Do you want to smell out and arouses interest? Bet on uncommon smells. See the ranking of niche perfumes and choose the best for you.

Niche perfumes are the quintessence of individualism, precision, exclusiveness and cunning towards the craft tradition. There is nothing in such compositions.

For me, niche perfumes are more than a smell, it will tell memories, emotions. Every composition is surprising and gradually reveals subsequent chords, properly tuning you. They don't let you forget about yourself, s like a drug, which is released from drugstore fragrances. No wonder that you gain more and more popular.

Here is the most beautiful niche perfumes, which you must test. I hope that this ranking will help you make a right choice.

Ranking of niche perfumes for women and mins

1. Maison Margiela Replica by the Fireplace

The best unisex niche perfumes

Woody fragrance with vanilla and spices
Perfect for auto and winter
Lasts over 8 hours

The unique perfume line replica has been designed to evoke images of specific places and mention our life. Dziki can be delightful with a lazy Sunday morning (the smell of Lazy Sunday Morning) or will go for a walk on Play (the smell of beach fight).

My favorite by The Fireplace is the perfect winter perfume for women and marshes. Call the image of a crackling fire in a fireplace where in a Gralian hut. The cozy smell is mixed with sodium and spicy fragrance notes of vanilla, chestnut, flower and tap wood.

Ciepy, the smell of wood from the fireplace is perfectly worn during the time, uncomfortable days. This fragrance fits what, for great outings, but those during my evening at home.

2. Parfums de Marly Delina

Women's niche niche perfumes

Floral fragrance of ZR, peonies and lychee
Perfect for spring and summer
It lasts over 12 hours

Parfums de Marly is a fashion brand of French niche fragrances that was created in 2009. Their inspiration is the 18th century Versailles, which can be seen not only in the aesthetics of the bottles, but in the fragrance compositions themselves. Personal classics in modernity falls fantastic, and the perfume of women's delina is the best example.

The composition begins with an unusual mixture of the scent notes of the lyrics and the river bergamot, but the real opening stars is rhubarb, which adds a citrus-rolinny contrast to a soda lynch. In our heart we find a bouquet of Turkish and peonies, and the base is built of oriental PIM, Kashmir and Kadzid.

Delina is ideal for wearing in the spring and summer. It is shamelessly feminine and absolutely remote, which is why it will be perfect for special occasions, such as, for example or.

3. Amouage Interlude Man

The most beautiful niche perfumes mskie

Balsamic smell with incense, ywica and oregano
Perfect for auto and winter
It lasts over 12 hours

Interlude Man is a triumph of technical precision of niche perfumes. The fragrance notes of this composition of the composition are as perfect as Cegy in the Egyptian pyramid. However, Interlude impresses not only with craftsmanship, but those variations that shows different colors and smells of the smell, soup like a kaleidoscope.

In the opening you will feel the herb oregano seasoned with black pepper and a few drops of bergamot juice. The balsamic heart was built of Kadzid, Ambra and Opoponax. The heat of wood and the glowing chord wraps us in the base.

4. Byredo Bal d'AFrique

UNISEX niche perfumes with a fruity and woody smell

Aromatic fragrance from Vicyt, marigold and citrus
Perfect for spring and summer
Lasts from 3 to 6 hours

Byredo is a niche brand of Stockholm, which will cooperate with the greatest noses of modern perfumery. In 2009, he publishes the perfume of Unisex Bal D'AFrique - a smart letter from Zaoycar Ben Gorham himself to Africa.

As he says, he is one of his first fragrances. Inspired by the father of the father from the 10-year podra after Africa. Gorham interprets his experiences with African cultures, arts, tac and musician who finds in the text.

The Ball d'AFrique composition was built around vetocy, African calendula and citrus. The addition of bergamot, blackcurrant, amber make the composition in it this duo of Sone's soda.

5. Tom Ford Oud Wood

UNISEX niche perfumes with a wood smell

Oudowa smell with AMBR and spices
Perfect spring and autumn, when temperatures are moderate
Lasts from 7 to 12 hours

OUD always signal luxury perfumes. It will be introduced by Tom Ford in the M7 perfumes (working for Yves Saint Laurent). When in 2007 (already under your name) he releases luxury Lini Private Blend, it could not run out of this fragrance note.

Oud Wood is a mixture of Oud, zander and wound tree, which was seasoned with cardamom, vanilla and Syczasko pepper. Although it has a large niche aesthetics, it is unconvinuously bearing, especially as the standards of many other agar fragrances currently available on the market.

6. Atelier Cologne Pomelo Paradis

The best niche summer perfumes for women and men

A juicy fragrance with citrus
Fits in spring and summer
Lasts about 6 hours

Niche perfumes Atelier Cologne May French manners and soul wax. The brand was created in Pariu as the fruit of her arguments Christophe Cervasela and Sylvie Ganter. Their ambition was the creation of WZ Koloskie, which best reflects the smell of nature and universal - for the staff for women and men.

The opening of Pomelo Paradis is very sodium, juicy and very citrus. The first minutes of PCs like lemon candies and grapefruit. With the time of time, the composition becomes more mikka and floral, but never loses its citrus character. If you are looking for a perfume for the summer, these will work fantastic.

7. Histoires de Parfums 1740

The most durable mskie perfume with an intense smell

Speed ​​fragrance from Kocank, Paczul and Ladanum
Fits winter, autumn and early spring
This is one of the most durable perfumes of MSKI

The fragrance library Histoires de Parfums talks about known characters, important events and art. Perfume 1740 s welcomed to the writer Marquis De Sade , which at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries of Zasins from the description of sadomasochistic practices.

The composition combines a rich chord of balsamic AMBR and gives everything vanilla and kumaryn. The wood notes in the base are transferred to dark and sensual territory.

Although there is a whole mass of harsh niche fragrances, which is great (I have here, I am wrong L'ARTisan Parfumeur Dzing! And Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque), 1740 is removal because of showing them the sodest, Janów side. This is a perfume for mars who like it sitting by the fire and sip a Scottish. Subtle, msko and spokj of this smell, they are very excited, especially in the eyes of a woman.

8. full -time Libre d'Orange like this

Women's output perfumes for what and for work

Spicy scent with kocank, pumpkin and ginger
Fits auto and early spring
Lasts on Skra for up to 10 hours

Full -time Libre d'Orange gives free to its perfumers - without any limit in terms of creativity, raw materials and cost. Luxurious, provinces, sometimes ironic and always elegant niche perfumes get a more and more passionate about who finds their individual in her compositions.

Women's perfume Like This opens with the Airy-Zioic blast and woven into the CAO mixture of pumpkin and ginger fragrance notes. Over time, play the bright notes of white flowers, and the base impresses with the duo of vetocy and Pima.

Like this match the time of year, but it is best worried during moderate temperatures. S permanent and their projection is not intrusive. This is a very characteristic smell that will allow you to release from Tum.

9. Annick Goutal Vent de Folie

Elegant women's perfumes that love Parkans

Fruit fragrance with raspberries, geraniums and a pipe pea
Perfect spring and summer
Lasts about 6 hours

Early summer is a real explosion of aromas in nature. If you want to move the smell of the July garden to SKR, I am sure that these women's perfumes delight you to go crazy.

Vent de Folie is like a colorful wind from Disney's song - it is warm and river, light and zoone. They are different than all fruit perfumes of this kind. Dissted on Skra pleasantly wrap the smell of geraniums, peas and raspberries. Over time, reveal the juicy black currant and red wise. They are not overwhelmed and childish, s perfect.

10. Juliette Has a Gun Lady Vengeance

Dangerous women's perfumes that draw like a magnet

Niche perfumes with notes of ry, pima and patchouli
Perfect for the spring of spring work
Stay over 7 hours

Niche perfumes from Juliette Has a Gun. Tell the modern versions of Shakespeare's Romeo and Julia. The heroine of Lady Vengeance's women's perfume is not a boundless romantic, it is the embodiment of the modern femme fatale, who likes the dictate conditions.

It is not without reason that the GWN is sensitive to the notes. This is transporting to a beautiful woman, but with a claw. Pimo and patchouli are still the fragrance notes of the heart.

The smell works best when nature is reducing again. The projection is perfect, not for Saba and not too strong, and the composition develops on the Skra through the whole, from the hours revealing more notes.

11. Creed Aventus

The most popular niche perfumes

Fruit fragrance with pineapple and wood
Perfect at each time of day and year
It lasts over 7 hours

Creed is the most served brand of niche perfumes. Choose J artes, politicians and even members of the British Krlewska family. The most popular fragrance in its offer is Aventus, created by Olivier and Erwin Creed.

The rhythm in the composition beaten the pineapple and birch, although in the distance you can also feel pimo, blackcurrant and bergamot. This is a juicy mixture that attracts like a magnet. Aventus is not cheap, but it is elite.

How to choose the best niche perfume

Creating niche perfumes is a very careful and smuggling process, so choose the smell should not be hasty. See what he pays for when buying perfumes.

Type of fragrance

Wood perfume - is a strong, intense and unisex fragrance. Depending on the composition, it may have a classic or modern character. You will most often find in them such fragrance notes as: zander, oud, cedar, wound tree, or a guaiad tree.

Balsamic perfumes - these are smells entering the oriental family. The balsamic notes are all ywice - benzo, amber, ladanum, myrrh or incense. Such compositions match the day and the evening.

Chypery perfume - Corpon fragrances are classic and often raw. Fit with the autumn or winter days. It is a mixture of dbowy moss and ywica fused with citrus and r.

Flower -fruit perfumes - such fragrance compositions can be found in perfumeries most often. Scent, light and fit on the opportunity.

Pim perfumes - one of the most interesting compositions that smells different on Kady. Experts call Pimo the second SKR, but much better. This is an intense and sexy animal smell (although it is most often obtained synthetically).

Citrus perfumes - in citrus compositions, dominate the notes of lemon, scales, grapefruit or mandarin. Although citrus fragrances are not permanent, it will be visible during hot summer.

Season and opportunity

Spring Summer

Perfumes warm and hot for days are usually softer and more spatial. May the SAB projection for moderate, wild why are not intrusive and not souls. Dominate the floral and fruit notes, although it will meet with mixtures of more intense aromas, for example, herbal.


Perfumes for these seasons reflect your wardrobe. S silent and big persist on the Skra, wrapping in a warm smell. All Ouda, Balsamic, Pim and Vanilla notes will work well.

On the day (to work, for what)

On the day I do not recommend strong fragrances with a large projection, especially if you go to work. The composition should be delicate to moderate. Depending on the season of the year, put on a floral-fruit and citrus mixes in the summer or more expressive balsamic and chyperal chords during more vile days.

To the evening (for meetings with friends, to parties)

If you like strong perfumes, the evening is the perfect time to wear it. Intensive fragrances (wood, pim) with a large projection are visible not only at important events or in the club, but those will meet with friends.

Perfume steen

Colosite waters

The colosite water has low essential oils (from 2 to 4%) and high alcohol. Her projection ranges from 2 to 4 hours, so it is better to treat her as a way to quickly revive than actual smell.

Toilet waters

Stene of essential oils in toilet waters is between 5 and 15%. The perfect smell for what, especially in warmer months. It usually stays from 4 to 6 hours.

Perfumed water

Perfumed water contains from 15 to 20% of essential oils. It is more intense and has a larger projection of toilet water. It will be eaten with earthly during the day and in the evening. On Skra, it lasts from 6 to 12 hours.

Niche perfumes are craftsmanship and often decades suffered from creating the perfect composition. These are the virtuosity, because the designers of perfumes do not have a commitment to satisfaction and may be because of their imagination.

The ranking of the best niche perfumes from 11 fragrances would not be a simple task, but I hope that I can do a bit of your choice and you will find here the perfect for you.

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