Without beyond whether you are looking for a smell for yourself, do you want to make a gift for a loved one, on this lithoush you will find undeniably the best perfumes for Valentine's Day for women.

Some of them are romantic, others infernally sensitive, all tell the story about myioci. I will only choose the smells that make the most beautiful emotions and are somehow stuffed.

There was only a few moments to Valentine's Day! For me it is the perfect time to show how much we love the most people and how much they mean to us.

This is a great opportunity to share my mioci with a partner/partner or an obliterated work of a loving mother, sister or cries! And what puts better in a romantic mood or a beautiful smell?!

I always believe, presenting a perfume for Valentine's Day is very romantic. First of all, because it is such an intimate gift, and secondly through the smell, we have a chance to express his mio and create great memories!

Valentine's Day is a luxury! Decadent chocolates, velvety re, jewel byszek and beautiful perfumes!

MJ ranking 10 best perfumes shows fragrances that know everything about myioci and luxury! Choose one of them and the joy of your Valentine's Day.

The best perfumes for Valentine's Day

Calvin Klein - Euphoria

A smell for a woman who will not be forgotten after a Valentine's date. It was created to show meat. It smells of the fruit of pomegranate, orchid and wood.

Price: 97 out of 30 ml

Chloe - love story

The flower will be afraid and Jamin make the smell very romantic and powder. The starting of flowers and green chords adds a lot to him.

Price: 145 out of 30 ml

Carolina Herrera - Good Girl

These perfumes are a vestibule of a column and a Gboki orient. The most intense notes in them are bb tonka, cocoa, tuberose and almday sodki. S very durable.

Price: 217 out of 30 ml

Giorgio Armani - S Intense

Black currant, vanilla and patchouli fragrance notes are even more sensitive than in a classic version. S is modern.

Price: 209 out of 50 ml

Lancme - La Vie Est Belle

Powder iris, dark patchouli and sodium pralines are a perfect start. It is sexual in this smell, but this relief. You are willing to hug and a pocket.

Price: 199 from for 30 ml

Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium

Diga tail, duo soda and beautiful coffee fragrance notes: these perfumes make the heart start faster. Perfect for Valentine's randk pen romance.

Price: 182 for 30 ml

Lancme - Tresor In Love

Valentine's proposals could not run out of wounded perfumes. Drug flowers with sodk peach and still soda nectarine is a mioci nectar.

Price: 155 from 75 ml

Cacharel - Amor Amor

Created for a girl who is looking for a adventure. Black currant and vanilla fart with white pim and zander. You will find a lot of fashionable charm here.

Price: 124 out of 30 ml

Dkny - we ny

In a large group of Sodziakw, these perfumes will find their permanent place. Sodka raspberry, a dark patchouli and a sharp pepper, create a smell that I will forget about.

Price: 76 out of 30 ml

Hugo Boss - The Scent Intense

Bestseller on perfumery. The new version is large and lasts on a Skra 10 hours. Peaches and vanilla Prescation charming - perfect perfume on randk.

Price: 159 for 30 ml

How will he choose the best perfume for Valentine's Day?

#1 Is this perfume for you?

Think about how you will sleep Valentine's Day. Will it be a romantic dinner? Maybe one of the first dates in Nowy Zwizko? Are you going out, are you staying at home?

If you go for randk, for which delicate and romantic . Your companion will feel at ease, if you do not pay attention to everyone in his tandy smell.

Especially if you go to a place where a large OSB group usually appears, and access to the air is limited - cinema, theater or restaurant. Choose : Love Story, Tresor In Love, S Intense, The Scent or My NY.

If you or Walenty are preparing dinner, you can get more predatory . Choose a sensual perfume and urge them hours before the planned meeting.

Their intensely decreases and will create a sexy mix with the smell of your Skra. Choose : Euphori, Good Girl, La Vie Est Belle, Black Opium or Amor Amor.

#2 Is it a gift perfume?

Look through her favorite perfume. If only she loves smells, certainly like others in the same style. Maybe he has a perfume with which he has not parted for years?

Expand its collection by buying an other version or a set of cosmetic with the smell of favorite perfumes: CIA and El for shower cream. The perfect gift for Valentine's Day should be intimate.

Is there anything more personal than perfume? YES! Flakon of your favorite fragrance with the engraved name of your woman.

Buy what is super popular. The advantage of this solution is a lot of probability that your Valentine already knows this smell and probably falls as a group that likes it.

The most popular WRD of Polish women is Euphoria's sensual from Calvin Klein. The second place belongs to La Vie Est Belle, and the third is from Armani.

Choose a perfume that you like you. From the case, he may say that there is nothing more soda than a beloved person who wet perfume, says: "I think that these perfumes will smell out of you sexy."

Your woman wants you, so what can you like it?

On the occasion of Valentine's