What does the toilet water from the perfume? SKD Rnice takes up at their price? Why sometimes you smell differently? You can find all the answers in this article.

Toilette water and perfumes are steed with fragrances. The largest steen appears in clean perfumes, then in perfumed water, then in toilet water and on a blanket in koloska and visiting water. The wise, the duay's smell persists on the Skra and is more intense.

The perfume stone is at least important as the composition itself. If it is too low, the smell is quickly evaporated. If it is too high, it will be for you and everyone around you. Thus, even perfumes with a pleasant smell will not be pleased.

Perfume (Parfum)

Clean perfumes are a fragrance composition that contains the steer of ethereal oils from 15 to 30 percent . Dziki this are strong, noticeable from considerable distance and persist through the whole.

The fragrance projection - understood as the area around you, in which perfume - is always very large in the case of pure perfumes. Suspend yourself in the air in the likeness of a cloud, through which you can pass, and even a taste.

If you hug whom, who uses pure perfumes, there is a probability that the smell will remain on your clothing for several hours. Such a stone is a long tail.

  • The most durable perfume stays on Skra over 12 hours
  • S The most intense
  • Due to the high concentration of oils, clean perfumes S duo drosa than other variants
  • Most often they are packed in small capacities

Perfumed water (Eau de Parfum)

Personal waters are in second place in terms of the stem of essential oils, contain them from 15 to 20 percent . Stay on a Skra from 6 to 12 hours and suitable for worn during the day. He will not get your Blu coathers and do not stick to whom, who will stand close to you.

Usually all new fragrances are released in the form of perfumed. That is why it is not difficult to find them on perfumery pk.

  • Perfumed water lasts on a Skra from 6 to 12 hours
  • It is intensive
  • It suits the evening best, but it could be worn during the day (especially autumn and winter)
  • This is the most popular perfume steen

Eaua de Toilelette

Toilet waters contain fragrance oils from 5 to 15 percent . You are alternative to perfumes and perfumed water. Usually, remain felt on Skra from 4 to 6 hours.

The term Eau de Toilelette is in a ply dump that means 'Water for washing'. The expression comes from the French Faire Sa Toilelette , which means 'preparing' ( more information you will find here ).

Some keep that toilet water should be used during the day, while perfumed water in the evenings. However, in the fight for Pikno, all tricks are allowed. In the event of stuffy, you are guided by your own nose.

  • stays on a Skra from 4 to 6 hours
  • is not intense
  • Perfect for work, as well as spring and summer

Koloska water (Eau de Cologne)

Eau de Cologne is a crtkothe ​​perfume with high alcohol conclusions and a very low stew for fragrances, usually from 2 to 4 percent . Winding yourself to quickly spray the CIA and immediate visit, but it will fly in front of the blanket of the day.

The koloska water is called all Mskie perfumes, but they also have a rne steeny - from pure perfumes to the waters of the colosite and Eau Frache.

  • stays on a Skra from 2 to 4 hours
  • It smells gently
  • The best solution during the UPAW

Visiting water (Eau frerary)

Like Koloska water, Eau Frache has a very low alcohol stene, usually from 1 to 3 percent . That is why it stays on the Skra only a few hours.

Rnica consists in the fact that the koloska water is mixed with alcohol in a way practiced in ordinary perfumes. In turn , Eau Fracha is mainly mixed with water and suy for rapidly visiting, without providing the effective effects.

  • lasts on Skra for about 2 hours
  • It smells very gently
  • Due to the low concentration of oils, the cheapest is
  • The best solution for OSB with an impressed Skra

What is better perfume or toilet water?

As a fragrance, it is not dependent on the steel, which is why perfumes and toilet water are a good choice. Everything depends on your habit, circumstances and temperature outside.


Eau de toilette will work better at work. Not only will it be more convenient, but more suitable. Eau de parfum and perfumes, offer greater GBI, which will be a wind solution for the evening.

Temperature and season

In a damp and hot climate, toilet water will work better. It is hanging and gives a sense of pureness. Take Eau Frache on vacation, because a negligible amount of alcohol in the crap will be the safest option for your Skra, which is exposed in the summer.

Winter and in time more wet days, perfumed water offers more collapse and GBI. Vienna or with sweaters and scarves.


If you like it, we wear silence, perfumed water will give you a lot of radoci, while if you prefer simpler, more frequent compositions, toilet water will be better for you.

Because the perfumed water occurs in a larger steel, the composition is more variable than in the case of toilet water. It is not important to the smell, but the way in which it develops on the Skra in all projection phases.

In other owls, silence, fragrance notes and the steel of essential oils make the perfumed water to be more aromatic, complicated and variable (the smell in the first minutes will be much more than that in the last minutes).

Why does toilet water smell different than perfumes?

Because that toilet water has simpler to receive , and thus easier to wear for what.

Some of the silent fragrance notes - such as wood notes, patchouli, balsamic notes - s removed from the composition, so that the smell was more. Other notes, often those from a floral or citrus group, can be added so that the smell becomes more powerful and more energizing.

Many popular fragrances, at the beginning of the available in the form of perfumed water, are released later in the racing version under the form of toilet water. Despite the similarity, you usually don't keep the same notes.

A book examples of Women's Perfume Guerlain Mon Guerlain in the Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette version.

Perfumed water has a large, more seasoned smell, while toilet water is more vitalist. This effect is wildly added to the first composition of citrus notes and white flowers.

Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDP

Gowy note: lavender, bergamot

Heart note: Jamin, Irys, Ra

Base note: vanilla, licorice, benzo, patchouli, cumary, zander tree

Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDT

Gowy note: lavender, bergamot, mandarin

Heart note: neroli, jamin, ylang-ylang

Base note: vanilla, caramel, benzo, iris

In the case of Mska perfumery, it is usually the opposite. To the first to appear toilet waters, later perfumed.

An example of the perfume of Mkskie Christian Dior Sauvage in the eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum version.

Despite the fact that both compositions are very similar to each other, perfumed water is slightly more intense and large soda. All because the fragrance notes of vanilla and spicy Any and Gak Muskaov have been added.

Christian Dior Sauvage Edt

Gowy note: Calabrian bergamot, pepper

Heart note: lavender, Elemi, Syczaski pepper, Pepper, geranium, patchouli, vetiver

Base note: Ambroxan, wood notes

Christian Dior Sauvage EDP

Gowy note: Calabrian bergamot, pepper

Heart note: lavender, siczuaski pepper, ana, Muskowa's gray

Base note: Ambroxan, vanilla

How does toilets and perfume water die?

Spray the perfume on Such SKR, preferably immediately after washing. Keep the sprayer to the spray in the distance from 10 to 15 centimeters from Skra. Take the poniszych indications:

  • Spray strategic places - the application for the warmest parts of the CIA will make the smell better develop during the day. Shapes of the poviats of the chest, neck, wrists, forearms, inside the okci and shoulders.
  • Do not rub - rubbing the perfume in SKR, it seems reasonable, but in fact only the smell.
  • Cook on the ground - spraying perfumes in the air and walking in the cloud simply does not work. Wiszes next to the perfume will simply fall to Podog.
  • Do not spray clothes - even the best perfume that is not applied to SKR, do not properly develop your composition. As a result, fragrance notes will not sound as they should. Moreover, essential oils can be found in perfumes.
  • Keep moderation - 1-2 spraying is usually enough for MC to enjoy the smell of perfumes through the whole. People should feel perfume only when you are close to you.
  • Apply a second time, only if it is necessary - it is worth remember, though the smell seems to be a passionate, it can be in contact with moisture. If, after all, you decide to make the perfume again, urge the same smell. Of course, you can dad rne perfumes in layers, but then make sure that both compositions fit together.

Now you know what the perfumes from toilet water are rolled. Choosing the best steen for you, remember with a simple principle - the niche concentration, the more the smell.

Write in the comment what kind of perfume you use most often.