Calabrian bergamot

Heart note
lavender, Elemi, Syczuaski pepper, pepper, geranium, lavender, patchouli, vetiver

Base note
Ambroxan, wood notes

Dior Sauvage - Dziki. This is a man who is trying to bypass the common watercourse. He is not afraid of crossing the borders, provided that he finds what he is looking for.

It is natural, generous, spontaneous. The fragrance inspired by dry, rocky soil, wild animals and rolls, which heats up under the desert soce. It is village and noble.

Sauvage in reality is more unconventional than wild ... in any case it is a sweating and intoxicating smell in which Msko collides with root and earthy shocks.

To create Sauvage perfumes, Franois Demachs go beyond his workplace: "Perfumes do not create in the laboratory, inspirations are found outside it," he said.

He is looking for raw fragrances that lies in our subordinates, such as the smell of juice, laundry, lavender or hot soil.

When he finds his treasures, he will create a composition for a man with two faces : one infinite Mska, the other with the expression of sodium soda.

"To create a sauvage, with a ciao man. A wildly wild, pure, msko of this smell. This is a picture of a man beyond time." Said Franois Demachy.

Fragrance notes and a description of the smell: How does Dior Sauvage smell?

Sauvage is mainly made of bergamot and an aromatic note of ambroxan. A lot of pepper and Pima have been added.

That the abducted sauvage, with other fragrances to Bleu de Chanel - has the same universal character. It reminds me of some of the Mont Blanc legend and other Dior fragrances: Dior Homme Eau. Sauvage, however, is stronger and silence is not all of them.

Gesture notes

The first moments of Sauvage S dominated by Bergamot and Pepper. These fragrance notes are suspended where the soda, the world and the spray in the wind.

By using well -known materials combined with the effect of pureness, it is impressed that Sauvage has been designed for a modern man, without whether it is wild or not.

Heart notes

Heart notes are sprayed with a bushy vet and rough notes of the Sichasy and Dutch pepper. Dry lavender dominates here - a flower, which a long time ago has been cut out of its essence, leaving drought behind. The wild composition is more harsh.

Base notes

When Sauvage is heading towards the blanket, it mixtures to a state that is far from the opening notes. The patchouli on the Skra is subtly stocked, and the smell of wood lasts close to the Skra. However, the most characteristic is Ambroxan, which introduces the characteristic, balsamic chords in the heart.

Franois Demachy offers a fragrance placed between the rural and nobility. Mona will accuse him of a lot - E is predictable, similar to many other compositions on the market, there is no spark of originality. However, he is not able to refuse one thing - he is fantastic for women , these.

Dior sauvage toilet water reviews: Who was it created for? How does it fit? Is it lasting?

The history of these perfumes begins in 1966, the first Mskian fragrance of the brand - Eau Sauvage. "Wild Water" represents the true face of the mocket, it is the smell of a new freedom . After many reinterpretations, he creates sauvage, and its character refers to pure instinct, this thin line of brutal and nobility .

He invites you to show the true face and search for himself. "Wild" is the smell of sophisticated, instinctive and sweaty people.

Despite such ZAOE, this fragrance is safe and universal. You can get him to work, as well as unofficial circumstances. It fits the elegant suit at the official acceptance and jeans during a weekend trip out of town.

His character ley is a delivery of winter fragrances and summer compositions, which is why it will work perfectly in transparent seasons - spring and autumn . Although he has a smaller temperament ni terre d'Hermes and is not so kidnapping, it also works well during the day.

Kidnaping other toilet waters, this is excellent. It stays on Skra about 7-8 hours. Applied even in a reasonable number, it spreads to a significant distance. Ogally, the parameters of the smell are really good.

Dior Sauvage Edt: Is this the right smell for you?

Sauvage is a scent that plays Knan Melodi, but plays it well. The idea of ​​a vast horizon, a bkita sky above the Jasne Skami is great.

Sauvage is not as classic as some of the more iconic diora fragrances , but this was not an indication of these perfumes.

Although it is not as remote and eccentric as Johnny Depp, it fits a lame, without age, type of work and circumstances performed.

If you are wondering if the Sauvage toilet water will be the right smell for you, you will find the answer:

Yes - if you are looking for a fragrance that belongs to a group of classic, Mskania compositions. If you like it and spicy fragrance notes. If you want an elegant perfume for mocz, but without exaggeration. If you are looking for a perfume that you can get out of the circumstances and the lev that you can.

No - if you want it smells characteristic. If you require perfumes more. If you usually sit for niche perfumes. If if you are looking for perfumes at a low price.

See these KRTK Recensza Personal Water Dior Sauvage

This perfumed water is the premiere of 2023. It has been enriched with fragrance notes of vanilla, anuu and muscatoes. The wild smell will gain more and more, and Cao is a bit more ripe.

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