He has been shopping for Notino for many years (when iperfums). In my opinion, it is one of the best internet perfumery in 2024. See answers to the most popular questions: Why are the perfumes in Notino cheap? The store sells original perfumes or subrins?

If you are interested in perfumes, you are looking for new fragrances or trying to get the original perfumes at a large price than drugstore, you certainly know the Notino online store , which when it is called iperfuma.

Opinions about notino of the most positive - quick delivery, ata, the pages, the capture of the return of goods, and above all surprisingly low prices.

However, as it usually happens, the blacie, what is the idea, the more he suspects. On Internet forums, the question often appears " Does notino have original cosmetics? " And " Does notino sell subrbki? ". Conspiracy theories are emerging, because, as it is possible, we get original products in such a low price.

And the more such theories, the more fears and LKW or notino sell original perfumes, or can be subjected.

That's why I prepare this review especially for you! I will try to solve all the interference about the Notino store and will answer the question that I am from the network and your news.

I will tell you those about my experiences after purchasing many perfumes when through Iperfums and now notino. Believe that this article is once and for all disappointed in the use of this page, and their place will be taken by pure joy of use.

Online store Notino reviews after buying a perfume

Notino perfumery is actually an exceptional shop, and its rosnca is not popular at all.

First, low prices!

On Notino you will find the best perfumes at prices, which can even twice niches from their counterparts bought stationary in drugstores and on other pages with cosmetics!

I show you, for example.

What time ago do I review the chloe nomade women's perfume and need them to test. Nowhere can I go to PRBK, and the smell tested in the perfumery I like that I decide to buy my bottle. I decide to do the insight first and buy perfumes at the lowest price. Searching for online perfumeries, it turned out that then Iperfums have the most prices on the market.

Chloe nomade prices in Notino perfumery:

Chloe nomade prices in e-Blymour perfumery:

Chloe nomade prices in Sephora perfumery:

Chloe nomade prices in Douglas perfumery:

Of course, I will choose a bottle from Notino perfumery, because it would be cheaper.

Yes, the moles of saving almost 40 percent and the purpose of these Rodkw for other purposes is convincing for me. Products with damaged packaging are still tasha.

The perfume is Żezzie by courier after two days. They were packed in a cardboard box and protected thick layers of bubble foil. Dziki ago not only the bottle would be safe, but also the packaging remained intact.

Secondly, at a fallen reimbursement of perfumes

Another issue why my opinions about the Notino S store so good is a turn of perfume - I do not meet so fast and atw return procedures.

While cosmetics must be intact, unwanted and originally packed, perfumes can be used before separation. After that, we have 90 days.

I discuss the details of the return in the paragraph of it.

Third, the possibility of buying PRBEK

The Notino store offers spas PRBEK perfume , which you can do directly to your home address.

I don't think they have to say that this option is particularly important to me. Do not always buy penny -dimensional bottles for a perfume review, because not all smells that I review like and so much.

Therefore, the possibility of buying a specific perfume is for me.

Fourth, a lot of perfumes

N a iprefuma access to the products more than satisfactory. It happens that I find a perfume there, which has not been on the market anywhere else.

After changing the name, nothing will change. Notino still offers perfume pereki. If you love vintage products or you can get on what smell, this page can have your dreams. I would seem almost unreal.

Good is known for those who love niche perfumes - the price offer is fantastic, and the selection of perfumes does not disappoint.

You will find here brands that are looking for popular drugstores or most online stores. And most importantly, their prices do not make a shot.

However, there is one issue that is with a shadow, if it's about notino. In my long -year -old customer experience , I will receive expired perfumes three times .

Of course - the thesis that the perfume was lost in the liska. In practice, these perfumes do not want to get out of their counterparts before the vanocy. But despite everything, since in Zaoenie and officially what the date of the vanocy is, it is simply inelegantly sending the client perfume after her.

Of course, after harvesting this matter, I was immediately replaced by the product on the Wiey and nobody makes me problems with it.

Since Iperfums, notino will not have been to expired perfumes yet, and we have already 2024.

However, if this situation happens to you, you can always complain. Notino has a very atw procedures and you don't need a lot waiting for a decision.

Does notino have original perfumes?

Yes, the whole range on the site is original products .

Many people wonder why notino is so cheap and SKD these low prices? There are fears whether original perfumes or subrins sold in the store S sold.

A notino perfumeri will work a multitude of concerns - Chocyby L'Oreal, to whom you belong, of course, L'Oreal Paris, but those lancme, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. There is no speech that the perfumes sold on this page are subrots.

How can we read:

"We have existed on the market since 2004, at this time we will slip ten thousand customers. If I sold non -original products - it would have been detected a long time ago. In this case, I would have not only problems with state institutions, but also manufacturers would immediately bring us sd processes. Our duplicate uptake Along with the constant development, the evidence of the high quality of our services and the goods we sell. "

I have never had the interpretation or original products purchased . As a perfume of notino, nothing is sold from those sold in other perfumeries. Rica is only in the price.

Why prices on notino s often niche than other perfumeries?

Why are perfumes in Notino cheap? This is possible for several reasons.

Cross-Border, or internet cross-border trade

There is a phenomenon called Cross-Border on the perfume market. It consists of this, ez poorer countries, it is transported to richer countries.

Rnica in prices between these countries is huge, which is why the price is also a poor niche in the price in the target country. In this way, from which the perfume was brought, he earns and the customer saves in the last output.

Notino is worshiped by the international SPKI

Notino Store - even when the functioning one under the names of iPERFUMA - is worshiping the Czech giant, which has its own online stores in many countries. This significantly makes him changes in the place of splash of perfume data, even if a change in the distribution country enters into a gr.

A quick development of the store in Europe to the reason why Iperfums are notino. The unified name in all countries allows notino construction of more customer trust.

When I still live in Wosze, I often order perfumes on the local version of Iperfuma. I am slightly sad to notice that the prices are vitamin in Poland. And it was not just about perfumes, but also cosmetic for Makijau and the pilgrimage of the Skra.

It will sell online

It is worth making comments, opposite to Sephora and Douglas, notino has not many stationary stores. This means that he does not have to pay for renting premises and salaries of employees working in them.

It should not be exaggerated with exaltation about the prices of perfumes on Notino, because it happens to me, I will buy perfumes in a similar, and sometimes even niche price at Amazon.

So you have to say that the perfume on notino is cheap, but these other perfumeries are simply expensive and impose high mare.

Is it worth buying notino testers? What is Rni from normal perfumes?

Form cheap perfumes, in the perfumery notino you can still buy tashes testers. They are usually perfume bottles with the largest capacity, which is packed in ordinary, white cardboard and do not have a cork.

I had when, such a purchased fragrance tester Marc Jacobs Lola. Although the perfumes themselves would be quiene, the bottle is not present so much without a characteristic cork flower.

When testers on iPERFUMA are very cheap, that's why they gain a lot of popularity and they'll put this online store in our country. Currently, notino testers are not tasha from normal perfumes. Recently, I have noticed that they are available for niche and drugstore perfume testers.

Moreover, often perfumes are available in the form of a tester - the shop sales pennocial perfumes and now has a tester on offer. This is a wind opportunity to hunt rare or super popular perfumes.

Ultimately, testers are worth buying if their price is a lot of niche than the price of normal perfumes.

How long does it last and how much does shipping from Notino cost?

Delivery does not take a long time. However, not whether we choose a personal reflection or parcel, we need to wait 24 to 72 hours for the product.

Shipping from Notino takes place most often the same day (if zoysz zoście to 12, otherwise the next case), and the delivery takes another two days.

Delivery costs are broken depending on how we choose. For courier parcel, we will burst 13.90 Z, and for deliveries to the parcel locker 9.90 Z.

Its parcel with a value of over 100 zotych are to be picked up for free in a stationary store and a pickup point . However, if it is worth buying, it does not exceed this amount, you will push 4 from

Delivery prices are standard - as in other online stores. Of course, except for the abbot in 4th height.

It is true that Sephora and Douglas usually offer free parcels, but the price of perfumes is much lounge.

Iperfuma perfumery often organizes promotions for shipping and notino continues this custom. Usually free delivery applies to bestsellers with a capacity of than 30 ml. Sometimes I will reduce the cost of delivery at a large poll - above 600 zotych. However, this is not the norm.

If it comes to the forms of patnocy, the abbot from the game only applies to shipping. When picking up, we can burst cards or cash.

In what cities does notino have stationary stores?

Notino stationary shops recently uros in SI.

Just a few years ago I am receiving my polling from the Warsaw Iperfuma point at Sienna, today shops are scattered around Poland.

More than more is not only parcel collection points, as was a few years ago. Now Notino has stationary stores in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdasku, Wrocaw, Katowice and Owzi. You will not only pick up your freezing there, but you will use these testw perfume and buy products, as in a classic drugstore.

It will be ahead of the question: cosmetic prices in a stationary store will not run from those in the online store .

I will present a map from the official website where you will find cities and specific locations of all Notino stationary stores.

Notino or Douglas, Sephora or E-Blymour: which perfumery is the best?

In my ranking of the best online perfumery , Notino ranks first.

Notino vs Douglas

I choose notino without hesitation, but of course Douglas perfumery has its pros.

The first of them are numerous stationary stores, where you can test perfume before buying. Notino's answers are the moles of washing and a return within 90 days (in Douglas you have 30 days to return the unpacked perfumes).

Another season of seasonal dismissals, during which you can be overwhelmed by a 50 % perfume. With this, ES One organized only a few times a year and even after overestimating the perfume is often a little bit of a notino.

Notino vs Sephora

I choose Notino once again. It is true that Sephora has an interesting loyal program with 20% dismissal several times a year, but prices on Notino S definitely niches.

Sephora, like Douglas, offers a reimbursement within 30 days (online pollution is also returned in a stationary store). A big plus is the 3 free perfume prbek to the fall.

Notino vs e-glamour

E-Glymour is the internet perfumery closest to Notino.

In both stores you will find perfumes of mskie and women's, PRBs and perfume testers, but also other cosmetic products. In both, ultimately you can choose perfumed water, toilets or a colossus. All cosmetics and perfumes are original and their prices are low.

On the e-glamour website you will find numerous promotions, and every week the price of one product is lowered, but I admit that Notino has more attractive prices and more frequent promotions.

If I am able to grant a bonus point chosen perfumery, he will do to the notino account for the return of open perfumes within 90 days.

How will it return and exchange perfumes with Notino?

Wedug of Polish law, you can buy it online without giving a reason to 14 days from the date of purchase. On Notino you can do it in 90 days.

Remember, however, that the cosmetic is not a clothing that can give or replace after a failed fitting. Therefore, usually online stores do not accept unpacked perfumes and refuse to return the money.

It is different in the case of notino - you can unpack and tested perfume , and only then decide to return them or replace them.

If you use them several times before the return, notino will only give you the amount spent. Then resale the perfume you returned at a niche price.

This procedure only applies to perfumes. Cosmetics for MAKIJAU and PELIVATION - due to hygiene - can be returned or replaced only in intact packaging and not notified.

I do not know the second perfumery who has such a flexible policy regarding phrases and exchange. This is a huge plus and the best upon for the honesty of the company.

So how will he replace or return perfumes to Notino?

It is enough that you will publish a short return form and pour the product to the company's address of the company.

The form should be given to your names, and the name of the returned product. Your contact details (telephone number and e-mail address) and of course the bank account number on which the return transfer has been needed.

If you advertise the product, you have to describe these do you what was wrong. However, if you return it within 90 days after buying, you don't have to go on why you do it.

Mean, however, that you always abuse the spi -spi -pocket.

What are the promotions and discount coupons on Notino?

It is worth starting with the fact that even without promotion, the prices of perfumes are much niche than the competition. After all, practically every day on the Notino website, appear new price opportunities and banners with new promotions.

At the time when I write this text, the company offers me 35% of Versace products and 15% on Calvin Klein's perfume.

So to find what for yourself, just should be alert.

Discount codes are also sent to permanent customers, i.e. those who sign up for the newsletter notino.pl. The selected rebate code should be entered in the appropriate field when making a purchase.

On the website, the competitions in which the perfume will win.

Who knows, maybe now there is a chance to buy your favorite fragrance at a promotional price?

Perfumery notino reviews about the store (when iperfums)

Is it worth buying at Notino.pl ultimately?

Everything depends on your priority, but in my opinion the moles of buying original perfumes at a large price is indispensable.

In addition, it offers a wide range - home fragrances , niche and popular perfumes , as well as many cosmetic for the pilgrimage of Skra and Makijau. Kady will find what for herself ... and it's cheaper.

The site is trusted, it does not make problems with phrases and do not snap customers, which is why the viewer does not contraindicate that instead of traditional perfumery choose notino.pl. She has been doing it for years.

Are you still wondering if notino sells subrbki? The perfumery of Duga has been working on the trust of its clients, because on the market since 2004, and in Poland since 2006. See the video that summarizes the brand's activity in Europe (he has fragments from the impressive magazine and the headquarters of the main brand).

The only downside may be the issue of the term perfume wanocy, which I notice when notino still works as iperfums. As I recall, three times I will receive an expired perfume, but the store never makes me problems with exchanges for the world.

Since you buy perfumes in this store, a lot will change: in 2024, deliveries are much faster and tasha. Return policy is very customer -friendly and the prices remain competitive.

In addition, the Notino team is fantastic - suy advice not only by phone and in shops, but you can contact employees also through chat on the site.

This is definitely my favorite online purchase place. On Notino Mona finds the best perfumes at the lowest prices.

Krtko, my opinions about the notino s store positive and can with a clear conscience fly the perfumeri of each .