In this ranking you will find only the most beautiful perfumes with the smell of peony for women.

Peony is a flower as popular as magical. It gives great fragrance and flavor impressions. Yes, peony flowers are edible and you can make a delicious marmalad.

It is also when he comes to the creation of perfumes, it turns out that there is a surprise.

I discover the most beautiful peonies in Chloe Eau de Parfum perfumes, where this flower or si zri lyrics.

I am most surprised by the peonies from the composition of Jo Malone - her start with the harsh chord is phenomenal.

However, I consider Knot Eau Florale to be a peoning must have, which is the most stylish smell of recent years.

Peony wears many female names, defines rne characters and temperaments, gives shine or toning.

It is proof of this, the simplicity and classics can be extracted by hundreds of nuances and present new as hundreds of different ways.

If you are worthy of new discovery and you want to surprise you, read my ranking of the most beautiful peonies perfumes.

10 best perfumes with a peony

1. Chloe Chloe Eau de Parfum

The best women's perfumes with peony

I love the Chloe fashion house for a modern presentation of ry in perfumes.

A pair of ry and peonies is a classic zupena, used in perfumery for centuries, which is why chloe perfumed water will allow you to give elegance even ordinary jeans. On the other hand, the composition has a sodk note of lychee, which changes the soup.

Therefore, instead of a boring, conservative convention, we get a composition of Pen class, but this humor and optimism. I have an impression that a mao woman will not feel well in her.

Although it fits each of us, it is not an obvious smell. I do not have the interpretation that it opens me to new reflections, ideas and awakens me creative.

Similarly, I see me those people who immediately ask what is the perfume and whether he is not going to buy the same. How can I be offended? I am dreaming that every man smells of great perfumes!

The more that the peony with Chloe Eau de Parfum is well known to you, so he is a bosom, this is still recalling memories of the past.

If I have never had their bottle, it will change time!

2. Christian Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

The most spring peony in perfumes

I remember my surprise when I stroke this perfume for the first time. I do not expect that the mandarins in a pick of peonies, discover the new smell above MN.

Of course, I know Miss Dior earlier, but her new face is stuck. I admit that this is the only version of this fragrance that has remained with me on a large one.

It may be because peony for me is a dignified flower. Kade perfume with its addition gain a new color.

Peony from Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, invad apricot and ra, which makes her firm face take on a girl.

Immediately after the perfume, it seems to me that I am entering PKi, who is just beginning to reveal the flowers.

After a few dozen minutes, the flowers develop, open to the socket, into the drops of dew - the smell turns into a more saturated, deepened, penny.

When we wear this perfume, feel elegance and girls lightly. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet does not allow me to pass by unnoticed - it covers the peonies of all I pass.

3. Bottega Veneta Knot Eau Florale

The most stylish peony in perfumes

It is not from today that I am henting the exit, which will be confirmed by the Flakonik Flakonik Knot Eau Florale Woski Fashion House of Bottega Veneta.

It is a flanker of perfumed wick water, which delights even the greatest skeptics with an unearthly smell of neroli, the flower will be afraid and lavender.

Eau Eau Florale perfumed water develops the minimalism of its predecessor, the extensive notes of peonies and ry. The composition was inspired by a beautiful garden on the wax coasts, which feels from the first to the last minute of the projection.

A bit conservative wick takes on a wild wick, romantic and magical expression. A peony, like a magic of the magic rdka, turns minimalism into bujn fantasies.

You can wear these perfumes through the whole and you certainly don't have enough of them. Their smell will stimulate all your senses and the environment to work, put you in a state of dreams and finesse.

I am enchanted (so that she fails: intoxicated) Knot Eau Florale. Together, when you wear this perfume on Skra, surprise how multidimensional this smell is.

4. Narciso Rodriguez for Her Fleur Musc

Pimo in the color of the rice and peonies

I will not cheat if I could, I would like Narciso Rodriguez as president, and even a PIMA krle.

The fact that his fashion house is chosen to choose a muse, he can experience a good style and great ambition. In addition, the composition released under the brand's banner is really worth the released zotwka.

If it comes to peonies in perfumes from Rodriguez, you will uncommon the most profitable of them in the Flanker of the first composition for Her - for Her Fleur Musc.

The smell opens with a sharp scent note of the pepper, which will swear pimo. Ra and peony are in his heart, and after a few hours amber, patchouli and fioek.

Usually, perfumes with the Narciso Rodriguez logo remind me of success women who take what they want from life.

The perfumed water for Her Fleur Musc, however, has more and more mixture, delicate. There is some vrali in this smell. Pimo seems more delicate than usual, more romantic, and the pepper does not want to accuse, he wants a flavor.

Myl, Ew these perfumes, not only women who focus on professional success, but those who love mothers or women developing their passions.

The ones for whom every day is a fight, and every psik perfume - a sluggish prize.

5. Calvin Klein Eternity Moment

Innocent peony in raspberry chrulek

Will you have moments in your life, which he wants to keep on earthly? It could be the first kiss, summer rain in games, professional promotion or the birth of a child.

The idea of ​​such moments brings Twrcom these perfumes of Calvin Klein. May so light, romantic and sentimental that everything is best in you that happens in your life.

Peony is composed here with the sodium fruit of lychee and juicy raspberry, which really calms down emotions and stimulates the butterflies in the stomach to flight.

When the first ups of the mines, you will stay with the smell of peonies, Jamin and the water lily, which osid it on your neck and wrists.

I am a large fank of classical eternity, and her peonies Flanker has a multitude of common with the first version. If you do not like great changes in the smells, the moment will allow you to donate Mio to Eternity, while keeping your favorite ta.

With these perfumes you will not only stay in the past. Let you dream of creating new, wonderful moments worth stuffing.

6. Versace Bright Crystal

The most popular perfumes with the smell of peonies in the world

Ha! On the one hand, my internal gos screams "no" (there are no secrets that he does not like this composition), on the other, creating a ranking of perfumes with the smell of peonies from honesty cannot miss Bright Crystal.

This is one of the most liked fragrances from Versace, which is stated by its runs. Many women use it as their fragrance signature and buy bottles of the largest capacity.

Therefore, Bright Crystal toilet water is now available in a 200 ml bottle, which is rare in women's perfumes.

Flood peony is emphasized by a lotus flower, citrus, navy blue and water notes. Pimo in the base makes the last projection hours bring to the smell of MyDeka.

The composition is light and clean, has a very mod, girl's face. Spring and summer is best done, because then it develops best.

Bright Crystal can wear what without any removal. It will be pulled and for elegant clothes, and for sports clothes for yoga.

7. Jo Malone Peony Blush Sede

Zanana peony, which completely steals my heart

When I find out that Jo Malone offers perfumes in its offer, which often two fragrance notes close to my heart, I can't stop my mind about them.

Long months of expectations (in 2013 the brand was not so popular in Poland) will bring the expected result - I fall in love.

This koloska water was created with my mistakes about women who, like me, have two souls. One of them STPA firmly on the ground and constantly calculates, the other deals with dreams and flying in the clouds.

The irreput Christine Nagel has the smell of peonies with a sharp suede and she has an apple. The soda and the country is mixed with bitterness and raw.

Although each of these notes are exploited to the limits by perfume producers, in this composition it creates cao unique.

May minis for the fact that the peony disappears at some point, and we stay with suede bases. After all, for a long time, it smells as if tomorrow miao would not.

8. Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum

All the peony faces in perfumes

This smell is absolutely unique. It is inspired by an iconic, floral model of the Gucci fashion house. Perfumes often many contrasts, so fit women with classic and modern style.

The composition of the flora was built around the Osmantus duo and peonies. Fragrance notes comrade citrus, ra, ditches pepper, zander and patchouli.

However, I admit that this does not matter, because on Skra Flora by Gucci there is a peony. The smell shows all her faces - from the green punch, heated in the summer socket of the Patkw, and to the autumn bouquet of dry flowers.

The composition has a timeless character. On the one hand, it is directed to women's models, but basically it smells great at all from 5 to 105 years old.

If I had to be able to fly on a perfume map, I describe her as Pogodn, older sister Daisy from March Jacobs.

9. Estee Lauder Pleasures

Peony in a bouquet of lily of the valley, lilac, Jamin ...

Perfumes such as Esteee Lauder Pleasures always amazes me. How is it possible that who creates the smell in 1995, which after more than 20 years is still current? More - I like women extremely and sells better than Zoto?

I have a theory that perfumes that perfectly give the smell of nature to always in fashion and never pass.

Pleasures is masterfully playing more fragrance notes of flowers in a proficient symphony. The first act is a lot of greenery, the second introduces a trio of peonies, loses and lily of the valley on the scenes, the third calms down the pimous bases.

With these perfumes you certainly cannot be bored, the next hours bring hundreds of new fragrances.

Pleasures is a perfume for modern women who are not afraid of new and challenging. If in addition, you love the spring and you constantly come back to it with misleads, these perfumes will make this type of visualizations and cessation to the weather.

10. Prada Candy Florale

Sodka peony dressed in pastels

Let me, before I tell you about these perfumes, starting with revealing: I love sodium fragrances, but realize that most of them smell childish and cheap.

The floral perfume of popular fashion houses is not better. Apart from a few outputs, borne and interference!

When the Prbka Prada Candy Florale, Flanker from the Prada Candy line, took me, it took me some time to smell her smell.

It turned out that this perfume has everything that Dorosa needs, an elegant woman, to get over the earth on the fragrance cloud of soda. This is an exchanged dessert for adults served in the charming trarattoria in Milan.

And so you sit surrounded by all sides of peonies, and before you have sodk lemon (sorbet? Limoncello?), Miss's notes (she is honey-caramel-prepayment), and finally a little mundane pima to stop this sodki sha.

If you get over it, he will think that he must look heaven, be sure to ask Prada Candy Florale.

What perfumes with the smell of peonies be the best for you?


Women's fragrances with peonies and fruit are light, casual and very visiting. The flower is best or s into a sodium lychee, juicy raspberry, watery melon, and all citrus of the world.

It's the perfect perfume on children, especially spring and summer. You can wear them on Pla, but also to work. I love them most universal. Remove the charm of a woman - not very from age.


Exotic rolls, spicy spices, the craziest pepper from peonies give the effect of a sodium-bitter kpiela.

Such perfumes are usually gste and rich in aromas. Certainly they are not unambiguous. Perfectly fit into the character of decisive women or in the age of mature.


Flowers, always be loud with flowers. That's why you don't start such. They doce them and rnorodno, notice the nuances and use them when choosing perfumes for the season.

It is best to support the peonies, but also Jamin, lily, the flower will be afraid, lily of the valley and without falling out perfectly.


Wood fragrances with peonies remind me of dry wine. They have luxury, distance, style and romanticism. Do not give up them just because it sounds ascetic and mysterious. Let them lead them.


Peony appears in Sodkie Gourmand perfumes. Her companion then edible fragrance notes, such as caramel, chocolate, cotton candy or pralines. The flower adds slightly to such perfumes and inhibits excessive dose of blood sugar.

History of peonies in perfumes

Astrologists from ancient Greece claimed that there was one between the cosmos and the Earth's materials. They created vertical acuchs, which are boring and stars with the earthly shrine: animals, rolls and Czowiek.

The peony would be improperly resolved with the book. The planting from the prince's phase, the flower was stained, which would give people courage and secret.

Peony is one of the most famous flowers, used for the production of perfumes. It is appreciated by its delicate aroma.

From the very heart of nature, however, it is difficult to capture it and that he will use it in perfumes, he should be reproduced in a laboratory from other raw materials. That is why a peony is used in high standards perfumery.

Is the smell of peony you can do it? Simply simplify - yes, to ry. But is it worth a porridge so unique. If the peony were r, it would have in her lily, the odd of juicy rolin and morning dew.

Peony is great or with different fragrance notes - fruit, other flowers, spices and even soda. At the same time, it creates an exceptional smell, which you can emphasize your removal.

That is why I am convinced that the perfume from the peonies that I exchange in the ranking, you will find the one and you will not replace them with any other.

The most popular brands