Did you wonder when, what are the fragrance notes? What is the rice between the base notes, hidden notes and heart notes? How will the fragrance notes of the perfume recognize? In this article I answer all these questions.

Fragrance notes are the smallest frequency of perfumes. These are single where to create perfume compositions, for example lemon, jamin or zander.

Due to their oxidation, three groups of fragrances are released - guestine notes , heart notes and base notes .

Women's perfumes as well as Mskie perfumes from many fragrances and accords of roller, animal or synthetic origin. It is estimated that the perfumers have about 1,500 where at their disposal.

In addition, the composition of the classification in a wide category called fragrances.

If you want to match the best perfume for your personality and style, you have many things to smuggle. If you understand the basic principles of the fragrance composition, you will be a step to buying a perfume that you really love.

What are the fragrance notes of perfumes?

The fragrance composition of the perfume is built on the pyramid. In her gem, there are rne fragrance notes, which have time of life. This means that some of them escape faster, others need time and the right temperature to be able to feel them.

There are three groups of fragrance notes that correspond to the three phases of perfume development: game notes , family notes of the heart and the lower notes of the base .

Gesture notes

The notes are felt immediately after spraying the skra with perfumes. The the widest of all used in the composition and escape the fastest - usually disappear to several minutes after application.

Typical notes of guests are: wrapping, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, shit, myth. Sometimes these more durable notes appear, which go to the heart of the smell: bergamot, basil, neroli, coriander or lemon grass.

Gowy notes have the task of creating the first impression, it is a visit to the perfume data. Their task is to introduce us to the story told by the smell; May intrigue, it wakes up curious.

Forming our attention must be prepared for the preparation of scenes for the following notes of the heart.

In some perfumes, the notes can remain for several hours, but eventually they have to pass over. For this reason, their bases are the widest essential oils of all used in the composition.

Gowy notes are the first element of the unique architecture of a given composition. It will not see them, but you can easily sensitize their electrifying smell.

Heart notes

The radio notes of the heart of the basics of each composition - it accounts for 40% to 80% of the whole smell and stay on the Skra from two to four hours after applying the perfume. S sensitive immediately after the volatile notes were passed.

The most commonly used are: geranium, lavender, rosemary, coriander and muscatov tasty. Here, there are notes that stay large and can go to the fragrance base: ra, ylang-ylang, jamin, ginger.

Heart notes are pleasant, mixture and frankly. Their smell is large more complicated than this creation notes, but it is not as much as in the database notes.

The radio notes are the heart of the whole smell that has a belief and kidnap in a intoxicating vortex and aromas. In a sense, work as a buffer, improving the base of the base, which will sound on the blanket.

Base notes

Base notes are the third and last phase of perfume development. Freak off the slowest - sometimes they are felt on the Skra even after 12 hours. The base is the last 10-25% of the whole composition and resounds only after all the racing of all the other notes.

Fragrance oils used in the base are usually cut and gbokie, wild wildcare, the smell of the smell on the Skra. It's also the most oils of all. These include: cedar and zander tree, incense, vetocy, vanilla, patchouli, dbowy moss and screech, amber, pimowe chords.

The notes of the base have the task of getting the composition and decide about the eruption of the smell of perfumes at the blanket itself.

Linear perfumes and perfume pyramid

There are compositions that do not change in time and do not have three different stages of development. We are talking about linear fragrances, which can be the same for all the time - from the moment of application on the SKR to the tsarist evaporation of all fragrances.

In turn, non -linear fragrances are those that I overwhelm above - describes them by the pyramid, and their smell changes with the uptime of time.

Both types of perfumes have use.

The linear fragrance is most often clean and it will not surprise you in the day. It may turn out to be a good choice when you get away from work and do not want a few hours after applying the perfume smells of Gbokim Pim.

In turn, the opposite action may be a shot in a decades, for example on a date - a pleasant citrus that develops into a velvet aroma of vanilla and lavender will be your fragrance ace in rkawa.

What is a perfume chord and what is the case from the fragrance?

The chord is a starting of a few fragrance notes that together create a new fragrance. For example, the starting of mandarin, grapefruit and wire creates a citrus chord that smells of soup differently than each other from these notes separately.

Many specialists refer to a musical analogy, which is very accurate. The fragrance note is like a single note in music. When it is played separately, it sounds different than a musical chord, which is a combination of at least three notes.

Once created, the chord often duplicates when creating various perfumes. Their proven action goes hand in hand with elasticity. It is enough to change a single element to make the chord to a different aroma.

Popular chords include, among others: aldehyde, ambra, span, spice, fruity, citrus, water, pima, powder and green.

Summing up, the chord or in yourself rne fragrance notes. However, the start of various chords is even more than a group - a fragrance family.

Fragrance families of perfumes

The fragrance family is the most frenzy of the perfume classification system. Each perfume smell has dominant characteristics, based on which we can be able to do it in a particular group.

We release seven fragrance families: flowers, oriental, know, Paprocoow, Gourmand, Szyprow and Drzewn.

Just like the family, this fragrance could be presented in the form of a tree with many shitting. You will find a short description of each of them.


The group of this group includes 5 subcategories: floral, spice, amber, woody and web. Each subgroup offers slightly Inn Wo, but all characterize gbokies, sensual and warm smells of the orient.

Spices, Pima, Kadzida and Ywice, Heliotrop, zander tree - even modern oriental compositions are strongly rooted in the oldest history of perfumes.


Flower perfumes are the most characteristic and most popular fragrance family. You will recognize them after the first minutes, because the garden is a gardened in the inmer summer.

In floral perfumes, most often dominate: jamin, peony, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, magnolia and mimosa.

The floral family is really laid because it grows with perfumes with notes of spices, fruit, pima and aldehydw.


Corpoic fragrances are warm and dry. Almost all of them built in a woody, infamous chord of bergamot, dbowy moss, patchouli and labdanum. Commercial compositions can contain these sodium fruit and flowers.

Szypry comes from Roman times, and Chympre as the name of the chord is often used in the perfumes of the eighteenth century perfumes.

If you want to know the most beautiful smells, see my ranking of chypery perfume .


Wood perfumes are warm and mysterious. They are created by the fragrance notes of zander and cedar trees, Oud, Maho, and also ywice, patchouli and vetocy. S is perfect for an evening out when you need a strong smell.

If you want a composition with a gbokim smell of wood, see the most sudden perfumes with zander .


Citrus, green and water subgroups enter the scenes from the family. This is a group of fragrances liked to be fed, Energa and Ywioowo.

The fragrance notes of the perfume are associated with the grass, Morsk Bryz and the collected citrus. It will make you feel the tribute and additional energy cunnings.


This is the latest family in the omniscience of perfumes. The precursor by Angel Thierry Mugler and from that time dessert notes are very popular.

Caramel, chocolate, cotton candy, coffee, almday, pralines and almost always abundant portion of vanilla - Gourmand S perfumes warm and it's best to work during more vile days. Look

Fougere (fougere)

Fougere fragrances - from French means the smell of ferns - built around the same pattern. Make the notes of lavender, geraniums, vetocy, bergamot, dbowy moss and coumarin. Traditionally, it is used in perfumes for the BD unisex.

If you want to get more information, see perfumesott articles (in English) and Olfastora (in French), who describe the staff of the families and its descending.

Fragrance notes of the most popular perfumes for women and mins

Lancme la vie est belle
  • Gowy note: blackcurrant, pear
  • Heart note: iris, jamin, the flower will be afraid
  • Base note: patchouli, tonka beans, vanilla, praline
Hugo boss boss bottled
  • Gowy note: Liwka, dbowy moss, apple, lemon, bergamot, geranium
  • Heart note: maho, tanny, cinnamon
  • Base note: zander tree, olive tree, vanilla, vetocy, cedar

Although the fragrances will not see, they are ubiquitous and penetrate all aspects of our life. In the book The Scent of Desire, Rachel Herz describes a wide, but almost cautious impact, what smells have for our mood, health, well -being and ability to stimulate.

Herz writes: We treat the fragrance as worth our attention only when or what is what matters to us. When we come across a smell for the first time, in our MZGU nervous endings arise, which make us start with this fragrance with some emotions ...

This short guide will help you read perfumes, you will choose the best for you.