Women's perfumes with PIM do not rarely - his animals and sensual character allows extraordinary notes from other notes. However, the perfume that focuses on the piima. You will find them in this ranking.

This is one of those notes that smells like the other Skra, only better. The most interesting is that Pima's smell settle in the Skra of us in a different way.

This means that the same perfume may smell extremely different on other people.

I admit that the chosen perfume with the smell of Pima by Ciki. After all, I score Krg's orders to the absolutely the best.

Prada Candy Kiss , Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Cartier La Panthere are in Czowce. However, you will find these niche, delicate, intense, luxurious perfumes and the most important price.

Pimo in perfumes

Centuries ago, our ancestors discovered that the secretions of the Siberian Pimowiec glands formed a intoxicant smell like an aphrodisiac .

Fascinated by his smell, Alexander the Great will bring Pimo from China to Europe, where for centuries he is very successful. Unfortunately, the mass causes of these poor, small deer.

In 1926, Lavoslavow Ruzicki will create a synthetic fragrance of Pima - Muskon , wild wildmower in large quantities.

Finally, in 1979 WWF forbidden to sell this valuable substance.

Since then, in perfumery, Mona only uses synthetic Pima . They are crazy with our senses with their woody, animal fragrance.

However, it should be remembered that the production of natural Pima is still practiced.

Wild seeds of the wounded piimian or the roots of some varieties of Dzigle Lithuanora It is possible to get slightly pimous fragrances reminiscent of the original smell obtained from animals.

Natural PIMO is used in folk medicine for example in Russia.

Russians prepare a tincture (I play pima for a liter of widki), which is treated with anemia, unnecessary, depression, kidney and wrapping.

How does pimo smell

In its natural form , PIMO smells pushing - like an antelope in the zoo. This is not only the smell of animals, but his excrement.

However, in the form of perfumes with natural essence of Pimow (with a stem 3-5%) it smells of scratching and very sensual.

Acquiring a synthetic Pima is of course more complicated. Nevertheless, perfumers have at their disposal, the spacious groups of flies imitating its smell.

The staff can, to the extent, determine the adjectives: balsamic , sensual wrapping , clean , sodium-construction .

How to choose a perfume with pim

Perfumes with PIM s most often closed in beautiful Beu, Ru and Zota bottles, which gives a zero impression of slightly and the delicacy of their smell. Nothing could be more wrong.

Yes, Pimo is shameless, but it certainly is not light and is not delicate. He is one of a kind and likes he pays comments.

Because it is good or with different families of fragrances, you will definitely find the right fragrance for you . Find notes that you like in other perfumes and add Pima to them.

The best perfume with PIM

1. Prada Candy Kiss

The best women's perfume with pim

Candy Kiss from Prada is the most Pim perfume. This nutzaphia is the main hero of the whole projection - from the head to base.

Reveal the unique charm of the composition, which is at the same time Lena, the animal and the body.

The pimowa note of the heart has been decorated with a flower, which gives a whole more floral and powder smell. The base surprises vanilla soda, absolutely great and cozy.

The perfume continued is simply an amazing - on my Skra S felt even after the shower.

For me it is a great smell for cold days during the autumn and winter splashes.

2. Narciso Rodriguez for Her

Pimo with a flower

For Her is a debut of the Narciso Rodriguez brand in the perfume. The debut of amazement, because the two opposite poles: sexual mature and girl innocent.

It is a fragrance inspired by Egyptian Pim, worn by Narciso Rodriguez as a talisman. The SKR is surrounded by the transparency of the flower with the bitter smell of Osmanthtus.

Ambra's body covers the balsamic composition of poins, which makes it more sonic. Energetic vetocy adds and spice.

Everything is elegant and fussy. For Her is like a second skin. Pimo is real caresses, in this version he knows more than sodk.

3. Cartier La Panthere


Women's perfumes la panthere are the jewel as possible. Their reversed and the unique smell is emphasized by the luxury bottle, which is symbolized by feminine. Cartier can see almost the incarnation of female individualism in Panther.

The game of the composition is a fruity-green mix in the form of molekuy of Styrallil acetate, which smells like rhubarb, strawberries, dried fruit, apples and nuances of apricot.

The heart is dominated by Gardeni. As a dull flower of this composition, it is designed to harm Msko Crocry perfumes.

However, the most peculiar in La Panthere is Pimo and Dbowy moss - these fragrance notes create a unique heart of Panther.

4. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo

Perfume with Pim and Vanilla

Creating Flower by Kenzo, Alberto Morillas Zoy Hod modern.

The leitmotif is the poppy, which not only gets a smell, but also also enters the canon of the best perfume for women.

The harmony of composition was built around three chords. The first is a bouquet of flowers from Bugarsk, a powdery fioc and wild gog.

The second one is more creamy and bodies. or vanila sodk from the cleanness of the white Pim and Opoponax. In the Flower by Base Kenzo discovers the last fragrance notes of aromatic Kadzid.

This is great women's perfumes for all seasons. S elegant and very independent. Their minimalism will be belt back to Owkowa SPNnica, as well as the screened Ramones.

5. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

Biae Pimo from Gardenia and Cedrem

Narciso Rodriguez is a Pima master. 99% of his composition was built around this note.

Narciso perfumed water closed in a bottle lasts in this tendency, but also offers 'what' another.

It is still minimalism, still a timeless elegance, but this time enriched with Gardeni and Bia.

Biae Pimo is ubiquitous and very wrapped here. It may resemble rite, a sweater is poured on silk shirts.

Thanks to wood chords, over time this white becomes warmer.

The duration of the perfume with PIM suggests attention. Perfumes stay on Skra from morning to the night.

Their projection is initially intense, with time it stays clogged.

6. Montale Roses Musk

Pimo zri jamin

Montale is a niche brand of perfume, created by the mysterious Pierre Montale, which will go to Dwr Krlewski during his podra, where in Zaktki Arabia. There he learns, he mixes fragrance notes and creates compositions.

Roses Musk is one of the most popular fragrances of the brand. Wiea and aromatic Ra were abrupt with the harsh Pim and Mikki Jamin.

Ra is very knowing. It resembles a whole gorge of red flowers sprinkled with warm rain.

Pimo adds her senses and mystery, and Jamin makes that Cao is creamy, wrapping and even more intense.

This is really very feminine niche perfumes, they are very gone. The tail of these perfumes for the output of the room. This is a great smell that is in the autumn and winter season.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

Pimo with flowers and paczul

Lovely's perfume, whose face is Sarah Jessica Parker, s perek in celebrity perfumes! This is a pleasant composition with a high quality and fantastic price.

Pimo in the perfumes was presented from a beetle, more recessing side. Lavender, which is calming and clean, is strongly noticeable.

The peen orchid bouquet adds slightly, and the aromatic wood notes.

Cao is seasoned with pepper and salt, which once wake in the nose, and once a creamy aroma.

Lovely like a woman and a belt for a team. If you are looking for a delicate perfume from Pima fragrances, ask for these.

8. Cacharel Noa

Pimo from Lili, Peony and Freesj

Noa is a pure and radiant smell, but its clearly does not make it less sweaty. The whole composition is based on sodium and coquetry of white pim.

On this basis, the great peonies, which reveal its milk character and pepper aroma, reinforced coriander. Green adds a bouquet of freesia, lily and lily of the valley.

Noa is remote by the start of these turns, the widrucic notes with the smell of coffee beans, zander trees and incense.

Noa is the smell of nausea. He exudes the output of pureness and resembles an Angio. The fragrance has souls that can only create the largest perfumers.

9. Pierre Balmain Extatic Gold Musk

Sensual perfume with pim and zander tree

Extatic Gold Musk is a hellishly sensitive women's perfumes. The hint note is a sparkling, but a bit chemical lemonade. Although it is not too sodka, it does not smell best.

However, after 10 minutes this beautiful, creamy fragrance note appears, which you will want to stop on your Skra forever.

The composition is strongly associated with the smell of ka immediately after waking up - there is the aroma of the cleaning of the white Pim and Gardenia, there is the smell of the hot scrach and the rye soda chief.

Gold Musk will appeal to women who like feisty, but those intimate fragrances who stick close to Skra.

10. Tesori Doriente White Musk

Pimo with powder notes and aldehydes

White Musk from Tesori Doriente is perfumed water for 50 zotych, which shows you what Pimowa is purely. It's a very pleasant, minimalist fragrance.

The opening appears gently to the Aldehyd widrus and a bouquet of white flowers and pimo in this composition is somewhat powder.

I associate White Musk with the smell of Skra after a shower, when instead of an elu in the shower I use natural soap.

Women's perfume with pim can be more or less ywio or zoone. So it will be suitable for women with very different fragrances. All you have to do is choose the ones that are best for you.

The most popular brands