Citrus perfumes are one of the most popular fragrances of women. Inspire the most important twrcw and the best brands - you will find them in the offer of Jo Malone, Dolce Gabbana and Tom Ford. See the ranking of 10 best and choose the perfect one for you.

I have, citrus perfumes, enjoy the most popular popularity of spring and summer, but I often sigid up for autumn and winter.

Even if you usually choose oriental perfumes, sometimes it will give themselves wild notes, grapefruit or lemon.

Compositions with citrus chord are Vietlite and convenient. When the feminine smell of flowers, the dark aromas of ZIE or the soap smell of Pima, can experience tens of different occasions.

Here are the 10 best citrus perfumes that I will choose because of their removal fragrance. A perfectly worn day at the day at each time of the year. Get you on a vague mornings better than a cup of strong coffee.

The best citrus perfumes for women

1. Volume Ford Mandarino di Amalfi

The best citrus perfumes for the Porcanie

Mandarino di Amalfi is a perfume that likes dangerous fun. Turquoise bottle, citrus notes and a laconic name are just appearances of innocence. Don't let them be visited.

The composition opens the joy of fruit notes. Lemon, Basil and Skrka will take you to a table in an intimate restaurant with a fabulous view of the amalfitas coast.

Focused on admiring the fragrance landscape, you don't even notice when your heart will steal a beautiful, night quartet - balsamic Ambra, creamy Pimo, animal civet and earthy labdanum.

These perfumes are not only you, it is also waxes - elegant and very sexy.

2. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Pampelune

The most citrus perfume of all

Can there be anything more visiting than the powerful bitterness of grapefruit? There is only one answer to this question: absolutely not. There is only one perfume that give Pen justice to this fruit - pamotlune from Guerlain.

Greenfrut in this composition does not smell like a polite fruit for noting, but what is dark and dynamic. Peded with the aroma of vanilla and patchouli, he will take you crazy riding from the country of citrus in the spiral of the untamed hedonism.

This is without a wet: the most beautiful gem of the Aqua Allegoria collection.

3. Diptyque eau des sense

Citrus floral perfumes

Echinals, energy and some predisation at the end - this is the fragrance equivalent of ice water with ice in a hot summer day.

The opening bitter of Skrka will quickly go into a bright and calmfish smell of the flower, which sticks firmly to the Skra and does not let go.

Niche perfumes eau des sense s like lazy dawn in the shade of a tree where on a wild play in Masuria.

4. Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin

Classic unisex perfume

Lime Basil and Mandarin koloska water from Jo Malone is a modern classic. Basil and aromatic thyme in an unexpected way change the tropical smell of lime into elegant minimalism.

This is a perfume that you will want to get a white shirt for a important meeting or a linen suit during a weekend meeting with friends.

Jo Malone is not only a great perfume. The same aroma will be delighted with the fragrance lid, sets of cosmetic for the pilgrimage of Skra, as well as smells home.

5. Annick Goutal Eau Dhadrien

Aromatic smell of citrus and winter notes

Eau Dhadrien is a visiting and extremely clean smell. It is light enough to apply before noting, but at the same time has a lot of energy.

Wild a mixture of citrus and coniferous greenery will take you to your timeless picn. This is inspired by the French perfumer Annick Goutal, when work on this fragrance in 1981.

This is one of those perfumes that you will want to do with you all the time.

6. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

Citrus perfumes for the staff

Light Blue is a soap composition that guarantees a subtle and extremely feminine smell. It fits the weather and the opportunity.

The first minutes after application is the king of lemon and green apple. Fast, naturally, and sometimes even a bit harsh. When they decrease intensively, the notes of cedar and pima appear.

I think that despite the fat of years, Light Blue is still one of the most interesting citrus perfumes.

7. Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia Eau de Parfum

Citrus perfumes for the summer

Ywioowo lemon with amalfi, elegance of Jamin and Rado Myths give these perfumes an interesting color. The smell is at the same time and soda, calm and ywio, simple and interesting.

For me, Acqua di Gioia perfumed water is like a airy dress. It works very well on holiday trips when you want to be comfortable, which will work during walks in SoCu and rest over coffee.

8. Versace Versense

Super long -lasting women's perfumes with citrus

Versense is one of the best Versace perfumes. Their bright fragrance opens with bergamot, mandarin and other citrus, which was passed by earthly fig. In a couple with aromatic cedar, self and cardamom, create a composition of Pen of energy, but these elegance.

This is a citrus-gap classic, which is really worthy. In addition, the release of other citrus perfumes of titans will grow.

9. Chanel Chance Eau Frache

Wood perfumes with citrus notes

Eau Fracha is the perfect smell for a hot summer. It is sparkling, it smells clean and we are.

The composition is released from the note of citron, teak wood, hyacinth and Jamin extract - a characteristic element present in all perfumes from the Chance line. Cao is seasoning to feather and the raw smell of Pima.

This is the most ywio version of the iconic Chanel Chance. If you like citrus fragrances with a msko element, you will definitely like them.

10. Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette

Citrus rally and an aromatic base

The where these perfumes resemble a recipe for a new drink - although individual countries seem to be not grated, then you will taste good.

The composition opens with a citrus explosion of bergamot, lemon and mandarin with pineapple juice. A floral heart and a pim-wood base will protect you from dizzy.

For whom citrus perfumes are appropriate

Citrus fragrances can really be, which is why it will be a woman.

Citrus-aromatic perfume

This is the most characteristic and most popular of all citrus perfumes. The uninterested ramparts with Zioami - lavender, marjoram, myth, basil, rosemary or thyme - give a composition of an unusual aroma.

Keep these perfumes to keep up with even the most life and active woman.

Select: Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi, Jo Malone Lime Basil Mandarin, Annick Goutal Eau Dhadrien, Calvin Klein CK One

Citrus-wood perfume

Citruses in tandem with zander, cedar, Oud, Paczul will be perfect for women who are fierce, which have a czstk perfumery.

Choose: Dolce Gabbana Light Blue, Versace Versense, Chanel Chance Eau Frary

Citrus and flower perfume

For all women who want citrus, but in a slightly sodest version, this category will be the best. Even bitter bergamot in a couple with Jamin, a flower will be scared or peonies will smell gently and at the same time.

Choose: Diptyque Eau des Sens, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia

Citrus fragrance perfume

However, if you are interested in perfumes that best give the smell of citrus , choose grapefruit guerlain aqua allegoria pamplune .

How to choose the best citrus perfume

In consideration

Too quoting fragrances will not be suitable for the office, and too subtle will not be suitable for parties. Thus, when choosing perfumes, you need to take into account the circumstances and the leeks of the year.

Choose an aromatic, citrus fragrance with notes of flowers and other fruit. Night perfume with citrus smell with wood and spices. These fragrance notes are more intense.

The best perfumes for the summer should be more delicate and rising, you will feel light and you will feel. Zim decide to start the citrus with the gbier smell of Pim, patchouli, amber, fig and vanilla, which guarantee a warm feeling of comfort.

Choose a pretty stene
  • Colosite waters have oils from 2 to 4%, and their smell escapes within about 2 hours. It will be perfect during the authorities.
  • Toilet waters have oils from 5 to 15%, and their smell lasts on a Skra for up to 6 hours. It will work perfectly, if you work in a closed room with other people.
  • Plefum waters from 15 to 20% oils and stay on the Skra for up to 12 hours.

One of the factors that are on the prices of perfumes is the level of fragrance oils. Thus, the koloska water will be tasha.

Use dedicated cosmetic

In order for the perfume to be listed, you can use cosmetic created for use together with the perfumes - Myde, Eli for shower and CIA balms.

Choose opposite capacity

When buying perfumes, the capacity of the bottle is also important. Perfumes change over time and their smell becomes less.

If you do not use perfume often or use a few fragrances at the same time, think about buying a smaller capacity. Thus, you will make sure that the perfume keep power and to the last drop.

Use Prbki

There are many websites and brands that offer prbki perfume. Example: Sephora and Notino. You can have a spray perfume before you decide to buy a whole bottle.

Wild prbkom you can check how the perfumes react with the natural smell of your Skra.

Buy only in trusted stores

Buying online, remember to use the offers of proven internet perfumery . You will avoid buying counterfeit perfumes.

Keep ostrono when ordering perfumes from Allegro. Always check the seller before the Zoenie Cold. Memorial that buying online, you have 14 days to return the perfume in intact packaging.

Which citrus fragrances from my ranking want to drink? Give me in a comment beyond.

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