Ambra gives perfumes a sodium and sensitive smell. This is one of the most often used notes in perfumery, you will find JW perfumes of the best brands - Hermes, Tom Ford or Estee Lauder. Let's look at the 10 best perfumes with AMBR.

Warm and Gbia - Ambraga chord is the fragrance equivalent of music created by Sade. It is like a relaxation jazz in the tower of perfume, with which I can easily rest. AMBR perfume is always a guarantee of pleasant urbe.

Her smell is particularly liked because of the GBI and SI. It is often if he would receive soda and earthy effect. It is great whether those with flowers and fruits, which is a good news for all OSB, which is given by its oriental character.

In this article you will discover all secrets enclosed in the 10 most beautiful perfumes with AMBR .

The best perfume with AMBR Women's and UNISEX

1. Christian Dior Ambre Nuit (La Collection Privee)

The best AMBR natural perfume for women and mines

Ambre Nuit called the story of Pikna and the beast of tolds with a fragrance. The animalistic perfume of the naturalist of the natural ambry from the delicacies of the Damascus Patkw. With the addition of smoky kadzide with a sodium aroma, the smell becomes extremely sexy.

Personally, everything in Ambre Nuit brings to me to My Argentian tango - starting from the rhythm of the notch sequences, through the fire, and to the powerful advent of the senses, which he pushes on the limit on the boundaries set by good taste and elegance, but ultimately does not exceed it.

This is one of the most beautiful perfumes I had on my Skra.

2. Hermes L'Ambre des Merveilles

Sodkie women's perfumes with AMBR and vanilla

The smell of Lambre des Merveilles, you will be surprised to discover that it has been moved to the only autumn family.

Perfumes are Vitliste. Hill a woody, ambbral and vanilla fragrance, which, however, does not fall into excessive soda. With your eyes, you will see the warm Soca rays stuffed in the crimson crowns of trees.

Lambre des Merveilles has this unusual elegance, which is characteristic of most woody perfumes. This is a good chosen for what and for the evening.

3. Van Cleef Arpels Ambre Imperial

Ambra's balsamic smell served on a powder base

It happens that the perfume with AMBR S very similar to each other, but there are those who are your courage and originality to set new trails. Ambre Imperial certainly belongs to the latter group.

The opening of the composition is river, bitter baking notes of bergamota is started with a sparkling pepper. In the heart, Ambre Imperial combines the balsamic smell of Ambra with powders Mikkoci vanilla and beans tonka. The wooden base is gsta, smoke and absolutely hypnotizing.

Ambre Imperial smells. I am not surprised that these sensual perfumes gathered around them, faithful fans who have a mioci absolute.

4. Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114

Niche perfumes that AMBR treat in Krlewsk

You jump to the pool. You give a dive in the water of Pynny Carmel, and after the output your skra is covered with light, zot mgek. Ambre perfume 114 May the smell of Ambra, one of the most cream and aromatic that I was able to do.

Their gboki, the zoony smell is at the same time soda and sony, gsty and transparent. It blends in great in Skr.

Some may consider this fragrance as' ripe ". You really need patience and imagination to freely use these perfumes, but this is the greatest plus of many niche perfumes.

5. Esteee Lauder Amber Mystique

GSTE Women's Perfume, which give the spirit of the orient

From time to time it is good to abandon the inhibitions. For this purpose, chocolate desserts were invented, Byszczce Blood Red Shrow Clothes and films Federico Fellini. In my opinion, the wild of your baroque wakes up, in the letter you also enter the perfume of Amber Mystique.

There is no impression on me will make a precise craftsmanship of Esteee Lauder, who successfully grip the intensity of the orient atmosphere.

The composition begins with a note of blackcurrant and raspberry nectar, but to the dark nature of the fragrance begins to the fore with the notes of the hypnotizing ambry, kadzide and agar wood.

If you are looking for a perfume from AMBR, which clogs your breath - here they are!

6. Chanel Coco Eau de Parfum

The most classic perfumes with Ambra's smell

Coco's richness intensifies the character of Gabrielle Chanel and her swallowing baroque. This water perfumed from the countries becomes more mysterious and intriguer.

Ambra in these perfumes is total. Seiced with flakes, coriander and bean tonk sounds to the rhythm of the melody of the orient. A warm shawl is surrounded by vanilla, peach and civet, and the delivery blooms.

Coco, maa black, red lipstick and world lipstick at your STP.

7. Thierry Mugler Alien Essence Absolute

A unique fragrance with AMBR, Jamin and Vanilla

Mark Thierry Mugler I love that he is not afraid of experimental, if it comes to strokes and flancles. Alien Essence Absolute perfume is an oriental variant of a known recipe, which focuses on the warm notes of Ambra, fluffy vanilla and cream Jamin.

If the original composition of Alien does not like you, it is worth giving Essence Absley a chance. This is a beautiful, balsamic composition that has artistry and the unique spirit of the Mugler product.

8. Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme

Ambra in these perfumes is a real tempting

Wiatr Noir, to which the NOIR Pour Femme product line is referred to by Tom Ford, it is actually a waters and sex ... similar to the one from the music video to 'Beautiful Liar' Beyonce and Shakiry.

Noir Mona describes as a dessert-oriental smell. His heart is a cloud, a woody wood surrounded by notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate and Ambra's sensitive.

As a result, we get GSTE and sodium perfumes that can bring the association of a black, silk dress where elegance and glam rock.

9. Yves Saint Laurent Opium

AMBR fragrance that leads to euphoria

Little perfumes better reflect the spirit of seduction, temptation, flirting, sex, wild stuffing, mystery and internal siy.

The composition or smell of Ambra, Mirrir and Patchouli with flowers, citrus and vanilla. There is a calf, acute and hellishly continues.

This is a great perfume, driedly considered a forehead representative of oriental fragrances created by Western brands. It is a reference point for other perfumes from this family.

10. Calvin Klein Reveal

Fragrance notes of salt make this amber intimate

Reveal is a gorce western soca enclosed in a bottle. Saltty notes of salt bring to the image of the coastal breeze, and the Cashmeran is a warm cashmere shawl. Ambra in these perfumes is like warm Soca rays, which Apczynie SKR.

After using Reveal, Mona wonders about the real nature of these perfumes. Is it a smell from a water family? Floral? Oriental? And maybe a bit of all? Kade perfume, which forces us to put us, asks us, they are worth attention.

What is Ambra?

Ambra is a gastrointestinal gastrointestinal discharge that it excretes in the open sea. It is used as a perfume liner, and in some cultures as a herb or aphrodisiac.

Under the influence of water, air and Soca, Ambra gradually turns the color (from criminous to white or mirror), consistency (from Mikka and wax to harde and fragile) and a fragrance (from reminiscent of sodium and balsamic droppings). Ambra matures in the ocean water about 20-30 years and only after this time it can be used in the production of perfumes ( more information you will find here )

Most often, it is located in the Plad of Soviet America, India, Australia and New Zealand, and the flared wagons from 15 grams to 50 kilograms. I will only add that one kilo of white Ambra costs $ 20,000, and the amber of Ambra is the price.

Ambra is also known as Ambergris, Gray Ambra and Anbar. This is an extraordinary raw material that has been left for humanity for centuries. He was given a mythical importance and origin.

For example, it was believed that there is a dragon lines and acts as an aphrodisiac and heals some ailments. Over time, the first theory was overthrown, but the second and third are still very popular in many Eastern cultures.

How does Ambra smell like?

Ambra's maturea has a woody, sea and earthy smell at the same time. It smells animal, which may resemble the start of Pima's aroma and camphor. Amber smells like droppings.

In the amber perfumes of animal origin, it was used as a fixing family. Due to the sperm whale protection, it is currently replaced by synthetic substitutes and will rarely meet in natural form.

The most often Ambragic perfumes often her soda and a balsamic smell with notes of vanilla, flowers and spices. That is why it is described as warm and sodium. Leave an unforgettable impression of your senses and seduction.

Who is the best perfume for AMBR s?

Usually perfumes with AMBR expressive notes, besides, intense and unearthly durable. They are also taken up exotic and are most often described as oriental perfumes flooded with socem.

In no case, it will not remain in the shade, which is why it works best for women with passions, a claw and heavily.

So if you have an extrovert, you like perfumes with sodium and a gourmet and you look positively at the world, fragrances with Amb S created for you!

Ambra's history in perfumery

AMBR has been used in perfumery at the beginning of the twentieth century to relax perfumes for women.

Things will take a new Obrt in 1925, when Jacques Guerlain creates his unforgettable smell - Shalimar. Many OSB believe that these are the first and best perfumes from AMBR in history.

Without how to put the classic to this classic, we can not forget that he would like a road to many compositions, which are still very popular - Chocyby Opium, Angel, or the noble Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan.

If I could choose only one notes of fragrances, which makes the perfumes to be silly sensual and seductive, it would be an Ambra. I love her smell, because she is always in a good tone - although it is intense, she never shows too much.

Which perfume from AMRA belongs to your favorites? Share your opinion in the commentary.

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