If you are looking for the most beautiful perfumes with the smell of soap, clean and the laundry, I prepare this article for you.

We all love free weekend mornings without any calendar. Time is slowing and sleeping, long drinking coffee and hugging, nothing will be wrong.

However, even if you hurry the agricultural market, the second boring with a friend or you are in the pitch, the best thing you can take, the perfumes bringing everything we love in Ku: Upest He falls through open windows.

The fact that the fragrance has a moment of our mood, reduces stress and splashes, it is not new. So time will immerse in these wonderful perfumes that will remind you of sodium, Sunday mornings.

Make a mistake about the sea, spring flowers, air in games, offered pages and cream soaps - I close all these fragrances in this ranking. See the perfume that is great and do not cite.

The best perfumes with the smell of soap, clean and kneading laundry

1. Amouage Dia

The most beautiful perfume with the smell of soap

Dia is like warm, April in Tuileries Gardens. Wieoci, elegance and luxury of spring in Pariu bloom from the staff.

The first notes are the river, the smell of Aldehyds and Bergamot, which is caught with sodk Fig. Almost immediately, a bouquet of powder flowers - Jamin, Neroli, Iris and Ry will fall to them. The database of the fragrance is a creamy pimo, zander tree and clean incense.

Dia is the quintessence of a French style for me. He cheats the world that this natural smell is so captivating. There are many types of perfumes with the smell of soap, but Dia is by far the most beautiful compositions of all.

2. Maison Margiela Replica When the Rain Stops

Fantastic perfume with rain smell

When the Rain Stops is a perfume with the smell of air after rain. In my opinion, the delicate, sparkling toilet water is the most sophisticated interpretation of the rain. You will find the river smell of the water chord, creamy wood and buffaloes next to Pim.

The perfume is an excellent perfumer Fanny Bal, who deals with the perfumeri of niches and mainstreams. There is so much auction in this fragrance that it will be difficult to refrain from associating with a small garden of the penim flowers and trees during light rain. However, the rain, however, only mushrooms of the earth, do not penetrate the gboko enough to bring out the smell of wet soil and asphalt.

If you choose perfumes, it is not an attempt for you, when the rain stops is the best option. This fragrance has an uninterested space and I really don't know anyone who doesn't like it.

3. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua

Exit perfume with the smell of clean

It is hot, August on the wax Riviera. For a good time on a private department with friends - sunbathing and crazy jumping into the water. Now, when Soce is slowly happening, you take off the costume and you go to your cabin, take a cold shower and prepare for a delicious dinner in Portofino.

As soon as the first drops fall on the heating of SKR, you feel the waves of additional energy, but these are the sharp notes of citrus and bitter neroli in your shower oil make you want to transfus the ca.

Neroli Portofino Acqua causes this feeling of pureness that makes us want to, more, more. It is a cunning of wax splendor and life without limits.

4. Byredo Blanche Eau de Parfum

Wiego laundry perfumes with the fragrance

Blanche perfumed water is an affair for all life. It is timeless like a white shirt with jeans, eating fries with ketchup, or watching the mann and Materna duo.

If you like a floral perfume, which smell like a laundry with a little soap, you need to be a blanche. Its pure white smell is very simple on the one hand, on the other, unconvinuous.

It is a great mixture of tart notes Aldehyds in the initial phase, divine flowers and pepper in the heart and Mikki Nut Pima and wood in the base. Cao is known and soapy, as for perfumes with a marina.

This is an absolute magnet for compliments, unfortunately it does not persist on the Skra Dugo!

5. Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne

the smell of spring air

If you wonder what spring smells like, you will find the answer in this smell. It will take you to the most reliable days of May.

As in the case of most good Koloskie with a flower, Orange Blossom does not need much to provide unforgettable URAE. Composition or bitter notes of Neroli with several limited gas. It is simple, bicker and very green.

This is a wooden house where in Grysza in Masuria, large open windows in the bedroom and Wiea Biaa.

Do not understand me, this is not a perfume with the smell of washing powder. This koloska water reproduces air and clean. It is also useful and the soup of natural fragrances.

Jo Malone creates a niche perfume, which you can wear alone or or with, putting them in layers. Dziki ago you have unlimited able to create personalized fragrances.

6. Chanel N5 Leau

Unconvinuously clean women's perfumes

If I have to determine the color based on the smell, n5 leau would be absolute white or soup that has no color. The starting of Aldehydw, Neroli, Pima, Citrus, Jamin and Ylang-ylang is like the whiteness of the unemploy or a cold crystal.

Already in the first version of the N5 Coco Chanel, a maiden familiar smell of childhood - the smell of the laundry in which her mother worked. However, he puts him a sensual, flesh -colored aroma, bringing public domw employees to my mind.

Almost a hundred years later Leau appears, who cuts off from the sinful past of her protagonist. It only leaves the fragrance notes that allow her pure axle, to the boundaries of the modern minimalism.

7. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree

It smells like a cashmere dressing gown on Nag

Narciso is a powder smell of white flowers served on a soap base woven of Pim and wood. Although it may seem sharp, with time it becomes cacalful, the most delicate myd dove cube.

These perfumes are intimate, flesh -colored and exceptionally mixture. Prescation like a favorite bathrobe, which the scent with the smell of our hot scratch and beloved body lotion.

With the rule, Narciso lasts close to Skra, but sometimes he likes to leave it. He behaves as if the PRBowa will stroke whose comments and attract. This is one of my favorite perfumes, wears them in the day and in the evenings.

8. Prada Infusion Diris

Powder smell of cream soap cube

Infusion d'Aris is the perfect reproduction of the smell of soap, powder and flowers. Although the perfume has a lot of elegance in it, it is at the same time like the calf of a loved one. Calm, unobtrusive and always in a good tone.

D'Aris is an intellectual, but this incorrect romantic. She loves evenings at rallies, and her apartment is organized in the Hygge rules. Composition or the most cozy fragrance notes: iris, incense and wood.

Just like the smell of luxurious soap, it also gives a sense of pure and comfort. This is a very comforting composition, which autumn and winter are greatly entwined in all sweaters and scarves. If you like soap perfume, be sure to ask Infusion Diris.

9. Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

Wonderful perfumes with a pure smell of shampoo

The opening of Light Blue is a juicy, realistic citrus note. You can really feel and smell the texture of the fruit - Mikki Misz, Kwana Sok and Gorzk Skrk. Moments later, the river green apple and sodium lychee appear. This is the perfume of PCZecie from the first to the last minute.

Because the composition is really well mixed, the brave sensation is, clean and mixture. The mixture of fruit, wood and pima can somewhat resemble a natural wax shampoo from a small boutique, bought where in a coastal town.

This is one of the few perfumes that the smell of purely with what flesh -colored, sensual. Light Blue will not only go to a important meeting at work, but these lazy dullly with coffee and evening randk.

10. Clean Warm Cotton

Clean smell of a warm, offered buffalo

Clean Warm Cotton is a perfume with a buffalo smell. The composition smells of washing. It is like a population or a tablecloth during ironing, when Cypya matter makes us feel a stronger smell of washing powder and knocking pool. To build the composition, sea notes, citrus, verben and of course soap pimo were used.

This is by far the most synthetic of all perfumes in this ranking, but I love them for how comfort to me. This is a perfume with the smell of ka, where still a pole and asks for 5 minutes to stay in it.

Clean has in its offer a perfume with the smell of rain, knew washing, skra, but this warm cotton will like me the most.

11. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Perfume with the smell of Marseille soap

Do you use when Marseille's soap? After getting out of the shower, your Skra smells of the perfect cleaning of cream soap and Ostr Lavender. This impression can be found in the Lovely perfume bottle.

Composition or soapy white pima with Gorzk Bergamotk and Raw Lavender - a trio that is often used in Msk's perfumes. For the ruff, this women's element was added - Sodk Paczul and Ciepy Wood chord.

This is my favorite celebrity perfume. In addition, that the fragrance is loud and not much, I am also captivated by the classic simplicity of the bottle.

What is your favorite purely smell? Write in a comment about your understandings with perfumes about the smell of soap and the laundry.

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