Perfumes with the smell of green tea are usually very much, which is why it is greatly suitable for spring and summer when we want to show the funnel and more reliable sides of our personality. Getted with flowers, fruits, and even with PIM and a wood chord, Muskaj Skr like warm SCA rays. I prepare for you a review of perfumes for women and unisex, which contain a large dose of the smell of tea. See the letter and find your favorite.

The best perfumes with the smell of green tea

Guerlain - Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca EDT

This fragrance is output and although it is almost 20 years old. The starting of a large number of myths, tea and lemon is adherent and very natural.

Price: 158 out of 75 ml continues : 5-6 hours

Burberry - The Beat Edp

This is a delicate fragrance that falls on a long memory. You will find a tapestry in tea, rivers soda mandarin and spicy pepper.

Price : 74 out of 30 ml

Lanvin - Eclat d'Arpege edp

Eclat is considered by many OSB as an aphrodisiac and perfectly feminine smell. Caa magic is of course in simplicity. Note: lilac, green tea, peony and pimo.

Price : 79 out of 30 ml permanent : 5-6 hours

Serge Lutens - Five O'Clock au gingembre edp

These perfumes PCZ Sodk and essential notes of tea with ginger, cinnamon, tree and aromatic pepper. Perfect autumn and winter, because it's nice to wrap.

Price : 376 out of 50 ml continues : 7-8 hours

Givenchy - Ange Ou Demon Le Secret Edt

The Ange Ou perfume line demon is suggested to a separate article. This version is extraordinary positive - or sugar sodern, juicy apple and tea spoky.

Price : 247 out of 100 ml permanent : 5-6 hours

Moschino - Funny! EDT

Delicate, somewhat soda and the smell of tea with citrus fits a woman and a staff. If you like a simple perfume, be sure to test funny!

Price : 65 out of 25 ml permanent : 6-7 hours

Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea EDP

This is the most popular perfumes with the smell of green tea. Their Zoono is a great advantage. CZ a delicate smell of tea and rhubarb, with myth, citrus and Jamin.

Price : 34 out of 30 ml permanent : 3-4 hours

Bvlgari - Omnia Crystalline EDP

This omnia surprises its intensity. You can feel a citrus chord mixed with flowers and a large pima dose in the base. Tea sounds where in the background.

Price : 109 out of 25 ml

Bvlgari - Black Edt

Black smells like a workshop for a moment. Fragrance notes are wrapping, just in time for auto and winter. Green tea and dbowy moss with vanilla and a sheer chord.

Price : 104 for 40 ml lasts : 6-7 hours

Creed - Silver Mountain Water Edp

This smell is perfect for women who like raw perfumes. The beginning is citrus, the smell of blackcurrant and pimo wrapping them.

Price : 710 out of 75 ml continues : 5-6 hours

Mugler - Alien Eau Extraordinaire EDT

Many people associate with a cup of jamin tea with a slice of lemon. They are not as uncompromising as other Mugler's compositions, but the fragrance will be beautiful.

Price : 137 out of 30 ml permanent : 5-6 hours

Banana Republic - Rosewood EDP

It's very fluffy and warm niche perfumes. CZ only 3 fragrance notes: balsamic AMBR, aidn tea and a few drops of cut bergamot.

Price : 117 out of 100 ml permanent : 5-6 hours

Armani - Prive Figuier Eden Edt

I love starting figs and tea! Although the smell from Armani is not the best I go, it is the only one to be easily accessible. I recommend tests, Figa rows!

Price: 587 for 100 ml continues : 5-6 hours

See these other fragrances : CB and Hate Perfume - Russian Caravan Tea; Yves Rocher - The Vert; Nest - Indigo (the best fig of tea!); Masque Milano - Russian Tea; Priscilla Presley - Indian Summer.

What should be done by choosing perfumes with the smell of green tea

#1 Eau de parfum or toilet?

The most expensive forms of the smell are clean perfume, which contain the most amount of essential oils - 22 percent - and the lowest amount of alcohol -based fixative. If you are wondering between the purchase of perfumed toilet water, it is worth it is that toilet waters (EDT) contain from 8 to 15 percent of essential oils, and perfumed waters (EDP) from 15 to 22 percent.

The perfumes of notes of green tea have a delicate smell , which is why even perfumed water is not more duo than toilet. I know these parameters in the description of the fragrance.

#2 The greater the capacity, the niche price

Although I am a fan of the smallest capacity (cz flaccles just looks great in a capacity of 30 ml), this is the least -diverse purchase . Let's see it on the example of my list: Eclat d'Arpege.

30 milliliters of this fragrance costs 79 zotych and 100 milliliters 111 zotych. This means that you are able to, with 32, you can enjoy these perfumes over three times.

#3 Fragrance for what you will be useful at work

Choosing perfumes with the smell of green tea , you need to ask yourself whether you want them in the evening or during the day. Evening fragrances are greater and head towards wooden, balsamic or spicy chords.

Perfumes on what you just have and perfectly work at work - you really want to give it to your day. In this case, green tea or citrus and flowers.

#4 Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

This question is also important, like the previous one. Perfumes with the smell of tea sz delicate rules , but as you can see in the ranking, there are intense ones. I usually follow the principles that evening fragrances can also be used during the autumn and winter day, and light citrus compositions are best suited to spring and summer.

#5 and as always: don't buy a subrbek

Preparing rankings, I am always looking for a few cheap fragrances with a perfect quality. The cheapest in this ranking is Green Tea Elizabeth Arden. Such a purchase will not ruin your portfolio, but will allow a testy dan of fragrance families. Therefore, if you do not know if the perfume from notes of green tea is for you, buy one bottle at a reasonable price. Never buy a subrbek .

If you like a specific smell of tea notes, and you have limited budet, see sets of cosmetic from the same line . Manufacturers of perfumes offer the most often these El for shower and body lotion in your favorite fragrance.

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