If you are looking for a children's perfume, choose the best.

I am wrong with those who 100% safe for your baby: contain natural lipsticks, t -tested and not tender for a delicate scrach.

In this article you will find a ranking and my instructions, which will pay comments to choose the smell for the child. Is there a toddler in your family who have the fate of the heroines and the heroes of Frozen, Spider-Man or Small Minions with bated breath?

Can you look for a baby perfume? I have a good thing for you!

The best perfume for children: 0-9 years old

12 fragrances, which are safe for the child of the child

2. Kaloo Blue

This sodki is toilet water without alcohol for babies from the first month of life. Wild switches of vanilla and almdaw smells powder.

Price: 75.90 from 30 ml

3. Klorane bebe petit brin

Hypoallergenic, pilinating water perfumed without alcohol is safe for the baby's delicate scraper. Is it out of the calendula in itself and smells of sodium and fruity notes.

Price: 38.50 from 50 ml

4. Tous Kids Boy

Green, and citrus perfumes for Chopcw not only great, but are safe for the Skra. The Tous Boy smell will definitely leave great memories of childhood.

Price: 98.90 from for 100 ml

5. Tous Kids Girl

Sodka toilet water smells of cupcakes, fruit and vanilla. It will be perfect for a lady girl during the warm summer holidays.

Price: 111.40 out of 100 ml

6. EP Line Frozen

This natural toilet water transfers Sistr Anna and Elsa to the magical world. Its smell is raspberry and vanilla with notes of peach and chocolate. Girls love Frozen.

Price: 29.90 from 30 ml

7. Air Val Ultimate Spiderman

Lavender toilet water from the notes of spices will be a perfect gift for a fan of Spider-Man. Because which chopcw does not dream of a superhero power?

Price: 24.90 of 30 ml

8. EP Line Cars

Zygzak McQueen is the main hero of the most popular fairy tale of recent years. It is now available to small fans as a set of cosmetic for children - ELU for shower and toilet water.

Price: 32 out of 30 ml

9. Disney Hello Kitty

Fruit sorbet and you have citrus: this fragrance is as soda as Hello Kitty herself. The bottle is placed in a colorful trunk, which can be used later for storing toys or packing sandwiches.

Price: 27.80 from for 100 ml

10. The Smurfs Binaina

Smurfs are a timeless fairy tale that love children and Doroli. This set includes toilets with citrus, pear and green apple, as well as a shower and key key ring.

Price: 37.90 from 100 ml

11. Air Val Disney Princess

These perfumes are available in a set with a niaddaming box, on which all the Disney book. The perfume of lily of the valley is charming.

Price: 56.90 from 100 ml

12. Disney Tsum Tsum Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a smell, perfect for chopins and girls. Stopping notes are aromatic citruses, sodium fruit and flowers as well as zio and spicy chords. The set includes these El to Kpiela.

Price: 55.90 from 50 ml

Which he pays comments by choosing a children's perfume

A few days ago, my friend I know, I know: " Can children use perfume?" Her three -year -old crew seems how her mother sprayed with perfumes and, consequently, can not stop about them.

Sprbowa wants them, just like earlier lipsticks on his mouth (and on the Ciane, on the dog and on his favorite teddy bear).

I am surprised by this question, because why not?

After all, from the first months, the parent develops the senses of his baby. He buys him interactive toys, colorful books, to make stimulus eyesight and koysanki, to be a stimulus dry.

What prevents you from stimulating Take? After all, this sense when he will need to live: some smells will be warned about danger, others are associated with my moments.

The only logical argument that comes to me wrong is concern for the child's safety .

Perfumes for adults are dangerous for children (also for adults, when you put your SKR to the SONE rays).

However, as can be seen in the ranking, there is a whole mass of fragrances, which even 100% safe baby.

And so confused that learning fragrances , it could be just as exciting as learning colors. And as the pencils can be a painful picture, so from various fragrances you will create perfumes.

Idc further with this trail, perfumes can be a stomach to learn how to take care of hygien - a brush for ZBW, PYN for knocking mouth and chives shampoo for waxes are not as exciting as your own (adult) perfumes.

Because it does not have to be associated only with obligations, but also with pleasure.

So my answer is: of course, children can use perfume . It may not be those who mother and dad, but fragrances prepared especially for toddlers.

If you choose perfumes for a child, when buying, you need to pay comments on certain issues:

#1 at what age is the child

In technical back, the perfume should be treated like other cosmetics for children - Oliwk Jonsons Baby, or La Rocheposay cream - and observing, the reaction of the Skra to the product.

The principle is simple: the more fashionable the child, the less cosmetic and more delicate skippers. Infants should use hypoallergenic and non -alcoholic perfumes, which are written: from the first month of life.

Older children can use toilet water that is created especially for them.

And again I will say that children should not use the perfume for adults - they can be a delicate toddler.

So even if you find the smell of Calvin Klein or Paco Rabanne at a promotional price, buy them with mistake about yourself, not your child.

#2 Does he have problems? Is it susceptible to allergies?

If your child has problems with the SKR and is allergic to some cosmetic components, you will have to behave. It's best to consult your pediatrician or dermatologist with your doctor.

Without the age of the toddler's age, the best choice will be toilet water, which is: hypoallergenic, non -alcoholic and natural, without parabens and of course without the countries that sensitize him.

If you are looking for a gift for a child who is not a parent, and you know that the toddler has problems with the SKR, it is better to decide on interactive toys or board games.

It is not worth a sorry gift that he can not use.

#3 where perfume

Perfumes from my ranking S adapted to the needs of a delicate child of the child. Of them, they were made in a minimum of 92% of natural lickers and is hypoallergenic and does not contain alcohol, parabens and artificial dyes.

Air Val S perfume produced in accordance with the 2009/1223/CEE provision adopted by the Parliament of the European Union. The fragrance of all standards and guidelines for the international fragrance association (IFRA) in terms of children's perfume.

These products contain alcohol, synthetic lipsticks and artificial dyes - who were placed on the lithium of potential allergen, so I do not recommend them to children who have atopic scrach inflammation, react to aspirin and have a tendency to allergies.

If you still have interpretations, you can dream to me - the contact form can be found in the "Contact" inlaid. Together we will always find what solution.