Will you be a classic Mod Mod, or are you to the boho style? Can you focus on modern minimalism? See the best perfume for or for you, tailored to each style and season.

Let me tell you today about a paradox.

In life, the most important event that he can imagine is in life. Finally, you go to Okrza with your dream, with whom you hope you get all the life.

No wonder that you want to be loud to make this perfect moment immortalize on photos to review after years.

So you browse the most beautiful lust and hairstyles. You are testing Makija for a few beauticians for many months before.

You are packed with the last surprise for the perfect manicure and you can even make sure that in the church was properly decorated.

You order a special team for a wedding, and for or violinist, which Ave Maria can play the most poor country.

So why do you completely forget about perfumes on such a day? Why do you depend so that you look loudly, and you forget how you smell? For what reason is the sense of sight for you is a sense of smell?

In this text, he will want all of you to change the approach. I would like to, from now on about mylay perfumes in the same categories in which you confuse about other pleasant elements.

And I will give you a lot of important reasons for this.

See the ranking of the most beautiful perfumes on or and choose your sorrel fragrance!

Why is it worth a good right perfume on or?

Did you happen to you that what smell evokes in you beautiful memories of childhood or dating? This is how smells work. They - apart from the photos and the musician - have the ability to store emotions .

Therefore, you should take care of how we smell on Lubu's day . The smell of perfume from before it around it will forever will be what this moment evokes at each time when you want it.

A properly selected smell of perfume will give you this charm, elegance and style. He will get your ubir, the composition is closed, which without perfumes, which would be missing.

It will be a pleasant accompaniment to the first (and each next tray) with Mr. Modym. Wild perfumes you will feel more charming , you will appreciate the moment, believe in his output.

The smell of the perfumes of loved ones can absolutely not be the one you use for what. This perfume that uya before the first randk with the future meme could not.

Sure, it would be an exceptional moment and it is great that you want to remember him, but this one is different. Do not duplicate moments, but enjoy new experiences.

A few days before the ceremony ceremony, test these how long perfumes persist on your Skra or clothing. You don't want to evaporate before coming to the cat or office.

If you get a photographer or a mao who doesn't do it), you'll probably be immortalized during the preparation.

This means that the bottle and the method of applied perfumes should be output and photogenic. Do not choose a perfume that will be characterized by kitsching luminaires or ugly color and polish.

First of all, remember that the perfumes are pleased to give you back style and personally . Aunt or bucket can not choose them.

You feel good in them through the night. It is you who puts you in a state of comfort and it envelops you. They have to smell like that he would like to remember them, and he doesn't just dream to forget about them.

See the most popular proposals for fragrances on or and find your favorite .

10 best perfumes on or for Miss Modej

1. Chloe Roses de Chloe

The most beautiful perfumes on or

Ra is a dwarf of all flowers. And during Lubu you have a look and smells like a dwelling of all women.

Choose this perfume for or, and you will certainly not forget that you are the most important on that day!

Ra Damascus, abbreviated from Bergamot, give you style, a sight of the first class.

At the same time, you can easily move the imagination to the garden of the flowers, even if you twj or takes place in the siphon.

This wound smell is original and guarantee you that you can imagine it anyway, and you will be surprised by Mio. This is by far the most beautiful perfume with the smell of ry I have ever had.

In addition, you dream of a great Greek wedding, you will definitely appreciate the stylistics of the Greek buildings in which the bottle was kept.

2. Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Perfume like a bouquet of flowers

Wedug Diora - with whom I agree one hundred percent - flowers are the most beautiful creature, right after women.

It follows, therefore, that there is nothing more picnic, in addition on Lubu's day, not a woman dressed in flourishing flowers.

It is a fragrance that will give you attractiveness and senses. It will also emphasize your gentle and grace. With this smell you will not be, but Sun towards your chosen one.

And guarantee you - you will be so stuffed for a long after I like it.

The flower that gives the greatest wealth to this fragrance is Ra. But it would not be the same if it wasn't for the virgin Society of Mandarin, Apricot and Peonies.

This is a perfume for the elegant Mrs Modej from the souls of the romantic, who intends and optimism at the time of life.

3. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Perfume perfumes on or in the garden

Coco Chanel Pamitacie, recklessly played by Audrey Tatou? Everything was expected of her, but not boredom, routine or predictable. That is why Chanel does not disappoint this this time.

Base for the smell of these perfumes Sicilian scrub, Kalambrika bergamot and exotic jamin.

Choose these perfumes on your or will provide you with original, because Mao KTRA Miss Fashion will smell in this way.

It is a fragrance for a woman intriguing, fascinating and likes. For this extremely sensual, subtle, talented in love with each other.

The duration of these perfumes is impressive enough to be enough for two chicks, and the smell you can even enjoy through the day.

If yours or is scheduled for spring and summer, Mademoiselle will be emergency during the ceremony in the garden. In the case of niche temperatures, you can choose on or in a closed room .

4. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

The most rating perfumes for modern or

The designer of this bottle finds white stones on the Cypriot coast, which is considered a mythical place of birth of Aphrodite. And he would have an inspiration for white, hiding the liquid in the Narciso perfume bottle.

With these perfumes you will emphasize your modern style!

Gwn notes of the fragrances of this composition is pimo, followed by Gardenia. This is a very gbokie starting, matching the celebration of each time of the year.

Personally, after a few hours of wearing, I have an impression that the smell takes on a dark forest, covered with crystal -purely pure. He can't get away from this fairy -tale vision.

A woman who wears this smell is a remote maiden. On the one hand, he will know and rational, on the other, the body and sensual.

5. Gucci Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia

The best perfume for a romantic

The dress of Lubna, through his white, symbolizes clean, and innocent Miss Modej. What do you symbolize this perfume? I will do the same!

The name of these perfumes is not accidental, because their heart note is a gardenian flower. The smell is enriched with the fragrance notes of red berries, pears or patchouli.

The amazemental character Flora Gorgeous Gardenia makes it better choose her for a special opportunity to work in the office. So, then or does not seem to be an ideal time to apply these perfumes?

The more that the perfume will ideal for the basic expectation of the ranges of Modiech : I want to smell out!

The smell of these perfumes is so intriguer that it is difficult to kidnap him to anything else. It lies in romanticism, slightly, humor and what kind of movement.

Personally, if I met women in a white pusty dress in this way, I will ask myself if she is still a woman or an angel

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy

The best perfume for a girl of Modej

Flowers, which are covered with a lock, seem like shouting: hey, this woman comes out behind M, paying attention to her, because she is a sealed moment for her.

It is still even better, because after opening the bottle you find an extremely delightful smell. Interestingly, at the very beginning you feel leaf fruit and grapefruit, and only after a while flowers such as fioc and jamin come to the gos.

What you feel even later is not obvious. Composition show pimo and white wood, wild that you leave behind a lot of mystery.

This is a perfume for an optimistic woman, for whom Lubu is the beginning of a great, amazing adventure.

One that is wherever there is, as if jumping on a daisy daisy. And this is probably good at WSPLN with your fiance.

7. Lancme la vie est belle

Perfect perfumes for or autumn and winter

At the beginning of the remark on the bottle. Is it not created on or? In my opinion, there is no perfume that is so well in a picture like Lancme La Vie Est Belle.

The smell of these perfumes is definitely luxurious and therefore I like to present perfectly.

A woman who values ​​freedom and independently will definitely appreciate the composition of vanilla, powder, fruit and flowers.

Fragrance notes entering the perfume are powder iris and precious jamin. The smell is enriched with the oraf, packet and vanilla. The composition works seducement to the inhabitant and still stays in the air.

I am convinced that you will come back to this fragrance as the best memories of the best, and the guy will tell you what the impression they do on them.

8. Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum

The most beautiful perfume with claw

This fragrance is a fragrance for a dreamer. And there is no better moment that he dreams, not a moment of entering into life. However, this is not a perfume for an undecided woman, but for one who knows what she wants - and in addition he is not afraid for this sig.

He likes this perfume very much for the elegance of Jamin, purely Pima and the Dark Blash of Patchouli. This is a perfume that has to say.

Pay a clear message: I have classes, but he can do these. If you depend on the day of his Lubu to show a bit of feisture in an elegant envelope, be sure to choose Chance Eau de Parfum.

Dziki with these perfumes you will smell bitter - not to which your or you will.

You will not have to worry about whether the perfume goes into the purse because they are very long. One application is enough for many hours of wedding.

9. Dior Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Forever and Ever

Inspired perfumes

" Forever and ever " - is we not wanting to do this, Idc Alejk in the direction of it? If you want a dior style, these perfumes are the best chosen.

Imaging this smell I imagine women who can be icon for others. This is a delicate, but also decisive Miss Fashion, who shows that it shows that the new way of life will be able to cope with it.

This fragrance is the floral trio, but this time made of Jamin, Ry and freesia. It is a composition ideal for a white dress, so it will be difficult to imagine that it is to spray on another occasion.

It's also perfumes - stay on the Skra and up to the hours, so enough for a wedding. Their permanent is not dependent on whether or take outdoors or in a closed space.

10. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Energetizing perfumes on or

Another energetic proposal is DKNY BE DELICIOUS FRESH BLOSSOM. He values ​​them for being created for people who love life - just like me.

These perfumes are a trio of Jamin, Ry and Lily of the Filly. And you probably know what wonderful smells can be released by these flowers?

Sunca to the surroundings of such fragrances, she will be the real lady of the spring, not very from the weather and the season.

This fragrance will perfectly give the picture of your innocence and runs, and at the same time will give you sex appeal and dynamic.

The citrus fragrance will make you appetizing and satisfy your desire for changes that you know uncommonly or.

How to choose a perfume on or for a virgin

Choose perfumes for the centers of the year

Contrary to appearances, the season of the year is extremely important when choosing the perfumes of Lubne. Perfume can smell differently depending on the temperature.

The smell that will captivate you in winter may be unbearable in the summer, so first of all, do not choose the perfume in advance!

However, when you get to choose, remember, or in the summer oriental compositions in the summer. The warmer, the more silence and the more of the brave. How to avoid fire to tobacco, myrrh or kadzida!

Floral perfumes are safe for or during the holidays. The fruit or chypery fragrances should be, which on the hot Skra take on more than even more. This type of perfume is very long -lasting, so they should easily last until the morning.

If you take or winter, you can carelessly in vanilla, oriental and spicy fragrances. However, do not serve too intense fragrances that will get through.

What flowers does your Wizanka Lubna have?

Most women seem to be a bouquet of Lubny suy only to improve the appearance of Miss Modej. Here, we collide with the myth that the smell is not important, and STD is already a short way to the slip -up.

Gupio would be convinced during Lubu, that the smell of Wizanka bastard you or Mr Modego and does not allow you to focus on the heart of the matter.

It would be even worse, if the smell of the wizard bite with your perfumes, so analyze where both elements and do not choose them separately.

or in the room or in the garden?

This is an extremely important aspect when choosing Lubny perfumes, and the POPD is prosaic. Each from the aforementioned spaces is different on perfumes.

If you take or in a closed space, sharp perfumes can be for you and your dear surroundings. Otherwise, the things have to be at a large river. Then too light perfumes may be imperceptible.

The best solution will be, if testing perfumes in a wire environment. In this way, you will avoid a situation in which, for example, the church kadzido will create an illegal mixture with your perfumes.

Are you silent or do you like to pay comments?

This matters. If you are no? You don't want to then, he probably additionally attracts attention with your perfumes.

Memorial that it is not you for Lubu, but for you. And if what would make you discomfort, it's just not RB.

Analyze the style of Lubna's dress

The more delicate and subtle Lubna's dress, the more on the smell you can allow yourself. And vice versa - if you have an eye on the decoration of a dress, pen lace or crystal, choose a simple perfume.

Do not forget that as Miss Fashion you will be creating a one SPJN CAO - guys will definitely pay attention to it.

In consideration, the opinions of others

Make sure that when you test a duo perfume, your sense of the sole will lose alert and distort some smells.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant spots and in the day of Lubu it is not realized that the perfume he chooses, you do not like, be sure to give someone about the opinion.

Let him be a trusted person who is similar to yours. Then you will be more sure that she will not choose what is wrong.

But these do not choose a perfume you are not sure. Even if everyone else is to say that it is a beautiful smell. Perfumes are a personal matter, we don't always like what else.

Therefore, give yourself some time and do not buy perfumes for the last moments.

Choose the right perfume

The best choice for or is perfumed water, which ranges from 8 to 15 percent. Unlike ordinary perfumes, it is not very strong, and at the same time it does not escape as quickly as toilet water.

However, modern perfumes are very different. There are numerous toilet waters, which are more duo than perfumed water. Therefore, before buying, it is best to test, such as specific perfumes, stick to your Skra.

If you like it very much, you can always take a small PRBK and uy again during the wedding.

I hope that I will convince you that the good of the vile perfume to Lubu is a problem worth following a little more time.

If you don't have it, choose a perfume that you like the most.

Memorial that during such a solemnity, not only appears about you, but also how you smell, and the emotions preserved by the smells will stay with Tob on a lot.

Time will choose output perfumes for TWJ or.

The most popular brands