Bergamot essential oil is one of the most common liapts in the perfumery. That is why it is worth how the bergamot smells like and why it is so popular.

Bergamot is the fruit of a tropical roller of the citrus family, which has the same names and appears in the region of the Rzdziem Sea. In terms of size, the fruit resembles the wilderness, but its color is you or lime, depending on whether it is mature or not yet.

Bergamot has a distinct smell and taste. Misz tastes like a bergamot like it smells - it is tart, quench and sharp. Bergamot's skrka is very aromatic and this is obtained from it.

Bergamot oil is used to create perfumes, colosite water, fragrances and earl gray tea, which wild bergamot gains its characteristic taste and aroma.

How does a bergamot smell like?

Thanks to its citrus fragrance and the expressive, spicy-flower note, the bergamot smells really out.

If you can imagine that you are entering the citrus grove in Woch, you will feel a substitute for the magic smell of bergamot.

There is a description a bit easier to imagine, especially for OSB, which Earl Gray tea. If you are one of them, the sodki smell of bergamot is not alien to you, because bergamot oil is responsible for its extraordinary aroma and taste.

Bergamot origin

Bergamot's signs come from Soviet Asia, but now it is growing in the Calabria region in Woch. It is there that over 80% of the global crop cultivation takes place. This fruit can be found in the poudna of France and on the coast of Sonia.

Interesting fact : there are rne theories about how bergamot takes your name. One says that it will receive it from the wax city of Bergamo, where the oil made of it was sold for the first time. Another that comes from the Turkish phrase Bey Armud, a significant priest of pears.

Bergamot essential oil is squeezed cold from fruit skr. When the bergamot fruit ripens, it changes color to you. Its taste is often described as a starting of scales and grapefruit.

Bergamot in perfumery

The fashion for Bergamot in perfumery appears for the first time in the 16th century during the reign of the French Kings of SOCE, Louis XIV. Thanks to the notes of fragrances, contain women's and mskie perfumes, popular and niche.

The fragrance of the fruit lies in its Skrce, and it comes out through the distillation of water pairs . 100 grams of essential oil are needed to produce 100 grams of essential oil.

In the unpaid Polish book The Diary of A Nose , perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena shares his washings after a visit to the Bergamot Gajach in Messina.

Revelation that production usually lasts from Padziernik to February. Bergamotes collected in Padziernik have a linaralol on the fire, in February this trend is replaced by increased linalili acetate.

This means that the first flower bergamots , and sometimes their smell becomes more . These types of technical details are crucial for each perfume.

Bergamot perfumes

Zoons, the dynamic smell of bergamot , makes the essential oil from this fruit extremely valued in perfumery. Great or with many other fragrances. Fantastic supports with Ni Jamin, wire, zander tree, ylang ylang, biae pimo and dbowy moss.

Bergamot notes contain the most popular women's perfumes - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle ( review ), Calvin Klein Obsession - and perfumes Mskie Christian Dior Sauvage ( review ) and Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio .

I will mention those who give her a bit more places in the composition (all three fragrances are unisex - can be worn by women and marshes).

This citrus and atwa to wear toilet water boils. This is one of the perfume pillars of the Blu Mediterraneo line, is inspired by the smell of the iconic wax region of Calabria.

This fragrance is both woody and aromatic. The dose of bergamot seasoned with lemon is the opening of the chord of those perfumes, for which it will give a note of heart in the form of purple alpinia and cedar wood. On the other hand, benzo, vetocy and pimo are on the base notes.

2. Hermes Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Eau de Toilette

This classic toilet water with the smell of citrus was created in 2023. Jean-Claude Ellena begins to create this composition with the image of the Harmony Garden in which he is known (contrary to the name, no Monsieur Li was modeled on the garden).

Searching for inspiration, Ellena Podrowa after China, wrap the smells of wet stones, lush Jamin and Kumkwat, and developing its removal compositions. In her decent, among others, Liwki, Mita and Bamboo and the irrected Bergamota charm.

3. Byredo Palermo Eau de Parfum

Although the fragrance was named at the wax city, its remote character siga with the roots of the East.

Bergamot is located in the center and knows all the smells, while spicy notes, such as saffron, cashmere, skra and rare, take us to the time before the unification of Woch, when the red shirts of Garibaldi Galopoway through the region.

It is an eclectic and extremely interesting start of the region of the RzdzomaMozy and exotic Byzantium region today. It is definitely worth the prick in the evening.

Fragrance notes similar to bergamot

Bergamot is similar to other fragrances, such as petitgrain or neroli. Rica consists in the fact that the bergamot is more bitter and conservative than bright and energetic.

Nevertheless, if you like citrus perfumes for the summer, you will definitely like the bergamot.

Bergamot in aromatherapy

In the wax folk medicine, bergamot juice to be used to treat malaria, and ethereal oils were used to reduce the hot. Thanks to the oil is used not only in perfumes, but also in aromatherapy.

Currently such as limonen and Linalol make the inhaled bergamot oil have healing cotton pads. Here are only some of the advantages of using:

  • he agrees with the ailments
  • Reduces the feeling of anxiety and depression
  • Improves mood
  • Zwiuking Energa

Inhalation of bergamot oil can be increased by metabolism through the production of the production of hormones and digestive plants. Therefore, using it for aromatherapy should be preceded by a medical consultation (puppies if you are in a cut or feeding breasts).

There is no welfare that bergamot is a smell like a dream. Without whether you rub a drop of essential oil on your wrist, or spray yourself with bergamot perfumes, smell luxurious, wea and sodko. Not to mention that you can suddenly be in the poudnia woch and without breaking for the ticket.