Do you want women's perfumes with the smell of lily of the valley? Many compositions include T notes, but in this ranking I can be the most beautiful.

When I am wrong about the lily -of -valon perfumes in my mind Christian dior diorissimo , Estee lauder pleasures and guerlain idylle . Preparing this ranking, I notice how to find other perfumes that can be noted.

The lily of the valley perfumes are delicate and very feminine. This is a beautiful note with a green, watery character. Of us, looking at these small bells, he does not even notice that their smell is struggling for the streak of earthy mystery and raw spicy.

When I browse pki perfumery and perfume rankings on other blogs, I don't find much information about the fragrances from lily of the valley. That is why I decide to look more broadly with this niche and create a letter of the 10 most beautiful perfumes from lily of the valley.

The best perfume with the smell of lily of the valley

1. Christian Dior Diorissimo

The most beautiful perfumes with the smell of lily of the valley

Diorissimo is a lily of the valley classic. Created in the 1950s by an outstanding perfumer Edmund Roudnitsk, it will be resumed in 2009 in the where the Les Creations de Monsieur Dior collection.

Lily of the valley was Christian Dior's favorite flower. To the extent that it sews the gas -flowered white flowers into the lining of their creations.

Diorissimo continues the brand's traditions. This is the timeless elegance of La Dior and a beautiful example of the best perfumery. His energy literally jumps out of the bottle.

As one of the few perfumes, he can put me on various legs and change into real ladies in rkawiczki. This is a timeless fragrance that, despite its years, does not smell older.

Take a gentle and transparent diorissimo, the perfume has great power and great power, which is another confirmation of the Roudnitian genius.

The composition contains fragrance notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, Jamin, lily, zander and civet. Its smell from beginning to the blanket smells like a real lily of the valley.

This is the most beautiful lily of the valley in perfumes. It is sharp and very green. In a time with lilac and Jamin, it smells like a bouquet of lily of the valley.

If you really love lily of the valley and you like history perfumes, Diorissimo is a position for you!

2. Guerlain idylle

The smell of lily of the valley and freesia for the tip of the year

This is the first fragrance created by Thierry Wasser for the Guerlain brand. He has a romantic, feminine and extremely joyn Aur.

Idylle is a bouquet of many flowers and fruit. It smells perfectly on a May date, at work and during a lazy Saturday from the book.

It was built in a common style and is dominated by fragrance notes of lily of the valley, patchouli, ry and pima.

While the postal sensation is bright and you have, and the notes of the fruit provide a juicy taste, the composition has enough GBI to like even demanding recipients.

It develops, playing the late notes of raspberries and the lychee from Freesj IR, then gently moves to the lily of the valley, yamin, lilac and peonies.

In the base you will find the intimate warm patchouli and Mikki, children of Pima.

I admit that Jamin in my heart is one of the most beautiful present to this flower I ever go!

Cao stays on Skra through the whole, and each note hits their note at the right moment. It is a great perfume with the smell of lily of the valley.

It's one of the few that you can wear in warm and cold days.

3. Estee lauder pleasures

Ice lily of the valley for the summer

When I test Pleasures for the first time, I was disappointed. I mistaken that these are one of these boring, floral perfumes that use my aunt.

Prbka pushed Gboko in a drawer with a million others. During cleaning, I discover her again and give them one more chances.

In fact, it is a very cute smell that fits the opportunity. It brings Spokj and Harmony, especially during warm days.

Pleasures in an unusual way or May chords of lily of the valley, seasoning them in the notes with red jagd extract and ditched pepper.

As a result, we get atwe to wear a perfume with the smell of lily of the valley for what. Bringing the ice and a pleasant, slightly metallic smell.

The face of Pleasures is Gwyneth Paltrow, which the delicate beauty of the girl from the school perfectly reflects the character of the smell.

These perfumes will be suitable for you, if you are looking for a modern lily of the valley, which does not live.

4. Issey Miyake Leau Dissey

Elegance with the smell of lily of the valley with

L'Eau d'Issey is a removal start of flowers, fruit and woody notes. A rich bouquet contains lily of the valley, frezjj, lila, lotus flower, tuberoz, pearls and impressive, right?

I admit that I love this perfume. He has great crystalline cunnings in itself. The intense melon note makes it like flaps of flowers immersed in crystal clear water.

The composition is these doses of daily elegance. Sandy tree and cedar in the PCA database is sensitive and very natural. They make Cao more sophisticated than other floral perfumes.

You will look like a dwarit even in a cut white t-shirt and denim shorts.

You can use these perfumes with the smell of lily of the valley in the evening and in the evening. Fit the spring, summer and early autumn.

You get them to a cocktail dress for taking in the garden, evening rumors with friends in tracksuits and randk in a romantic pub.

5. Miu Miu Miu Miu

Modern perfumes with the smell of lily of the valley

Miu Miu is the most modern lily of the valley on this lithium. The brand is worshiped by the Prada Group group, which currently creates one of the best perfumes in Bran. Always natural, always lasting.

The fragrance was created in 2023 by Daniel Andrier and if I had to define it in one Sow, it would be uncomfortable herb.

This is one of those perfumes that you like it. S perfectly listed - not very sharp, not very sodium, not very floral.

The lily of the valley was rested with green notes, pim and akigalawood (woody notes that were deprived of the smell of disappointment - plants, rot, mushrooms).

It is charming, correct and perfectly on the Skra.

Who will this lily of the valley be the most? To a woman! Without age, Zawd, life style.

6. Amouage Honor

Perfumes telling Miosn History

Honor is a composition inspired by Opera Madame Butterfly, which talks about the Mioci Miocie geisha Cio-Cio-san to Benjamin Franklin Pinklin-an American officer staying in Japan.

While the woman is devoted to Mioci, the Mczyzna treats this range in the form of a fleeting adventure and leaving the country, and with him girls and their newborn child.

Although the family and friends of Cio-Cio-san try to take on the adapter of the prince Yamadori, the girl is faithful to the American. After 3 years, he returns to Japan with his American he.

The Cio-Cio-san discovers the true attitude of his beloved to their miocia and takes his father's dagger with an inscription: let him die with the fate who will not allow Yz Honor.

If you are wondering how Honor smells like, you tell you, ES is a perfume for absolute fans of white flowers. Gardenia, jamin, tuberose and lily of the valley are intertwined with the notes of racarbar and acute pepper.

Just like Opera Madame Butterfly, so great floral compositions are not liked by everyone - you either love them, or you can't get them away.

However, if you like emotional perfumes with a vintage lily of the valley, Honour will delight you with a great fragrance spectacle of white flowers.

7. Christian Dior Jadore

Lily of the valley with Jamin Iri Ylang Ylang

Jadore, despite its almost 20 years, is still one of the most popular floral fragrances in the world. There is a state of such a state of affairs - there is no second such universal composition.

Dior as a building material for the smell lists ylang ylang, R Damascus and Jamin large.

Apart from these notes, we will also feel lily of the valley, the flower will be afraid, melon, pear, pimo, tuberoz and magnoli.

J'adore is sharp and clean with a watery breath of a juicy melon and lily of the valley. Although it is not a gwn of fragrances, it remains a noticeable ruling.

So if you want a perfume that is not a valuable lily of the valley, Jadore is one of the best choices.

I usually avoid such a torn, but Jadore is strongly associated with a tan blonde, which probably goes through the streets of the city at the end of the warm August.

She is wearing a thin shirts and jeans, and on her face you see Spokj and Harmony.

Although it looks like a million dollars, it is difficult to say whether Opali Si on a crazy vacation while camping with friends in Masuria, or you can have a vacation in the most fashionable hotel in Pospadano.

8. Molinard Muguet

Old style women's lily of the valley perfume

If lily of the valley is associated with oldomodn, prudish elegance, the one from Molinard is the quintessence of this image. These perfumes can be worn both by women and marshes.

Molinard is a niche brand, a well -known to fans of French perfumes. The history of this family company SIGA 1849 and drinking generations of great perfumers.

Currently, for the first time at the helm is a woman - Celia Lerouge -Benard, and the compositions are very natural under her direction.

Muguet was created in this spirit. Composition or oster lily of the valley, soda without, lotus, ri jamin. Immediately after the application, it resembles diorissimo, but later it goes more raw and a bit msk.

If you like it smells great, but in the old style, give a chance to muguet. This fragrance will make you receive a strong person who always stpa firmly on the ground.

9. Donna Karan Dkny Be Delicious

A pleasant smell of lily of the valley for what work

Be Delicious is simply a fruity, soda fragrance with the addition of flowers. This is one of the most popular perfumes in the spring and summer. The vile smell works in the case of most occasions and he really likes.

It was built with a green apple, garden and magnoli in hobes.

Tuberose, lily of the valley, Ra and Fioki give sodas, a powder touch of a classic floral heart. The delicious soda of Ambra and zander trees is caught.

This fragrance first of all shows how pleasantly the delightful smell of lily of the valley in a modern and carefree way.

With the help of sodest floral chords and firing fruit Be Delicious Nuta after the note introduces us to the atmosphere of fun. Perfumes collect very good women's opinions in women!

10. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Sentimental women's perfumes at a low price

For many women and for me, these 5th Avenue is sentimental perfumes. Fatty that many important women in my life are wearing them, they would be one of the first perfumes I know. Belong to my mother.

BDC, a few -year -old girl, I really want to be like her - I often steal her cosmetics and tune in her scarves. 5th Avenue Stay on PCE and were the tastiest forbidden fruit of all.

Using them after years in my opinion is still a great perfume. In opening, mix the smell of flowers with light notes of citrus.

Further in the notes of the heart, go to the spicy, oriental chords, which can be a conventional marakech in the center of Warsaw.

Before we get to the Pima Base, pass for many hours. However, when we find ourselves in it, we will welcome us Pimo surrounded by zander and rich vanilla.

This fragrance smells good on all women, on each Skra differently. Without your age, it remains very elegant and modest, and at the same time, and flower and floral.

Lily of the valley, signature of the perfumery master

Flower perfumes, like people, have a personality. Those from lily of the valley have a particular face. Some are mixture and quiet, while others affect our senses as intensively as the new Narcos season.

The use of lily of the valley requires great skills from perfumers. Her smell is both romantic, cheerful and innocent. It adds a composition a characteristic spring accent of Wieoca.

The use of lily of the valley in perfumery

The lily of the valley is popular and the spring covers the due spaces of lasw. And yet her use in perfumery is problematic.

Although its cultivation in the greenhouse is atwa, and the piflines flowers are very intensively, because of their fragrance, it does not have good efficiency.

Early distillation of water pairs, boring, as well as extracting with volatile solvents will not allow all the fragrances of the lily of the valley.

While over the age of age, the distillers have taken out essential oil from the lily of the valley, its production is complicated and very expensive, because it requires a significant amount of flowers.

So this fragrance note in perfumes is usually synthetic. The smell of lily of the valley reproduces the fragrance called hydroxycitronellal.

The smell of lily of the valley in a couple with other notes

Although the smell of lily of the valley is valued and used in perfumery since the 16th century, it is used for sponge.

In the case of inappropriate dosing, its smell may become too strong and mastered the composition.

Unlike ry or lavender, it is very rare for lily of the valley to be presented in its pure form. Usually it is generally related to other fragrances.

Like most flower chords, there is usually a heart note in fragrance compositions. Her green and villain is a goodly good smell with milling, Jamin, ri iris, as well as green apple and licorice.

Women's perfumes with the smell of lily of the valley can be classic or modern. They can broadcast a ruler in summer or wrapped in a pleasant shawl of autumn and winter.

You have nothing else to do but choose your favorite perfume from lily of the valley and enjoy their spikes.

The most popular brands