If you want a surprise gift, but you don't know what perfumes for the girl you choose, you're in the right place.

I ask women of a different age and based on their answers I create a ranking of the best gift perfumes. You will find fragrances for what and for the evening, well -known classics and newly new. If this is not enough, you have 5 practical guidelines that will dispel all your welfare.

What perfumes will she buy to a girl?

Here are the 15 best fragrances for a gift for women:

Hermes Twilly d'Hermes

This is the premiere of 2023. Wonder, a smell that goes to work, schools and more elegant circumstances. or ginger with modn tuberoz.

Price: 269 out of 30 ml

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

This is the perfect fragrance for a woman who likes floral perfumes. The starting of peonies, ry and pima is elegant, delicate and very girl. A woman will love them.

Price: 291 out of 50 ml

Chanel Chanel no 5 l'eau

Classic chanel no 5 is the most often bought for a gift. Unfortunately, this is often a wrong choice. L'Eau is her funny version that most women will like.

Price: 335 from 35 ml

Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

These perfumes are the most of the autumn and winter. May Wini, Any and Lucretic, wild, which is unique and fragrant. This is a unique gift.

Price: 80 from for 30 ml

Christian Dior J'adore

Vienna as a beautiful smell. This is definitely the best perfume for women for women over 26 years of life. It will work in the situation of an elegance.

Price: 261 out of 30 ml

Lancome la vie est belle

This is the intense Gourmand perfume, which citizens are sodium and powder. A fragrance for women who like a break, confident and likes soda.

Price: 199 from for 30 ml

Giorgio armani si

These perfumes are more elegant than La Vie Est Belle, but still remain original. The best gift for women who work in a group of people.

Price: 189 out of 30 ml

Chloe Chloe

The excellent fragrance from Chloe with beow backs is as fancy as female. The mixture of ry, peonies, lily of the valley and freesia smells refined and romantic.

Price: 136 out of 30 ml

Estee lauder pleasures

You have a floral perfume, which perfectly matches the summer dress, as well as the autumn mouth. A big plus is a great smell.

Price: 110 out of 30 ml

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Unforgettable sonnecks that do not smell them at all. Contrary to appearances, it is a very zoon and a beautiful composition. Big better than many modern premieres.

Price: 36 out of 30 ml

Dolce Gabbana Light Blue

There is no other such smell. On the one hand, girls, on the other, MSKI. This is the real fragrance of Bkit: rough, village, raw. I associate it with spring mg.

Price: 138 for 25 ml

Calvin Klein Euphoria

This is the most popular perfumes in Polish women. The smell of perfume is a start of orchid with mahon and pomegranate fruit - a very evening and a sensitis mixture.

Price: 98 out of 30 ml

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina

This is a festival of fruit soda, which was set at a Mikka, Pima base. The smell is suitable for very fashion girls and some older women.

Price: 119 out of 50 ml

Hugo Boss Boss the Scent Intense

Although this composition is not my favorites, it must be admitted that he is already gaining a group of fans. This smell is really for everything.

Price: 259 out of 30 ml

Versace Bright Crystal

Favorite scent of a teenager. I would never buy it for an adult woman, but in the case of worn girls she works great. It is a floral soda.

Price: 118 out of 30 ml

5 tips, what gift perfumes buy for a girl

# 1 What is its fragrance?

If you do not know how to answer this question, choose more and universal fragrances. These three will love a woman and perfectly check the day - at work, at school, shopping and free time: Estee Lauder Pleasures, Dior J'adore, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.

# 2 What is interested in?

If you are interested in mod and the latest trends, the most pleasant will be her popular perfume, which is just appearing on the Paks of the Drogeria. I like the most beautiful fragrances that I like to be honest is Twilly d'Hermes and Chanel no 5 l'eau. This new version of The Scent Intense is happy.

# 3 What flavors like the most?

If he likes soda, he will definitely be delighted with sodium fragrances, which increase blood sugar without any consequences: Giorgio Armani Si, La Vie Est Belle. If, however, he loves red wine, choose Gbokie compositions: Lolita Lempicka and Euphoria from Calvin Klein.

# 4 How old is he?

For more fashionable girls, I will choose simpler smells, such as Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina and a very popular teenager Bright Crystal - about the last ones, only because it's my sister's favorite perfume.

In the case of older women, I will see more sophisticated: DG Light Blue and classic perfumed water from Chloe.

# 5 What budet do you want for a gift?

Never, never, but never, never buy perfumes. And already in puppies, if it is a gift perfume. Submits are not testing and nobody controls their quality. It can be dangerous to health. If you don't want to spend more than 50 zotych just buy the great perfume of Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers. If you have a slightly different budget, check my article: the best perfumes up to 80 z.

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I hope I am solving all your welfare. If you have different ideas, what perfumes for the girl are the best of the best, write about them in the commentary. Each idea is for scales!