In this ranking you will find only the most dry and sodium perfumes with the smell of chocolate for women and moczes.

Biaa chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Mexican chocolate, hazelnuts, pralines, truffles, cocoa - sounds delicious. And if so, instead of the smokey taste of soda and counts calories, their narcotic fragrance to SKR?

Do not run before you read to the blanket.

I know that chocolate perfumes can be associated with MD Sodicz, but I do not intend to show you fragrances, like a chemical confectionery. Promise! Chocolate perfumes from my ranking are really different and I am more than certain that Kady will find what for myself.

It will be about smells that come out of chocolate, but are so unusual that you can not even associate them from chocolates. Some of them are Janiejsza and Sodest, while other gbs and more sensual. Despite everything, the composition or one, a great note of chocolate.

10 best chocolate perfumes

1. Mugler Angel

The greatest perfume with chocolate for women

Mugler, like Willy Wonka, a proposal eccentric starting of soda from rolinnoci.

The master combination of soda, flowers and fruit brings to misleads the most beautiful landscapes of the orient.

Angel does miracles with chocolates. Through the KTK, the moments in the opening are accompanied by her fruity soda tropical fruit and cotton candy.

However, after a few minutes you will feel juicy berries poured with honey.

When he passes into the tone of subtle Jamin, a ripe appears next to it. It is known that such a chocolate live is a delicacy from the most frequent PKI.

You won't even realize when a patchouli and caramel will take a chocolate. This trio is not only the fingers of the senses, but also introduces them to the unearthly state.

Mugler Angel perfumed water is a composition for fancy women who do not look for a perfume on pce with ban. For women who enjoy moments, because each of them gives them hope for earthly.

2. Tom Ford Black Orchid

The most sensual chocolate in perfumes

I am a large fanc of the fashion house Tom Ford. That is why no one is surprised that Black Orchid is a perfume with which I have the most affair.

They allowed me to discover the noble and dry face of chocolate.

Chocolate Mexicask was used in this composition. JZ was started with truffles, gardeni and citrus in the gowl, pepper, fruit and orchids in the heart, as well as packet, incense and vanilla in the base.

I only exchange the most important fragrance notes, because they will have much more than more. And I admit, the dependence on the weather and the scrings of them intensively and the character changes significantly.

The Black Orchid perfumed water returns the comments of the surroundings. Her removal smell makes me not only a woman, but also a mushroom.

It guarantees that the smell of these perfumes will make you remain in the memory of the OSB you will meet.

3. Guerlain l't instant de guerlain pour homme

The best perfumes of mskie with cocoa beans

Toilette water l't instant de Guerlain is one of those fragrances that can seem strange, but after what time it is difficult to resist them.

Composition or lemon and bergamot with aromatic any, pepper and Elemi. Fragrance notes explode your aroma, Krc between the runs and heat.

After a few minutes, citruses seem less aggressive. Under the influence of tea and elegant Jamin, the smell takes on elegant, rolling crying.

Tea releases its warmth and whether it eats zander notes from Mikk and a light bitterness of the cocoa. The composition knows intensively than patchouli, which has an elegant sensual one. This is the right perfume for spring and autumn.

On the one hand, L'Instant Pour Homme is a teaching lover, on the other, he doesn't lack bold. He can shamelessly show his seductive face.

4. Nasomatto pardon

The greatest dark chocolate in Mskian perfumes

When we are talking about the Nasomatto brand, they can not miss the fact that its name from Woski means 'crazy nose'. It is the guy and twist of the brand, Alessandro Gualtieri.

At a time when shopping pics bend with boring fragrances, who will resist the perfumes created by a crazy perfumer?

Truly, this decisive closure in this remote bottle such a beautiful smell of chocolate and wood.

My first association with pardon is the aroma of AWEK in Maim Koieter, who mix the smell of wood with incense.

In hand with this image, the gesty smell of dark chocolate, soda bean and aromatic cinnamon goes.

The wild composition has a lot of class, but it is not Starowiecka. On the contrary, it is noble in a modern form.

I imagine that it will be perfect for a mocket who values ​​elegance, but likes it stunts and a release from the tum.

The bottle has a capacity of 30 milliliters, but the perfume extract is locked in it. The wild, somewhat oily consistency, the smell persists on the Skra for many hours.

5. Montale Chocolate Greedy

UNISEX niche perfumes with the smell of Pynna Chocolate

As a chocolate connoisseur, I often sigid with dark chocolates with a large concluding cocoa. However, sometimes he just can't resist cream milk.

Chocolate Greedy is an exceptional niche perfumes, because in a surprising way, bitter and Mitetanie nuances of chocolate.

The opening of the composition is an ode for delightful cream. Prescation perfumes like hot chocolate, in which vanilla foams.

In the notes of the heart there is a powder chord, and the smell takes on wild nobility. It resembles the largest quality cocoa, which was abundantly sprinkled with indecently expensive truffles.

My favorite moment is, however, when the bitter of a bitter is scared to this picture.

He will say that Chocolate Greedy is a soda fragrance, it will say nothing.

If you are a chocolateoholic, you will appreciate even the smallest aspect of this perfumed water.

6. Valentino uomo

The most popular chocolate perfumes for mushrooms

Valentino offers waxes to all the shelter. Uomo toilet water in Peni is wet with a vision of natural elegance that characterizes Mark.

On the one hand, she captures his home warm, on the other, her seductive nature is kept at care.

All because the composition or the smell of chocolate from the notes of scrach fragrances and nuts. Cao, remove coffee beans and wood chord.

Wax elegance uomo lies in his carefree. Although it looks like he is born in a well -cut suit, he likes to forget about drinking two buttons of the shirt and attract extravagant shoes.

Uomo proves that you don't have to have a frequent wax colors to smell through the whole work, as if it came out of it.

7. Calvin Klein CK One Shock for Her

Chocolate women's perfume with fruit

CK One Shock for Her will take you to the urban tungle, where the world of colorful ads cut the dark nooks of suspicious streets.

Some women go back to the domw, come out of them to welcome a new day in the company of friends.

Both can or one - sodki duo chocolate and jeyna on the Skra.

Women's CK One Shock perfumes open with flowers of passiflora, peonies and poppy seeds. However, their smell does not last too long, because after a few minutes the absolute sodern appears.

The heart introduces the Mexicask of Chocolates and Jeyn. CK One Shock Her smells like a delicious praline that you want to taste immediately.

The warm vanilla and pure Pima wrapped us in the base. Together, create a mikki, somewhat powder smell.

CK One Shock for Her is created with my mistake about fashion women, but I know that after this sodium perfume, sigj women at a really age -old.

8. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Wrapping pralines for optimistic women

With the incorporating pralines and the ubiquitous vanilla, you enter into the territory of perfume, which either loves or hates them.

If you give you a chance La Vie Est Belle, you will see how incredibly cozy this smell is.

Pear and blackcurrant in opening are only an introduction to the exciting praline soda.

This soda note or the smell of milk chocolate and nut.

Where in the projection phase of the chocolate euphoria is drumped with Jamin and Paczul.

Fragrance notes of patchouli and beans tonka flirt with the senses, but the powder chord gives this chocolate a very good character.

As a result, I can not decide if it is more sensual or motherly perfumes.

But maybe it is not worth it at all resolving this dilemma? Can this secret is the secret of Pikna La Vie Est Belle?

9. Britney Spears Fantasy

Biaa chocolate for the fashion of women who are soda

This perfumed water will appeal not only to more fashionable girls, but also to mature women.

Although the kitschy bottle screams that if it crosses 13 spring, you will not find anything interesting here, try to get it is a warning.

Fantasy begins with the smell of fruit cake, which was sprinkled with white chocolate flaps. There is juicy kiwi, sodium lynch and sliced ​​quince.

With time, fantasy becomes more creamy. You can feel the notes of orchid and jamin.

Cao perfectly or pimo, which even after many hours maintains the memory of a soda adventure in the air.

If in perfumes you are looking for innocence and a girl of optimism, fantasy is the right smell for you.

10. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue Nights

Biaa chocolate in a classic edition for women

All perfumes from the 5th Avenue line remind me of mature women.

Although 5th Avenue Nights, just like Britney Spears Fantasy, s built around white chocolate, they have a lot more than it.

In the composition from Elizabeth Arden, this note is much stronger. In addition, it seems more creamy and gsta.

While fantasy focuses on fruit, 5th Avenue Nights charms a numerous bouquet of flowers.

You will find freesj, heliotrope, jamin, peonies and kali. The wild composition is more of an adult character.

However, my favorite of the projection is the base. I am a large pima fan, and this is served with vanilla and white chocolates in 5th Avenue Nights is simply wonderful!

There is no girl in these perfumes. Instead, there is a woman who knows her sexually and is not blushed under the impression of interest. This is a really beautiful fragrance at an exceptionally favorable price.

What chocolate perfume will be the best for you?

Gourmand chords

Gourmand perfumes contain fragrance notes of sewing soda. They include, among others, the beaten, cotton candy, hazelnuts, vanilla, caramel. This group is also a note of chocolate.

Perfumes on sodko will be perfect for you, if you appreciate the composition and its uninteresting soda. If you want to emphasize the unusual aroma of chocolate in your perfumes, aim at Gourmans.

Oriental chords

Sodkie perfumes are included in the oriental group, they are characterized by a lot of spicy and spicy spices, Kadzida and Ywice in the chap. The wild chocolate sodern is radically passed away, and you take on character.

Wood chords

Compositions that focus on wood, usually about the perfume for Mska worshiped my readers.

Usually play the smell of coniferous forest or warm wood. Chocolate perfumes usually contain zanda, cedar and oud.

The starting of the fragrance notes of wood and chocolate emanates internal heat and is amazing gbokie.

Floral chords

Flower notes in this type of perfumes are subtly hidden in the pissing chocolate, but don't get it.

Rocked flower aromas mix here with chocolate soda and give a difficult to describe effect of soda, natural slightly. The chocolate starts ZR, Orchid, Jamin and Iris are particularly valued.

Fruit chords

Chocolate fruit, taste differently - the same principle applies to perfumes.

The compositions containing fruit fragrance notes that are mixed with chocolates give the effect of visiting and introduce a carefree state into the gods.

In some fragrances you will find these dried fruit. Usually they add GBI is much more soda.

Chocolate history in perfumes

Chocolate, and earlier cocoa grain, has been known since the conquest of poudnic and American lands in the 16th century. It is said that Krzysztof Columbus was the first to be taken to Europe.

However, and to the smell of Angel from Thierry Mugler, no one will say that chocolate can be a perfume raw material.

This composition revolutionized the perfumery of the 90s. Proves that even the mass recipient will love a beautiful freak.

The note of chocolate used by Mugler is currently obtained in perfumery with the synthesis of various raw materials.

And so, for example, pyrazine can be imitated by a delicate and raw smell of dark chocolate, Pima successfully pretend to be white chocolates, and patchouli and bb tonka - almond chocolates.

The more years the years from the first chocolates experiment in perfumes, the more proposal we have had from the producers.

Such a sophisticated smell does not limit TWRCW, but inspires them every day in new ways.

Popularly chocolate perfumes do not chase, and no from modern combinations receives anything from her great smell.

I am convinced that absolutely everybody - not from age and PCI - will find the crocot fragrances of its new favorite perfumes.

The most popular brands