is one of those fragrances from Tom Ford, in which less is more than more. A strongly noticeable skin mixed with dbowy moss and patchouli give it an interesting and dominant character at the same time.

This is not a fragrance that is imposing, which is why it will be great for what, for work or for a business meeting. It will definitely give you charisma and provide many compliments.

3. Thierry Mugler A*Men

Sodkie mskie perfume that attracts women

Sodki, spicy smell
The perfect autumn and winter
It lasted over 12 hours

A*MEN is a insolent composition for moczes that all women love them. Sodki fragrance will certainly not be suitable for the silent introvert.

The ruling feels in it, which seems to be a tramp after other chords, but just behind her is the amazing soda of caramel, vanilla, honey and milk. This is a very characteristic smell that seduces, but in a very sophisticated way.

Zakwno projection, as well as the lowest level. For me it is the perfect fragrance for a romantic dinner or a walk on a winter, winter eternal.

4. Chanel Allure Homme Sport

The best perfume for the summer

Citrus fragrance
Perfect in summer, it will work for the team
It lasts from 9 to 11 hours

Women love allure homme sport. It is and expressive, and all due to the scales, sea notes and aldehyds. This is the summer on Papers' Play enclosed in a bottle, which even sirens from Gbin would wire with their chords.

Chanel would not be, if it wasn't for a bit of piquancy and a pinch of pure luxury to his smell. Therefore, from the first minutes the composition sparkles and surprises its own lives.

This is absolutely the most -random perfumes of Mskie for the summer. Fit perfectly to a linen shirt and jeans, an elegant suit, but these ordinary shirt during holiday games after games. In the situation of the perfume of the seduce, who you meet.

5. Lalique encre noire for men

Intense perfume that pay women's comments

Wood fragrance
Perfect for important celebrations
It lasted from 8 to 10 hours

Mysterious, dark, intriguors - this is the Mob with Encre Noire. Balance one of the best perfumes in the verge of senses and a thrill. I am convinced that Stephen King must smell like this.

After the picture, the strong, Ice AR spills out of the bottle, because the composition opens with a distinct vesteria. In the background of the cypress, at the beginning gently, but with time it smells more and more intense.

Encre noire adds and falls into memory. This is the smell of rainy, pre -evening evening. I highly recommend it to elegant men, but hide the dark secrets of character.

6. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo

One of the most puffing fragrances for moczes

Balsamic smell
Universal, for the Poru of Year and Occasional
It lasts from 9 to 11 hours

When I get in this perfume, I have a restaurant in Amalfi in front of my eyes. She is stuck with people's conversations and bellows. He will go to a group of friends in a high age and its beautiful fashion. It looks like everyone from the slide will know him, because from the threshold Welcome to him: Ciao Giorgio! When it passes by my table, feel Acqua di Gio Profumo.

The composition opens with bergamot and sea notes. Over time, the Gbia of Kadzida resolved with Paczul and Balsamic Amb. Ultimately, they are oceanic citruses with spices and smoke GBI.

Acqua di Gio Profumo presents the true intensity of the rust sea, from the darkest stone to the crystalline azure of its waves. These are gbokie, you and the elegant perfumes of Mskie.

7. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de Lhomme

Modern perfumes for a modern mocket

Aromatic bodily smell
Perfect for warm and walking days
It took 3 to 6 hours

I associate this fragrance with autumn sot, a walk in the rain. There is something calming down, which seduces women in an unobtrusive way. He gives the RK more, he does not exist for the wax, despite the bottle, he transports more to the man from under the dark star.

The fragrance composition is very correct and frankly. Make notes, nothing suffocates, nothing stings. Cardamon, which seems to be dominant over other notes. It is mixed with lavenders in the heart and wood and vetomi in the base.

La Nuit fits jeans and a shirt, a mouth and umbrella. This is the smell for what, on randk, to the cafe, to the cinema. It does not leave the tail, the projection is rather delicate, at a long shoulder.

8. Christian Dior Sauvage

The best perfume in the spring

Wiey spicy smell
The perfect spring and autumn
It lasts from 10 to 12 hours

Sauvage is one of my favorite Msky fragrances. He is expressive and sophisticated like an incorrect Mczyzna. Inspired by a wide horizon, pure sky and desert UPA. I will describe him as a modern classics that she likes a woman.

This composition is more than a balsamic ambroxan. Sauvage smells like a modern breeze, lavender and wood. Citruses are present by a long projection, so even in the woody database, remain pleasantly river.

Sauvage is extremely versatile, wild, which is perfect for the staff.

9. Hugo Boss Boss the Scent Private Accord

Perfumes mskie, who excite women

Correous aroma
Perfect for moderate temperatures
It lasted from 7 to 9 hours

Women like moczes at the same time elegant and naughty, which is why one of the most compliments Mskian fragrances is The Scent Private Accord. Although it smells classic, it has a modern, rock character.

The heart of this composition is the magnetic absolute of cocoa, which is a mixture of ginger, coffee and exotic maninka fruit. Two psiknici for pulsation points and Boss the Scent will seduce women.

10. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive

Bad Boy, for which women are crazy

Correous aroma
Perfect for chodne winter evenings
It lasts from 10 to 12 hours

A red carpet, a gloss of headlights and expensive creations from prestige designers 1 Million Prive is a rich fragrance for extravagant mins who love to be in the center of attention. This is a perfume that women love.

Prive in kidnapping to the classic is more modern. After spraying the CIAA, he knows cinnamon. This Korzenno immediately brings memories of a warm fireplace. Over time, the soda becomes darker and wild with a narcotic note of tobacco.

This is the fragrance for auto, on randk, to get out with friends evening. It is too extravagant to be used for what, to the office or in summer.

How to choose the best perfume of Mskie, which will seduce

What fragrance notes should have perfumes?

Wood notes . These are compositions containing cedar, oud, maho, zander tree. Wood fragrances are gbokie and intense. Depending on the accompanying notes, fit on warm and walking days.

Balsamic notes . The characteristic fragrance notes for balsamic perfumes are amber, ladanum, mirrrh or kadzido. Such compositions have a very expressive and sophisticated smell.

Chyprowy chord . Chypery perfume is built around dbowy moss, juicy bergamot and patchouli. Elating from other fragrances in the composition, it can smell like a rough classic or a fruit or flower soda.

Floral and fruit notes . Fragrance notes of flowers and fruit give a very different effect in the compositions. One add the perfumes of Msko Rolinna, other soda, powdery mickoci or herbal smell.

Pim notes . Pimo is absolutely removal, because on the Skra of each man it will smell differently, but most of the other gives the effect of the second Skra. It is extremely permanent - he evaporates the slowest of the composition and therefore you can feel them in the base.

Citrus notes - Citrus perfumes give a breeze and positive energy. Fragile notes of fragrances will be afraid, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot. S is ideal for the summer and while playing sports.

Season and opportunity
Spring Summer

In the warm months it will be worth putting on the perfume gently but expressive. Flower-fruit and citrus fragrances with low to rederties are eaten.


Perfumes for more violent days should be strong and wrapped, which is why gentlemen often focus on wood and balsamic fragrances. Such a great permeable to stay on the Skra and often leave the tail.

On the day (to work, for what)

Certainly you do not want to feel the co -workers in your company, which is why it is better to work with moderate projections for work. In your free time, you can experiment and wear the opposite and intense perfume.

To the evening (for meetings with friends, to parties)

In this situation it is worth it and he will know about himself. The smell on the evening should be remembered to be intense but not intrusive. Bet on PIMO, wood or balsamic chords.

Colosite waters

Stene of essential oils in colosial water is from 2 to 4%. It is a delicate fragrance that is quite rapidly escaping, so it should be used as breeding during the day. It works well on hot days.

Toilet waters

Toilet water lasts on a Skra for about 4-6 hours. It contains between 5 and 15% of essential oils and there is a more delicate version of the perfume. This is a great smell on the day.

Perfumed water

Perfumed water is the most popular WRD option of perfume fans. It can stay on the Skra through the whole (6-12 hours), and all due to the strong stem of essential oils, which is up to 20%.

How is a test perfume?

On the blotter or on the wrist - where should the test fragrances be tested to get acquainted with their composition as possible? Here are some indications.

Blotter testing

This is by far the simplest and fastest method to check the smell. In addition, in this way, many different perfumes are not afraid that the smells are mixed. Unfortunately, on the blotter, you will not get to know GBI chosen Paddid.

When testing perfumes on the blotter, remember about two rules: spray blotter from a distance not less than 30 cm and wait moments before you will be eager.

Testing on Skra

In this way you will be MG check how the smell behaves on your Skra. The disadvantages of this method are necessary to limit only one perfume. In this case, it is best to first perform a few ties on Blotters, and then he will conduct the final test of the selected fragrance on Skra.

First, spray the inside of the wrist from a distance of about 30 cm. Wait with the insertion, and the smell will axle on Skra and will dries completely (do not rub the perfume in SKR).

What worshiper for the perfume?

There are several places that are considered the best perfume zones:


It is worth remembering, no time should be sprayed at the same time . In fact, the only places that you can spray on each time is an area behind the ears and neck. The rest should be addicted to the occasion.

The wrists and okcia are not pulsed points, but a lot of OSB spray these places. Their gwn disadvantages is much less effective smell, certainly STD will be the fastest.

One spraying behind the ears and one in the neck area is enough to work. Before taking out the air, it is worth the perfume twice behind the ears and three times on the neck. Evening meetings of the rights and here you should spray the area behind the ears, neck and arms.

Memorial to adapt the number of applications to the intensity of perfumes - the more intense the is, the less they put them.

The thousands of fragrances are chosen to choose the best perfumes of Mskie, which will seduce. In the arrival ranking I blush the positions that fall into a woman's memory, but you will have to find out about it.

The most popular brands