Chypery perfume never go out of fashion. Discover their secrets and choose the best fragrances for you.

Crochet perfumes are warm and dry. Most of them smell like a few wood with a bergamot chord, dbowy moss, patchouli and labdanum. In modern compositions, there are also flowers, fruits or wood, which is why this fragrance family is so extensive.

Like a fragrance of chyproof perfume and for whom are appropriate

In the classification, they are defined as oriental perfumes from the Code.

Corpoic compositions of earthly notes of dbowy moss and balsamic ywica with citrus, paczul and r.

The smell of chypery perfume is often associated with natur - omegle wood, linen cik, fruit. It resembles a little zot auto and it really bears during the more common temperatures of autumn and winter.

Chypery fragrances love both women and the male. Their rnodno allows a mating gravitous smell to OSB with really different tastes.

  • Getts: intense citrus chord, most often notes of scales and bergamot.
  • Heart notes: flowers, fruits, scrages, woody leaf
  • Base notes: wood and balsamic, i.e. dbowy moss, labdanum, patchouli

Types of chypery perfume

The chord has changed since the beginning. To make him upbringing labdanum and dbowy moss were replaced by Paczul, Wetiwer and Cedrem. More expressive flowers, sodium fruits were added to the heart.

Today, chyproof perfume can really be radically rne. However, most of them can assign to one of these six groups.

Wood and chip perfume

These are usually Muskie compositions, which contain in the base notes of vetiver and zander trees and cedar.

Flower-chip perfume

These compositions of earthy smell enjoy a rich bouquet of flowers such as Ra, Jamin or Gardenia. Flowers Add sodium perfumes.

Fruit and chip perfume

Raw chipper is great if the delicate fruit soda. This applies to juicy live, apricots and peaches. However, even blackcurrant or lynx fall out really.

Screen-chip perfume

Although the note of the skra and suede is known to Mska perfumery, more and more often there are those in the fragrances for women. Such compositions can contain animal notes like Cybet and Pimo. This group includes these perfumes with AMBR and Honey. Usually, great duration.

Crocheic perfume with notes of green

Compositions with notes of green are usually Janiejsza and thus more important. He is more associated with the linen of Polan or mysterious forest. S is the most often sports perfume.

I have chype perfumes

While the perfumes from the notch in the base are extremely durable, those focusing on the cords of the chords do not persist on the Skra too long. On the other hand, we are loud for the summer, because river notes of citrus, grasses, white flowers are well worn on hot days.

A label history

The similarity between Szypre and Cyprus is not accidental. Cyprus has a duug tradition of perfumes, due to many valuable species of rolls, which there is a growing -labdanum, iris, marjoram, mirt, poppy and dbowy mech.

Cypriot perfumers already developed Cypriot water in the Middle Ages. Her recipes were gradually interpreted by French perfumers.

Her rough and seasoned smell would be used by moczes. It was added to the powder to the wax and wig. Later, even perfumed pillows were invented, which mask unpleasant odors.

The determination of the bombs (i.e. chip) was taken from the name of the Momgre perfume from 1917, which will create Franois Coty.

10 best chypery perfumes

1. Cartier La Panthere

Flower-chip perfumes for women

Louis Cartier believes that Panther reflects women independently. Therefore, creating the composition of La Panthere, Mathilde Laurent will express the cat's character of the tree in each of us.

La Panthere is woody, floral perfumes and in a modern chyproof method.

The composition was created around Gardenia, the most feminine of flowers. Herbers of herbal and fruit mixture. Styrallili acetate molek was used, which releases the nuances of rhubarb, strawberries, apricots and dried fruit.

La Panthere's heart belongs to Gardenia. Base or dbowy moss, Paczul and Biae Pimo.

Original perfume is also manifested in a bottle, which presents Gow Panthers in the Ultra Shaver Shak.

La Panthere has always been inspired by me. She is like a woman who always has an interesting story to tell, she is full of life and class.

2. Hermes Terre Dhermes

Wiey chipr for moczes

Jean-Claude Ellena is a perfume wizard who likes the painted landscape in his compositions, which he will clearly show in the sublime Parfums Jardins collection.

In Terre D'Hermes he takes us in the vastness of the desert and allows it to find rain on it. He combines the vibrate of minor minerality. The composition thus obtains a smell that is like a mist of earth contemplate at its STP.

In Terre d'Hermes and not the notes sounds fascine.

His nuclei, he will be afraid and grapefruit. In the heart it becomes mineral and intensely icy.

The base resembles the smell of ponce wood. It is like an echo against the preceding one. It surrounds the most sensual chipped chord, with balsamic and aromatic dbowy moss.

In my opinion, this is the best chyprus for a modern mocket. This perfume has everything in it.

3. Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum

Crocheat perfumes for women

The minimalist intensity of perfumed water Bottega Veneta perfectly reflects the elegant image of this fashion house and its concentration on high quality.

Although the composition from the beginning to the blanket plays the Skra cards, it is here surrounded by spicy, sodkaw and fluffy notes. There is nothing to do with black, tarry Skrai classic perfumery.

He is inspired by a rather modernist, discreet style of Sergea Lutens with his son-woody chord.

Bottega Veneta's perfumed water is a skin in a shade of Zota, honey, with ebony accents. Over time, it develops his airy fragrance notes of powder fioc and an argue Jamin, and in the finale impresses with a crocked chord, which is wonderfully enveloping the Skr.

Bottega Veneta's perfumed water is one of my beloved perfumes. I love them in them, if the situation of Prescaris was out. Fit with elegant creations and ordinary jeans. It is good during the day, but I will fall asleep in the evening.

4. Guerlain Vetiver

Classic Mskie Wytonie Personal perfume

In the 1950s, Mskie perfumes were not especially popular, because they often sigged the water for water, nor the inventive perfume.

In 1959, a perfumer fashion (22-year-old Jean-Paul Guerlain), who learned a profession by helping his grandfather, will create a Vetiver. The wild of this composition of the door to the shelter is opened in front of the lamps to the wrapper.

Vetiver became one of the favorite Mskian fragrances of the 1960s. His rally and a sharp, spicy, woody and smoky aroma accompanying a lake modern.

At the most important notes of your composition, Jean-Paul Guerlain choose the root vetiver. Initially, her river citrus, herb and tobacco. In the heart, wilderness - zander trees and beans tonka.

Vetiver from non -benefit elegance is part of the beautiful family of woody wood fragrances. Although passing summer, and Vetiver has 60 of them, his together does not lose its hinds. In its category, he is still one of the most popular.

If you want chyplic perfume with a simple and classic sound, you won't find better.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Yvresse

Women's skipping and fruity perfume

The proof that the first name of these perfumes - Champagne - was very accurate, is the fact that they are really a lot of champagne for their affairs.

The organizations of producers of this drink will win the name of the name, because it introduced in BD and the image of his image. Especially e perfumes were packed in a bottle reminiscent of champagne cork.

Under the judgment of Yves Saint-Laurent, he will cautiously deprive them of the name and make nameless perfumes. However, a few years later it will change his mind and the name Yvresse, which from French means drunk.

There is no need to go, that the champagne intrigue strongly hangs the popularity of the beautiful Yvresse.

The Re -edition from 2011 is still splendor and wealth. Composition or chype chords of citrus fruit, flowers and dbowy moss with sodium fruit notes.

Yvresse opens with sodka notes of nectarine and lychee. Powder Fioek and Ra in the heart. Of course, this intoxicating escapade in the Virus of the PD will be mounted with the sensory gbines of the wood patchouli.

They can't skip the fact that this is a consistent and elegant smell. It will be suitable for the most remote occasions - weddings, great galas, premieres.

6. Dior Eau Sauvage

Green chip for moczes

At a time when the translational Miss Dior surrounds women with their floral shawl, most of the ladies siga after sab water. Those more modern sprayed with Guerlain Vetiver, but they lacked an alternative.

Eau Sauvage, which enters the market in 1966, a truly revolutionary fragrance habits of all dentelmen.

Dziki with his strong, stubborn chords of the skipper and honest personality quickly becomes this Msko fragrance.

At the beginning, the aromatic fragrance notes of Calabrian bergamot throw moszyn in the ocean of unpretentious and rising runs.

Then in the heart, Hedione raises the bright breeze of Jamin, and lavender provides flowering scent. Together, build the characteristic elegance of Diora.

In the dbowy moss, wetirver and pimo, bring linen, root. The wild composition takes on the right calf and the seriousness of the mild from the 1960s.

In recent years, Eau Sauvage will get the face of a fashion and charming Alain Delon. The new marketing in the time from timeless classics means that this toilet water is once again on top.

7. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Szyprovo-floral perfume for women

Coco Mademoiselle is a breed for Gabrielle Chanel, called Coco or Mademoiselle. The unusual personalities of the Chanel brand are inspired.

Her independent and reversed the spirit is still with us, and everywhere. As it was used, this unusual woman, the smell of Coco Mademoiselle does not take care of the imposed conventions and dictates the conditions.

Coco Mademoiselle is without the smell of a free woman.

The composition begins with a bergamot and wire. Ultra-woman's heart or in yourself ri jamin. The base is very sensual, which is contained by vanilla, Biaeem Pimu and Wetiver.

The valuable nectar has been enclosed in a cult phalatem. It has a legendary architectural breeze and presents a minimalist, elegant style. Transparent schools allow you to see the essence in the shade of peach Ru.

I really don't know a person who underestimates the genius of Coco Mademoiselle perfume. It has so much energy and curiosity of the world that it suits women in the globe in each.

8. Chanel Antaeus

Smoke, chype and woody perfumes mskie

The Chanel Fashion House is inspired by the mythological hero, at a long time before the appearance of the perfume of Versace Eros or Paco Rabanne Invctus.

Antaeus (in Polish Antajos) to giant, son of Poseidon and Gaia. He draws on the ground. His smell paints a portrait of a dangerous winner, reminding the hero of the legend.

The composition has a unique and very personal character. She is seductive and MSKA. However, she is worshiped by a dose. The chip fragrance with herbs described as wood perfumes.

At the beginning of Shawi, it mixes with bitter citruses and Mirri. Over time, it becomes more zioowa, serves in the direction of the rice and aromatic basil.

Antaeus is gradually arranged. In the base he heats Paczul, Wetiver, zander, labdanum and tonka beans.

You will not mistake him with any other. This smell, like a hero, draws its power from the ground. or in yourself what is most captivating. This chyprus is for moczes who are not afraid of the gbocked perfume.

9. Armani S Eau de Parfum

Women's skipro-fruit perfume

Perfumed water presents women who hide from and tender, seduction and fragile.

The face is Eau de Parfum is Armani's muse - divine Cate Blanchett. It stimulates the desire for independence and freedom: s is agreement, dreams, feelings, slow ...

The author of the composition is the hit Christine Nagel. Her name seems to be a good answer to the question why this skip-fruit-fruity fragrance surprises us so much.

S Eau de Parfum from great joy mixes traditional chyprce notes with new fruits.

On the one hand, we have bergamot, delicate flowers, gbi dbowy moss and patchouli. On the other hand, tasty blackcurrant fragrance notes surrounded by a fluffy vanilla.

In these chypery perfumes, fall in love with women who values ​​elegance, but he wants to spread to the mikki aromas of vanilla.

10. Chloe nomade

Modern skipper with notes of flowers and fruit

Love Story, Chloe Signature or See by Chloe scratching the silhouette of a subtle, delicate woman diluted in the chords.

Nomade makes what has been associated with Mark so far, gains and kidnaps the vortex with exotic pads.

Spontaneous, opened to the world and it is slow to value, which is headed by nomade - the marketing director of Chloe.

Chypery fragrances are a classic of perfumery, but their recipe is not engraved in marble. Quentin Bish, twist perfume nomade, will prove wonderful in his composition for Chloe.

That is why Nomade forgets about citrus citrus notes of perfumes and replaces them with fruity notes of mirabelle. Frezia brings its flowers gently in a heart note, and in the base there is dbowy moss, creating a woody counter.

This is a beautiful fragrance for women who look for a delicate chyprus, where linen strictly agies the fruit soda. This is a good perfume for the summer and high temperatures, but those for winter during frost.

Chypery fragrances are really rne - some are raw, other flowered or dizzy with fruit. Choose the best perfume for you, which allows you to enjoy the great smell of chip.

The most popular brands