Before you start looking for a specific smell, first check how good perfumes for personal and style of life. If you prepare well, another bottle can turn out to be the only one and become your fragrance signature - it will make others associate with it. It shows you step by step how to choose a perfume that will be best for you. It will take you a few minutes at most.

Step 1: solution

Choosing perfumes is not atwe. Often get the news with the question, "what perfumes do you suit me?". I create this test for this purpose. It is directed to women and marshes who do not yet know what fragrance groups they like the most or want to be a new thing.

Answer the questions and see what chords, fragrance notes and groups of fragrances fit you.

Step 2: See what your result means

When you know what fragrance families best suits you, you only have perfume chosen. By clicking the appropriate item from the list, you will develop its description.

Wood and Pim chords

Perfumes with a wood chord have a real GBI and often perceived as mysterious. From zander, through soda cedar oil, to birch fragrance notes - compositions ZT NUT S really different. Although it is often associated with mski fragrances or perfumes of UNISEX, there are ultra feminine perfumes - wrapped, warm and very magnetic. Wood can be combed with citrus chord, flowers, fruits and earthy dbowy moss and paczul, as well as SKR or tobacco. You will find a perfume that will interpret these fragrance notes.

Sensous is a very aromatic fragrance with a floral-wood aroma that resembles a sensual orient. In turn, Chanel Bleu de Chanel is a start of wood, citrus chords and aromatic spices.

Wood perfumes for moczes

  • Gowy Note : lemon skrka, bergamot, myth, wilderness
  • Heart note : lavender, pineapple, geranium, green notes
  • Base note : zander tree, cedar, amber tree, ISO E Super, tonka beans

Perfume with PIM SU DUO warmer and more flesh -colored. Their smell is where the aroma of pureness and the intimate smell of the hot Ciaa. This chord is also very popular - you can find it in the notes of the base of most fragrances. His animal character perfectly prevents other notes. Apparently, women are more impressed with Pimo, which is why he is attributed to the work of aphrodisiac. Two fragrances that you will find. Treat Pimo in Krlewsk - it is the theme of all stages of projection.

Candy Kiss is a slightly soda fragrance, very Miętanka and extremely subtle. Narciso Rodriguez is a Pima master, and his bleu noir or eats with aromatic cardamom.

PIM perfume for women

  • Gowy note : PIMO
  • Heart note : pimo, the flower will be afraid
  • Base note : vanilla, pimo

PIM perfume for moczes

  • Gowy Note : Muscatowo, cardamom
  • Heart note : pimo
  • Base note : heban, cedar, vetocy, amber

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Oudowe and Rane chords

A agar perfume (ouud) is cine and oriental, have amazing GBI. Essential oils are obtained from agar wooden wooden wood - the process of their extraction lasts more than ten years. It is usually worshiped by the base in the perfumes of Mskim, but it is more and more often in compositions for women. It is most often swallowed with citrus, flowers and even pralines and in the accident in the accident the smell of perfumes released from the tum and persists on the Skra for many hours.

Byredo Oud Immortel is a wonderful start of Oud with an aromatic chip. Gucci Intense Oud is a festival of the Oudu and the Square chord - AGAR is the theme, but next to it you will feel the notes of suede and incense.

Oudowe perfume unisex

  • Gowy note : Limoncello, Kadzido, Cardamon
  • Heart note : Oud, Patchouli, Papyrus, Brazilian Rane Tree
  • Base note : dbowy moss, tobacco

Oudowe perfume unisex

  • Fragrance note: Oud, Kadzido, Olibanum, wood notes, Skra, Amber

Perfumes with a chord wound are more delicate and you have. While the compositions for women are really very popular, in the case of Mona it will count them on the fingers of one Rki. This is strange, because the tradition of Ry in perfumes is Duga - its smell accompanies the Roman emperors who mocked her flapts. This chord accepts rne faces: it can be combined with other flowers, with earthly notes, animal and smoke wood.

It is difficult to say what the magical power of this flower is about, but one thing is certain: phenomenal ZRS perfumes. Chloe Eau de Parfum is elegance and class. When wearing it, even in tracksuits you will feel captivating. MANCERA AMBER ROSES is Ra Sodka - Zaok up with AMBR.

Rane perfume for women

  • Gowy note : Freesia, Load, Peony
  • Heart note : lily of the valley, magnolia, ra
  • Base note : cedar virginia, amber

Rane unisex perfume

  • Press note : Sicilian lemon
  • Heart note : ra, Indian jamin
  • Base note : Amber, Biae Pimo, Labdanum

Citrus chords

The perfume that belongs to the family of citrus fragrances, light, light and very energizing. If you like compositions that do not cite a good opportunity - these are an ideal choice in the spring and summer. Citrus perfumes can be more dry (these usually bergamot, grapefruit and earthy notes - dbowy, vetiweri), but the sodium (with mandarin, klementynk and sodk scale). This is usually the most popular perfume that you will find in the offer of each brand. I will choose my two favorite fragrances for you.

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic is a starting of sodium citrus from Basil. These perfumes PCs Naturally and wild seem joyful and radiant. Dior Homme Cologne is really output. Is Bergamot, mysterious notes of the grapefruit and pimo flower.

Citrus perfumes for women

  • Note of the guidance : ivy, green tea, flower will be afraid, the formation, bitter wise
  • Heart note : mandarin, chamomile, peony, basil
  • Base note : Ambra, zanda tree

Citrus perfumes for mish

  • Gowy note : bergamot
  • Heart note : grapefruita flower
  • Base note : pimo

Warm chords and gourmand

Warm and wrapping chords are usually perfumes with powder fragrances. S extremely popular due to its Mikko. Their smell can be associated with noir style, but there are modern compositions. S BEST FOR OSB, which do not treat perfumes as fashionable accessories, and look for compositions that, in the end with the smell of their skra, will create what is the remote.

Although Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree or powder notes with pim and white flowers, this is not a composition MD. He has a great, creamy character that will surprise you.

Many more aromas move in time, but Noir Tom Ford does it in my favorite style. If you want to turn into Eliot Ness from the untouchable and on your own Skra's climate of the American 30 years, be sure to test this perfume.

Powder perfumes for women

  • Gowy note : Jamin, Ra Bugarska, Flower will be afraid
  • Heart note : pimo
  • Base note : camaryna, cedar, vetocy, patchouli

Powder perfumes for mousses

  • Gowy note : bergamot
  • Heart note : grapefruita flower
  • Base note : pimo

Gourmand perfumes are all the sodium fragrances, through which you feel like eating people who wear them. Their characteristic features are of virtual accords such as pralines, chocolate, cotton candy, toffee, caramel - everything that is associated with a delicious dessert. In recent years, extremely popular. It is associated with heat and wrapped in a tight aroma. Usually, fruit, powder chord, flowers, and even skr and dark, earthy notes.

If I had a perfume for my personality, they will certainly have a high position of La Vie Est Belle. This fragrance is one of a kind - a delicate and intense, fluffy and peen character, soda, powdery ... Wrd Moczyn huge popularity is the appetizing valentino uomo - an excellent trio of bergamot, nut chocolate and a germany.

Gourmand perfume for women

  • Gowy note : pear, blackcurrant
  • Heart note : iris, jamin, the flower will be afraid
  • Base note : tonka beans, chocolate, patchouli, vanilla

Gourmand perfume for moczes

  • Gowy note : bergamot, mirt
  • Heart note : hazelnut, chocolate, roasted coffee beans
  • Base note : Skra, cedar

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Vanilla chords

In perfumes with vanilla chord, there is magical power. We associate vanilla with a period of childhood, which is why its smell causes God's feeling of security, the corner and peace. Dziki this vanilla perfumes have a relaxation. This fragrance note is extremely popular and you can find many surprising compositions in a very different style. Vanilla or cinnamon, flowers, citrus, SKR, Paczul, and even with earthy chords. Its smell lasts on Skra for many hours.

The One is a vanilla with flowers. Cao is very feminine and hypnotizing. In turn, P shows the root and aromatic face of this note.

Vanilla perfumes for women

  • Note of the guidance : ivy, green tea, flower will be afraid, the formation, bitter wise
  • Heart note : mandarin, chamomile, peony, basil
  • Base note : Ambra, zanda tree

Vanilla perfumes for mish

  • Gowy note : bergamot
  • Heart note : grapefruita flower
  • Base note : pimo

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Wae flower chords

Flower perfumes - the most numerous group of fragrances. Under the names, I hide all the floral perfumes, which are and I associate with the spring - send positive vibrations, add energy and subtract years. I love them for giving a multitude of space, do not cite and match the opportunity- such a smell of perfumes will appeal to people who do not like strong and expressive compositions. Flowers are often with scented notes such as citrus or sodka fruit, wild wild in reception.

J'adore is the most characteristic floral perfumes. Gain the hearts of millions of women in Poland and enjoy the popularity of almost 20 years. But this is nothing, because Eternity for Men have an even better result - almost 30 years on the market. After all, still surprise modernity and perfect quality.

Flower fragrances

for women

  • Hubbite note : peach, pear, melon, bergamot, magnolia, mandarin
  • Heart note : orchid, ra, liwer, jamin, tuberose, freesia, lily of the valley, fioek
  • Base note : vanilla, Pimo, Jeyny, Cedar

Flower fragrances

for moczes

  • Gowy note : green note, lavender, mandarin
  • Heart note : Jamin, Szaci, Basil
  • Database note : zander tree, amber, vestia

Step 3: Time for testing!

There is no perfect perfume that will be the same. Therefore, when you decide on a specific group of fragrances, choose several compositions and test them at any possible moment : at different times of the day and at various circumstances. You can determine which wildly you like which you like the most. Before you make a decision, ask for many different fragrances.

During the tapestry, do not pour all the conclusion of the Prbki. Always give the composition through all the stages of the projection . Only in such a way you can determine if you like each of them to a clear extent. If the smell starts your moci at the moment, stop buying.

Don't buy perfumes on the internet. Each copy has a long description of fragrance notes, so you know more than more than if it will be grated for your style or not. If you buy new perfumes, start with the smallest capacity . Memorial that if you buy online, you have a reimbursement to 14 days from the date of purchase.

It is worth it is that perfumes on each person Prescation differently . Therefore, not always those that seem to be great on others, they will be grated to you. You must choose the perfume of your preferences - evaluate smells based on your own way.

Choose the best fragrance for yourself!

Choosing perfumes does not always have to be complicated. Do you have methods for the good of perfect perfumes for different types of personalities? Can you know how to choose the perfect smell for yourself? - Share your opinion and add a comment under the post.

If you are looking for a gift for a boe, birthday or an inn special opportunity, see my article: How to choose a gift perfume . I am discussing step by step like a good right smell for ony, she has, a teenager, mother and dad, as well as for a child.

The test was created on the basis of an article from the People portal.