Do you want your favorite smell accompany you during your vacation? Read what Pamita should be carried about, transport the perfume on the plane so that he does not lose them.

Cosmetics, including perfumes, is a quite complicated topic, if it's about a plane. All because the airlines use strict requirements for the principles of transporting PNIN.

Does Mona transport perfume on the plane? Yes, but there are several conditions. It all depends on where you want them - rules for the Bagau of Podrączny are different for the registered luggage.

So if you are going to take a bottle with your favorite fragrance, in this article you will learn the types of luggage and the rules on the airline, as well as the conditions for purchasing perfumes in the unlucky zone and the plane. Read on that he will learn more about the pitch with perfumes.

Perfume in Bagau Podriczny

The luggage is a small suitcase or bag that you take to the cabin. It's also a women's bag or a computer backpack.

In accordance with the rules of the civil aviation office, all pyns and ELE in a podrical luggage (tonic, ZBW paste, shampoo, eye drops, etc.) must be packed in 100 ml containers and have in a thorough bag with a zipper with a capacity of 1 liter. In addition, apart from the limit, you can take medications necessary for taking during the torn and food for babies.

However, some taps (especially cheap airlines) have additional requirements for packing Pynw and cosmetic. If you do not comply with them, you will have to throw away extra cosmetics or give them in a registered luggage (which you know with an additional cost, often kidnapped to the price of the ticket in cheap airlines).

In that case , how does he transport perfumes in Bagau of Podriczny? Here's how it looks in several popular airlines.

Perfume on the flight aircraft

The principles used by the flight of bottles with perfumes can have a capacity of up to 100 ml of each (the capacity given on the packaging counts). Memorial that they are not enough for a beautician packet. You need packaging cosmetics and perfumes for a meshing bag with a zipper . The capacity of all cosmetic can not exceed 1 liter in total.

Perfume on the Ryanair plane

How many ml perfumes you can do in the Ryanair plane? Unfortunately, the rules of low -cost airlines are even more restrictive: 100 ml for every container of Pynw, Kremw, Paste or Elu, and not more than 1 liter . Ryanair also determines the size of the bag itself : it is not more than 20 cm x 20 cm .

I know from the fact that it is difficult to find a liter of cosmetic in small containers. Especially the bag must close, because such requirements. As you can see, the perfume wide on the Ryanair aircraft is not the most important.

Perfume on the Wizzair aircraft

How many ml perfume can be transported on the Wizzair aircraft? Here it is similar. Individual containers with cosmetics can not exceed 100 ml , and their sum can be a maximum of 1 liter .

Well, as in the case of Ryanair, in Wizzair all these cosmetics must sweep in a 20 cm x 20 cm plastic bag . The purse you use must close tightly. Medicine, you have a duties with your luggage.

Perfume on the Enter Air aircraft

Enter Air and other charter flights Use the same guidelines in the transport of Pynw. So if you are wondering how it will carry the perfume on a charter aircraft , and whether the rules are more free here, they must disappoint. Expect identical limits: 100 ml perfumes or cosmetic, a total of 1 liter , and everything woon to a tightly closed transparent bag. It's best to get everything freely.

You certainly wonder what it will do, if your perfume bottle has more than 100 ml. In this case, I recommend buying a small bottle with an atomizer, to which you can transfer the number of perfumes as you need. Another good solution is packing a miniature or perfume in the subrush. It is enough for you in the subt.

Perfume in registered luggage

The registered luggage is the one who is stored in the luggage hatch under the crash and to which you will not be available to the lift. The right of law is not able to transport any attachment substances, aerosols, etc. Exit is perfume and alcohols (wine, widka, whiskey, beer, etc.).

Moreover, the rules for transporting perfumes in a registered luggage are much more free than in the case of cosmetic in the podrical luggage. Finally, what good news, right?


Anna from the airlines I mention earlier (LOT, Ryanair, Wizzair or Enter Air or other charter lines) does not limit the quantities of perfumes that I can move by plane in a registered luggage. Theoretically, you can take their suitcase!

You don't have to worry about how much the bottle has a capacity. There are no obstructions in this respect, so you can easily take your favorite bottle, even if its capacity exceeds 100 ml.

I know that I know that the perfume in a registered bagu can really be, because when I move from Woch to Thailand, I had about thirty bottles in it.

Packaging rules

Will you only carry packed perfumes on the plane? Not necessarily. You can easily take the open perfume, without a box. It is enough that you put them in a beautician or even better - you will wrap in what clothes. Airlines do not care with suitcases best, it happens that they can be battered, scratched or square. Therefore, it will better protect all the perfumes you transport in the middle.

You do not have to worry about a transparent bag that cosmetics should be put on. There is no such requirement for a registered luggage. Although, honestly, this is not such an idea. If the Flakon with perfumes is uncommon, he is better not to look for Kawaks szka after all the suitcase. The foil can protect these against possible staining of clothes with perfumes.

Other rules

I have some other indications for you about how it transports perfumes on the plane. A good idea for protecting the bottle is it in Belkov foil . It works even better than a scarf, a blouse or a sock, insulating perfumes like an airbag.

I recommend you to you - I always do it - woy perfumes and other tucing objects for the case of suitcases itself, between two layers of clothes. Even if the suitcase itself will arrive, your perfumes will not happen.

Can it change traditional perfumes with such a stick? On the market he is their cak not to choose. S is perfect for the submission, because neither pour out or crash and the stick can take the plane in the bag.

Perfumes purchased at the airport in the Wycoreal Zone

I know, I know, nothing tempts like duty -free shops. Especially at large airports, where the perfume is really big. However, before you go shopping, it is worth taking into account several important rules that will allow you to take the purchased perfume to the plane without any problems.

Can I buy perfumes more than 100 ml?

Yes, there are no problems with that. Airlines do not use limits specifying capacity of perfumes or other cosmetic purchased at the airport. So you can buy a bottle with the size you want. Mean, however, that when buying perfumes, he keeps the receipt - it may be useful that he proves that they do not come from another RDA.

The perfume bought at the airport you don't have to get into a plastic bag with other cosmetics. They are treated separately and they are not added to the sum of 1 liter of permitted Pynw. Nevertheless, the store will probably pack your purchased perfumes for a separate, transparent purse.

Can it open a perfume that I buy at the airport?

He doesn't do it better, especially if you fly with transfers. With such a change, you will be inspected, so keep the perfume in the state in which he buys them, with all security. Otherwise, the customs officer checking you can be a chased open bottle of perfume and told you to get rid of him. Take it into account, better the mastery temptation and wait with the opening of the box and to arrive.

Make sure that the receipt and security on purchased perfumes are only up to 48 hours. So if, for example, he buys them from Warsaw to Paris, and after 3 days you have a flight by plane from Paris to Rome, and have a capacity of 100 ml capacity or you exceed the limit of 1 liter of Pynw, you will have to put them in a registered luggage.

Is the purchase of perfumes at the airport abbreviated?

Depending on where. It is true that the products sold in the STRFT zone of SE Airport S exemplified from VAT, but still PAC income tax, which is added to their price along with Mar. In addition, the prices of the same type of perfume can be done depending on the pasteral, and even the store in which you buy them.

For example, at airports in Thailand, perfumes are more and more at the same price as in Polish Sephora, because Mary and income tax is added to them tax on luxury goods. For example, the toilet water Miu Miu Twist in the Wychocowa Zone in Thailand costs 3380 batt, which gives about 422 with a side, and in Sephora the same capacity costs 445 zotych.

Prices come from the official website of the King Power store, which you will find in the Zatowa zone at Kady Duy Duya Airport in Thailand ( link ).

My advice is not to decide to buy your dream perfume in the first free shop you will enter. First of all, check how much you cost outside the airport, for example in your nearby drugstore. So you can find a shop at the airport, where is the promotion for it? Can you go where you go on vacation? In the end, you can always buy them on the way back.

Purchase of perfumes on the aircraft

If you don't buy a perfume in the Duty-Free airport zone, you will have another opportunity when you find yourself on the aircraft. It will sell duty -free products for airlines an additional income registration, and for you - an opportunity for a last minute gift.

The sale is most often saved by a lach after the maximum flight high, when the sign of fastening of the passes. The flight moves then it begins to move the cabin, offering RNE products.

Select perfumes

The most often print your own brochures with products that are possible to buy during the flight. Of course, their choice is more limited than in duty -free shops at the airport. Of course, the reason is the place you have aircraft to store goods.

It can also happen that the perfume, which he will choose in the brochure, are not available on the crop of the aircraft. You can then get them and the airline will deliver them to you home or to the hotel at the price offered during the flight. Depending on the airlines and perfumes, it is even possible to soften the tester to learn their fragrance notes.

Price and methods of patnocy

Is it worth buying perfumes on the plane? Is perfumes in the original S -selling aircraft? Yes , and so .

Prices of original perfumes offered by airlines are often more favorable than those you will find in duty -free shops at airports. This is probably known with the fact that such a plane drugstore does not pay the cost of renting, often raising the price of product price.

If it's about available methods of patnocy, it's preferably a credit card. The cash is often not accepted, and Polish debit cards do not always work abroad. Pacc credit cards, most often you will be able to choose currency - in zotwki, in dollars or euros. Remember about this, in case you have a currency account, you will not lose on the course.


Perfumes bought on a plane subordinate to the same rules and restrictions as those purchased at the airport. So if you have any additional ends before you, do not remove the bottle from the cardboard box, do not break the security and be sure to keep the receipt.

On the other hand, don't worry, how many ml you can transport your perfume on the plane. Those you buy during the flight are treated similarly to those purchased at the airport. It does not have a capacity limit and are not added to the other cosmetic, which is still packed at home.

I hope that the subject of perfumes on the plane will not be a problem for you. Memorial that it is easier to carry them in a luggage hatch than in the cabin, where the permissible limit is 100 ml, and cheap flights put additional restrictions on the size of the bag. Do not be afraid of purchases in a bunch or aircraft shop, even a lot of bottles of these cases allowed.

Successful podra!