Perfumes with the fragrance of the fiocw s very brushed. Purple flap and delicate lithium hide a piercing and zoons smell - present a picture of juicy green and dry soda.

When it was time to choose the best perfume with a fiok, it turns out that it is not that simple. Finding the perfect fragrances took me a lot of time, because Fioek turns out to be a surprising partner.

While writing this article, I fall in love with this magical purple again. Wearing all these fragrances were feasts for my soul.

I am afraid that the fioek will be raw, but it turns out very flesh -colored. I really recommend FIOKOW AROMATHEPI.

How does the fioek smell like in perfumes?

FIOKI BLUTS EURING SPRING. And just like she interwoven the dark smell of winter with a juicy aroma of an aroma.

Fooks of one side very green, on the other powder and fluffy. In the smell they are less intense, but they have a similar character.

Only fioca fioca is used in perfumery. Only from them can you receive absolute. He has a green, dusty and earthy smell.

To get a notes from a phioca flower , perfumers create a composition based on synthetic molecuts.

Twrcy perfumes create compositions, using ionic liquids with fragrances. As a result, synthetic fioek is soda, a floral and powder fragrance that can resemble candies.

Fooks for a rat in myioc

A long time ago, the small societies of villages and settlements of the Sowiasky whispered - otherwise known as faint women. Everyone used their skills, ChCC will gain health, success and protection against donkey powers.

They were the personification of knowledge about nature passed down from generation to generation. Some of their methods are used to be used - berries on the ailment, pounds for menstrual problems. Some, however, are stopped popularity.

Forget, for example, the fioek, which brings a rat in myiocy. Of course, that MC enjoying his magical cotton pads, you need to follow the appropriate rituau: 3 Fioc leaves should be fired and always carried with you.

In the Fioki occultism, they are used to shade the relationships between partners, fighting the disease - also sexual. The flower brings understanding and warmly into the gadgets.

The best perfumes with the smell of fiocw

Contrary to appearances, the fiocs are a very popular perfume component. However, there are few compositions that to talk about him with a lot.

And because this flower suggests Krlewskie treatment, I decide to find a perfume that is best to give his zoon Natur.

See the ranking of 10 perfumes with the fragrance of the fioc.

1. Alaa Paris Alaa Eau de Parfum

The most beautiful perfumes with a FIOKA smell in 2023

Alaa perfumed water adheres to the CIA, like the great dresses of the unforgettable Azzedine Alaa (designer who will create the Alaa fashion house). Although the fragrance of the fiocw does not shock, it turns to everyone from the fruit legions and sodium compositions.

The starting of abstract fiocs, germinated and mineral niuans is really surprising. The designer asks perfumers to reproduce the effect of water evaporating from stones, the wild alaa seems to be moist, mysterious and gsta.

These perfumes with notes fioca are sensual and absolutely great. If you don't know them yet, be sure to test them.

2. Guerlain Insolence Eau de Parfum

Fioky perfumes with the smell of candy

Insolens has the most mysterious fiocs you will find in perfumes. S Very powder, sometimes dark and woody. Some, believe that insolerce is a perfume with the smell of sweets. One thing is certain - their smell cannot be mistaken with any other. It is unique and majestic.

Soda sodka berry and candy papped fioca in a powder, delicate iris lover on a warm base with bean tonk and an aromatic zander.

The composition lasts on the Skra over 12 hours. This is a violet perfume of women with a tail. Excellent fragrance of the fiocw for autumn evenings: wrapping and sensual.

3. Balenciaga Paris

The most elegant phioca perfumes

If I am pointing out the smell that he can't resist, it would be one of them. There are no frills in it. It is only clean and innocent, very difficult to find in perfumes.

or earthy notes of patchouli with a tree and a powder, somewhat sodium scent of fiocw. Give him a fioca liten -like character, which has a sharp, roller aroma.

Fioc perfumes are not sodium or mde. I will be suitable for what or for the evening. It is not flashy, and their projection is rather discreet.

There is a lot of elegance in them, which makes it ideal for work. S on the one hand modern, on the other, they do not lack a classic sin.

4. Histoires de Parfums Blanc Violette

The best niche perfume with a powder fragrance

Blanc Violette's niche perfumes wrap with a fioc fragrance. This fragrance is like a mikki filter, which makes all the senses less sharp, the edge more free and the contours blurred. It is like an evening MGA, which covers the rolina hot.

The composition is less soda than most of the most phyocal perfumes. Although the bergamot opens the smell of citrus in the ruler, after a while he meets powder fragrance notes of iris, anuu and vanilla. Ylang-ylang adds the whole of the cream Mikko.

If you want a pipe perfume, which is extremely powder, give a chance to blanc violette.

5. Erbario Toscano Violetta Nobile

Perfumes with a fiocw smell at the best price

The soup unknown in Poland niche Erbario Toscano is my having secret, which I discover living in Woszy. The waters of this brand are very simple and despite the low price, it simply impresses them as. Violetta Nobile smells like you can imagine classic, violent perfumes.

Prescently, a bit like cosmetics from a grandmother's drawer - sodki fioek, who smells like powder. With time, however, take on a more green, lively character. In the database, the fragrance of the fiocw is Malani, Ciki, almost MSKA.

Transformation like at Franz Kafka - in the morning you leave the house as a woman, in the evening you come back as a Mczyzna. Mao which violet perfumes offer such changes.

6. Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

The most fioca nut perfumes

Although Fioek is not a staley hero here, this ruling indicates his presence. With CA, it is the fastest perfume with the smell of fiocw.

Everything is magical in them, out of this world. Lolita estimates the notes of the fragrances of licorice and Anyu, which introduce your soda into a trance.

Fioek gives a subtle composition, wild boars of these women's perfumes do not have a consumption.

For lack of better, the owl likes it calls them "fluffy". Although sodkie, do not evoke a blu. It worries well during the autumn plucha and in the more common days in the summer.

The smell of the fiocw is very feminine and you will feel comfortable in it without age.

7. The Different Company and Miss Violet

Sophisticated perfume with a fiok

Miss Violet passes the life of the mocket, leaving only memories and smell. She was presented in three acts - the femme Fatale, the subrush and the sensual seducer, who enchants the next admirer in Nowy Port.

The duo of Fioc and suede fragrance notes is already noticeable at the beginning. While the opening is very powder and mixture, in the heart the composition acquires a more floral, ozone character. Soup as if I am Pyngla through the open ocean. The pimowa base is like a Violet kiss - sensual, soda and the body.

Koloska water and Miss Violet have a bit of nostalgia, but this dangerous, narcotic pleasure.

8. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

Iconic perfume with a FIOKA smell

Delicate and fragile like a single poppy flower, this is the greatest charm of Flower by Kenzo. This perfumed water is exceptional because it has a sweating injection of a modern urban orient.

It opens on the intense smell of floral triance: ry, fioc and gog. Fioc perfume liner or si from notes of greenery, which resembles the wounded water and fioca. In the notes of the heart, the composition becomes powder.

The divine base is a mixture of fluffy vanilla, Sodki Kadzida and Pima's pet. She is perfect and lasts on Skra for many hours.

It's a masterpiece! It fits the opportunity to the opportunity and to each woman. If you want to feel out, these perfumes from a fioca note wait to make your mood improve.

9. Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet

Fioek spicy

Fioek seasoned spicy. Here it was presented in a couple with pepper, Pimento and Vanilla pepper. The beautiful powder bordes of the base make that cao is original.

If you like perfumes with notes fioc, which has a lot of ozone space in it, should be a sprayed ultraviolet.

The smell is intense, so it is worth paying attention to this during application. On Skra, it lasts for about 8 hours, and on clothes for several days.

This is one of the perfumes you can wear for the whole year, because depending on the temperature, their smell adapts to the conditions. Zim is vanilla wrapping, while in the summer, more and sharper.

10. Marc Jacobs Daisy

The most popular fioca perfumes

Daisy is toilet water for women who are shy on her thiems and heat.

Red grapefruit gives it a rural, and the strawberry of a girl's aidencism. Fiocs are highly leaned and very captivating.

Daisy opens with clean, red grapefruit. This is a positive fragrance of a green bouquet of fiocw along with green limits. In the background there is a vanilla.

Over time, this floral bouquet becomes stronger, and wood and pimo notes come out. The base is sensual and zander dominates in it.

This is a safe choice, if you want a perfume on what, which is great from the occasion.

Fioek is the smell of runs and delicacies. However, I find the perfume that depicts this flower from a more explosive side. I am convinced that we will find a fioca that will steal her heart.

All you have to do is choose the women's fragrances with the fioep, which are best for you. Give me in a comment that you like the most.

The most popular brands