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What will you do if I tell you that there is better than reading blogs about perfumes? Nez Magazine is a wonderful of a shelter of fragrances in a paper edition.

If your interest in perfumes closes at quickly reviewing the opinions of others, this article probably will not interest you.

However, if you like dry with smells, you are interested in their history, dependencies, connotations and you have curious about learning the mechanisms that are guided by perfumery, I invite you to discover the magic of Nez Magazine.

This French magazine is published twice a year and you can buy it in three lights: in English, on wax and in French.

You can find the English and French versions in Galil perfumeries in Warsaw, Gdask and Krakow or on its website with shipping.

Nez Magazine was created wild cooperation of the most valued portal about perfumes in France - Auparfum - with other blogs supported by their subject: Poivre Bleu, Grain de Musc, Dr. Jicky and Mr Phoebus, Flair, Musquemoi.

However, in the Editorial Team, NZ Magazine not only brings together bloggers. He is also a perfume historian, perfumer, a specialist in an inkl, semologist, journalists and university crops. Everyone or a great passion for perfumes.

So what is unusual in Nez Magazine?

Before you take care of the heart, mention the prosaic issue, which, however, gives me a lot of pleasure.

It is about the editions

Do you sometimes have to open the book, you don't want to read it right away, you only feel like it, the images and the pages of the pages? Focusing on the quality of the edition of Nez Magazin, you will lose its sense of time and remove comments from the content.

The first thing that caught my eye is a lot of pages - S really impressive. Dokadno and high as printing reflects the picno of numerous photographs and illustrations. Nez Magazine is refined at each point.

The best example of this is that when I open number 3 a small, ditch card with a printed Christmas tree of cars, which after scratching has the smell of asphalt.

NEZ Magazin offers a TRE output

Including the relevance of the edition, in the center you will find tens of output articles. Each number has about 150 pages in almost A4 format.

From the start of the project in 2023 to Koca 2023, it was created:

  • 13 magazine number;
  • 14 Special number "NEZ The Naturals Notebook" provided to individual perfume components;
  • 3 numbers provided to the greatest perfumers of the WEMPARY - Dominique Ropion, Mathilde Laurent and Jean -Claude Ellena;
  • A great book of perfume, which reveals the secret to the best bearing secrets of perfumery;
  • Publication "From Rolina to Essence", which talks about the rolls in perfumery, their producers, perfumers, etc.;
  • Publication "Sentir Resentir. Parfumeurs, Odurst et Emotions", which raises the issue of smell in its all his zoonieci.

I have 2 warehouse numbers, so I can reveal what you'll find in the center. Although each of them is led to another issue, the magazine does not change its system:

  • 'The Nose of ...' is often provided to persons performing competitions intermediate with perfumery - illustrators, authors, architects, etc.
  • 'Icons' is a favorite part of most readers. He talks about the fragrance inspirations of the largest icons of music, visual arts, literature, scientists ... You will find out here what you inspire Kurt Cobain to write the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit".
  • Odorama discusses raw materials that come from in the perfume. You will learn everything about specific fragrance notes, but those with types of fragrances - for example, in issue 6 you will find article about sports perfumes, and in number 3 about fragrances related to the car.
  • Connections or perfumes with other fields of art, life, passion. In this honor, among others, an open letter to a more fashionable perfumer is written by perfumery icons, Jean-Claude Ellen.
  • Magazine are fools of perfumes. You will look at the trends of individual decades, read interviews, visit a fantasy perfumeri and read about the details of the rolin cultivation, which can be used in perfumery.
  • Special Feature is a section with materials related to each number. For example, number 3 to the Sex of the Scent, that's why in this section the scent is discussed, the history of Mska perfumery, seduction with the smell, chemistry, including attractive, etc.
  • Perfume pages is a lot of mind between the perfumes and the spokes of perfumery, as well as the lump of brands producing brands.

Nez Magazin is immersed in history and art, talks about the science and process of creation, discusses components, visits places associated with perfumes, and most importantly - he reflects Gos Twrcom and people associated with perfume creation .

All this transferred to paper sounds so interesting that it is really difficult to break away from reading. And because the articles are extensive, the time of reading one number is a pleasant scratch up to weeks!

I like the most that Nez Magazin is written with humor and distance . After reading two numbers, I was under a great impression of the enormity of knowledge, but these imagination of the author.

A series of articles of The Fantasy perfumery will make a lot of impression, where author Lea Walter adapts perfumes to known personal (real or fictitious) from different decades and environment.

These articles have a tone of charm, humor and soda. He doesn't think about facts, just let us pool Agath Christie, Muhammad Ali or Indian Jones!

I admit that though the price of one number is 99 zotych, it really is worth spending t amounts twice a year. You will not find such articles on any blog and in any other journal.