Less is more than? - Not at Versace. Here, the richness of colors, forms, material, often on one project. All this with the persistence that fashion is born and dies of each day. Prno, splendor and fun, i.e. versace in the form of fashion.

Versace - the family counts the most

We are in Reggio di Calabria - at the very poudnia Woch. Zi The minimum temperature is 8 degrees (at night), and at 0 degrees it is about the Ywioowa cloth and will stuff as the winter of the century. Here the siblings of Versace - Gianni, Santo and Donatella were brought up.

In 1972, when Coca-Cola appears in Polish stores, Wax Fashion is already the subject of the whole western worship of Europe. 26 years old Gianni - the oldest of siblings - acquires the first contract in the fashion capital - Milan.

In 1974 he creates his first author's collection, and two years later he invites his brother - Santo to the work. In the 1980s, Donatella is to Donatella.

The genius dies with the RK of a serial killer

In TRJK, get the world. Their shows attach the most important fashion critics, and Hollywood stars want to show up in Versace's creations on the red carpet. Everyone is led by Gianni - a brilliant and reversed designer who is not afraid of the principles and crosses the borders.

In 1988, the jury of the Cutty Sark competition describes Versace "the most innovative and creative designer in the world". In 1993, Gianni receives the American Fashion Oscar, which is erupted to him by President Woch and France.

Dobra Pass is interrupted by a great tragedy. In 1997, Gianni dies with a serial murderer. Donatella takes over the duties of her brother and Odtd, she is a designer of the Versace fashion house designer.

The story is really amazing, because the attachment himself is an extremely interesting man. See the short interview in which Gianni talks about himself and his philosophy.

Idea for perfume

Versace Mona will divide the history of perfumes into 3 periods. The first falls on the decades of the 80s, where the rights to the fragrances had Yves Saint Laurent. The second period is wax production under the guidance of Giver. EUROITALI wax has been involved in the production and distribution since 2005.

The first fragrance was created in 1981 under the name Gianni Versace. Since then, by 2009, the bar code on the manufacturer's packaging begins with the year of release of the perfume data. It is worth paying comments because Versace is the most common perfume.

I am able to be able to have a mj ranking TOP10 - the best perfume from versace


Versace Pour Homme

The most powerful sides of Mskian perfume Versace Pour Homme is versatile. Mona wears them at each time of the year - from summer after winter, day and night. The starting of the Sone lemon with drying R gives an extremely river effect.

Last : 6-7 hours

Intense : 3.2/5

Gowy note : lemon, neroli, bergamot, ra, ra

Heart note : Hiacynt, Shadz Muskatov, Cedar Tree, Geranium

Base note : Tonka beans, pimo, amber


Versace Eros

The smell of Versace Eros interprets the sublime msko through intensive and vibrating combination of lici myths, weighs of wax lemon and green apple. It is a sporty elegance that adds energy and stimulates. The perfume of Mskie in the spring.

Last : 5-6 hours

Intense : 3/5

Gowy note : myth, apple, lemon

Heart note : Tonka beans, geranium, Ambroxan

Base note : vanilla, vetocy, dbowy moss, cedar tree


Versace eros pour femme edp

Women's perfumes versace eros pour femme cz chords of white flowers and lemon in honey. As a result, the smell is sodki, but not too sodki. It is light but not trivial. This is Versace's women's perfume, which is the most vibrant to my tastes.

Last : 5-6 hours

Intense : 2/5

Gowy note : lemon, bergamot, navy blue

Heart note : lemon flower, jamin, peony

Base note : zander tree, Ambroxan, Pimo


Versace crystal noir edp

Versace Crystal Noir is a floral, absolutely feminine and super lasting perfume for women. The mixture of Ambra and Pima in the base makes the smell dark and mysterious, very sensual and expressive.

Last : 5-7 hours

Intense : 3.5/5

Gowy note : ginger, cardamom, pepper

Heart note : the flower will be afraid, peony, gardenia, coconut

Base note : zanda tree, pimo, amber


Versace Versense

Versace Versense women's perfumes contains tart citrus seasoned with an earthy fig chord. Green Mandarin and Skrka from Bergamot, sharpen your senses. The floral heart of Jamin and Lilia was insulated with dry cardamom and wood. Ultimately, it is a very scent Versace especially for the spring and summer season.

Last : 4-5 hours

Intense : 2.5/5

Gowy note : bergamot, green mandarin, fig

Heart note : lily, jamin, cardamom, narcissus

Base note : zander tree, cedar tree, olive tree, pimo


Versace Bright Crystal Absolute

Bright Crystal Absolute is a funny, sexy and elegant Versace women's perfume. Perfect for each who wants a floral smell for the summer. A very feminine starting of flowers and fruit stays on the Skra through the whole.

Last : 6-8 hours

Intense : 3.5/5

Gowy note : Yuzu, navy blue

Heart note : lotus, peony, raspberry, magnolia

Base note : Ambra, Pimo, MAHO


Versace Yellow Diamond

The fragrance of Versace Yellow Diamond Byszcza and creak like Soca's reflex. It opens with notes of a bright citron, knowing pear sorbet, a sparkling bergamot, and with all this with a neroli accent.

Last : 3-5 hours

Intense : 2.3/5

Note of Neroli, bergamot, lemon, pear

Heart note : the flower will be afraid, water lily, freesia, mimosa

Base note : Pimo, Guisakowiec, Ambra


Versace man eau fraiche

MAN Eau fraiche is you, sexy perfumes mskie Versace. Delicate fruits seasoned with green and warm notes of Pima, Ambra and wood make it a universal fragrance for a modern man.

Last : 4-5 hours

Intense : 2.9/5

Gowy note: bergamot, wound tree, cardamom, lemon, carambola

Heart note: Estragon, Szawia, Cedar, Pepper

Base note: Ambra, Szafran, Pimo, Jawor Klon


Versace Woman

Versace Woman has a very mikki fragrance, it is ideal for wearing what you do. It is a bit pimowa, powder. or flowers, fruit, pimo and wood notes. The soda of the fragrance is not extremely delicious and fits perfectly with the wooden bases and r.

Last : 6-8 hours

Intense : 3/5

Hubs : ra, li jamin, bergamot

Heart note : raspberry, liwer, lotus, cedar

Base note : Pimo, Ambra


Versace Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is a versace perfume opening up to the explosion of bergamot, citrus and lime. This clean, fashion fragrance is like a calf wind and a clean sky.

Last : 5-6 hours

Intense : 3/5

Gowy Note : Iowiec, Citrus, Basil, Any, Bergamot, Rane Tree

Heart note: flag

Base note : iris, zander tree, bb tonka, patchouli, pimo, vanilla, vetiver, cedar tree

Perfume versace reviews

Versace is not my favorite Mark. It is not just about perfumes with which I am not along the way, but also clothes. Pour Homme and Eros are best from the proposals for mocz, it's really interesting fragrances. From women's perfumes are Eros Pour Femme , Versense and Crystal Noir, captivate me the most.

Next to Armani, Prada, Dolcegabbana, Roberto Cavalli Marek Versace is the pride of the Wochw Nation.

Do you have a story to tell? What do you associate with Versace with?