Are you a connoisseur of beautiful fragrances and you value them? I will tell you how the perfume is storing to make you still large.

They meet when a little surprise, when Signa for your favorite perfumes and it turns out that their consistency, color, smell or intensity is different than originally?

As in the case of other cosmetic, perfumed water and toilet waters are exposed to oxidation and other harmful impact of external factors.

However, there are ways to make this time and keep it in perfect condition. That is why it is worth assimilated a few important information on how to properly store perfumes, taking into account several factors such as: temperature , wiatic , moisture or air .

See how Mskie and Women's perfumes store so that they will never lose intensity and change the smell.

How the perfume storns

Incorrect preservation of fragrances can lead to faster oxidation and change their consistency. When buying expensive perfumes, it is worth how he cares about it so that it does not change his smell and do not lose their intensity.

If you want you to get you on a large one, ask a few simple trikws that I describe below.

1. Keep the closure bottle for the first use

I get perfumes as a gift and you are very curious, like PCZN, but they don't use the half -bottle yet?

It should definitely wait with the opening of the smell as possible. When the packaging and the photo is spoiled, the oxygen traffic jam automatically gets a bottle and begins the oxidation process. Since then, the smell has been ventilated and thus to gradually reduce its intensity.

After the soul time, after opening the perfume data, they trac their expressive and noticeably remain on the Skra.

2. Keep the perfume at constant temperature

Due temperature fluctuations are one of the main external factors that have destructive to the composition of fragrances.

The leading rules that you should hold is to avoid the main changes in the ambient temperature .

If you are a connoisseur and you will depend on you, you can know them in the ice. Memorial about this, in this case, using the smell does not enter the grip, because the races in the degrees will be too due and lead to faster destruction, no if they kept them on the pc in the bedroom.

At what temperature does the perfume store best?

- from 20C to 25C with daily use;

- 5 C if you want a construction collection.

The best solution will ensure a moderate temperature range from 20 to 25 degrees, i.e. simply room temperature. If you want to use your perfumes every day, give up storing them in walking places.

If it's about the best worth, in which the smell will not be damaged for a long time, chemists say that this is a constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius . In this case, however, it is worth a mistake about buying a special ice cream for perfume, which you will open, adding more fragrances to your collection.

3. Do not expose the perfume to the operation of the relief rays

Delight the beautiful packaging of the perfumes of world brands with your appearance. Those, chcc pleases the eye with a new acquisition, we put it in a visible place, e.g. in Azience or on a dresser. Unfortunately, this is a big BD, because such places are usually well founded, and every type of world - artificial or natural - is harmful to perfumes.

Tumaczc in a simple way, the wiator as a tiny fume goes into the fragrance and turns it into a different or even completely destroys it. Wo changes its original post and then becomes useless.

That is why perfumes are best stored where the world does not reach too much, e.g. in cabinets, drawers, and dressers. And unique collections can always create from empty vials after using the conclusions.

4. Chro perfume before air (especially moist)

As you know, air is a mixture of various gas. Some of them, for example, dioxide, nitrogen or argon are not harmful to perfumes. On the other hand, gases such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur, brave impurities, e.g. exhaust gas or condensed water in moist air, so. They are not an alliance of perfumes, both sold with and without atomizer.

In the case of a perfume without an atomizer, keep the most comments during storage. Due to the fact that the bullet is not secured, all the fastens get there directly and lead to faster spoiling the perfume. In addition, biological pollution and bacteria that are transmitted through the Domi application and cause natural fermentation.

In this case, the best removal will be buying a bottle with an atomizer and pouring the worship of perfumes to it, which will protect it from the influence of harmful gas. The remaining part is best stored in an ice or dark drawer away from RDE, the body and humid air.

5. Store perfumes in the original bottle and Pudob

If you don't have an idea and you don't know what your perfume is stored in, you don't have to look far. An original, protective box that has been created for this purpose will be an original, protective box.

Instead of throwing a cardboard box, stop him and put perfumes there after using it. In addition, close the game, which will protect against the harmful impact of the world.

Such maintenance will definitely bring greater perfumes and souls intensely smell. The unique bottle can also wait, and you will use it completely, then you set it to PK to make it to your collection.

6. Always tightly clog the perfume with a cork

You have to get out of the house quickly and you don't have too much time, but you want to smell beautiful and you get good? In such situations, it will most often forget about the correct closing of the bottle.

The leaky placing the cork causes slow loss and weathering of a precious smell. In addition, if it happens many times, intensity and perfume is no longer as at the beginning.

That is why you should remember correctly protecting perfumes against ventilation.

7. Avoid shocks

Although this seems to be important and without a significant impact, connoisseurs believe that all shocks can also lead to faster destruction of perfumes.

For example, when wearing a vial in a bag, minor vibrations lead to mixing of liquid. As a result, air tiles are formed that cause oxidation. In addition, delicate chemical visas, from which the perfumes are created, crash and mix, creating a different smell.

If you depend on the original smell, apply it at home and do not take it.

8. If you are planning a subr.

Are you planning to go on vacation and intend to take your favorite fragrances with you? You just don't know how it should be stored in a suitcase, so that they would still be intact.

First of all, it is worth buying a bottle with an atomizer and a little essence to it, which is enough for a whole trip. Plastic packaging will be best, which does not break under the impact of the shocks.

A good solution is these perfumes that are used to buy in drugstores or can, for example, be purchased on.

However, if you are forced to take the whole bottle, make sure that it is well protected in a suitcase: packed in an original box and ovinous clothes, which reduce the shocks and leave it still.

If you are going to the distance, see what are the rules for transporting perfumes on the plane .

9. Do not leave a perfume in Azienska

Azienka is a place where the most cosmetic is usually found in our home, but keeping the perfume in it is the largest and most often populated in their maintenance.

As I remember earlier, moisture and condensed water have a harmful impact on the smells. Added to this, the temperature changes come, here Gorco is made after the mocking, and then the storage rooms are brought up, for example, after opening the window.

Keeping the perfume in Azience will make your perfume quickly lose your original features.

10. Protect the box.

These removal perfumes for special occasions suggest an additional protection that will provide them with even more. The best way is a double packaging. Pack the bottle in an original box, and then he can do everything in a sealed, plastic bag - the less the world will pass, the better.

Lack of air and world will guarantee a minimal level of oxidation, protect your favorite perfumes against harmful external factors and guarantees an intense smell for a long time.

Where he stores perfumes and where he doesn't put them

Proper storage of perfumes is a guarantee that they will not change its valves and allow them to last.

Where the perfume is storing

  • dark drawers
  • close to the undergo
  • dry rooms

The first and the most important point is to place them low, so that in the event of a fall, it will reduce the likelihood of breakdown.

The ideal room in the whole house is definitely the wardrobe Bd Bedroom , at which the temperature is usually staled and the air is dry. These are places where the perfume is best stored. You can see a drawer in a bedside table or wardrobe, but only on the lower packets.

Another room is the kitchen, in which it will be a large solution to the lower cabinets with dry provisions. If, however, you depend on your duration and you use fragrances occasionally, a special ice cream will be an ideal place for your perfume.

Where he doesn't hold the perfume

  • in Azienska
  • on the windowsill
  • at the radiator

The least appropriate place for storing perfumes is the azienka , where the air is moist and the temperature changes. There, perfumes will not be too long. Early toilet water and perfumed water likes dry and dark places, with constant temperature.

I advise against placing vials on window sills and furniture near the windows , where they are exposed to relieving rays. This perfume should be stored away from RDE, heater, fireplace, airflows.

Like a long mono storage

The term perfume vanopia can usually be found on a bottle or on Pudópe. It is conventional, but most often defined for 12 to 36 months. You can to use the perfume data, apply to the indications regarding their compact storage.

When you know how a long perfume is storing, the preciousness of the fragrances up to several years is possible.

Do you spend a lot of money on fragrances from well -known producers, and after what time do you no longer feel them? This is a sign that you do not know how the perfume is storing correctly, which is why they lose their cotton pads. By following my indications, your BD fragrances like after opening, and to the last drop.