Do you want to smell exceptional and unknown? Stwrz Wasn unique composition. See how he will make a perfume at home step by step. See the rules for creating homemade perfumes.

Do you know that the smell can put in a good mood, evokes pleasant memories and moves for a moment in the soup another place where the senses will be wrapped in subsequent aromas again and again?

Why is it not preparing your composition? Homemade perfumes are natural and output as opposed to store perfumes. You know what is in them, you can play with proportions and you create the smell signed with your personalities and individualism. Sounds cool, right?

You have many misconduct: vanilla, lavender perfumes, wood perfumes, citrus perfumes, from flowers. Only your imagination limits you.

Check how home -made DIY perfumes of enfleurageu methods, based on alcohol or ethereal oils, and feel output, arousing the delight of the OSB surrounding you.

Like a component fragrance

The basics of every perfume is a fixative that the task is to reduce fragrances. Wild boars of this skying olfactory impression are gradually refined slowly revealing notes. The most easily accessible is jojoba oil, instead of it can be also uy Ambra, Pima or Ywica.

The next step when creating perfumes is natural essential oils. Each composition is released from three fragrances: a note of base, a note of heart and a hint note that creates a pyramid of fragrances together.

  • Base notes

The notes of the base are slowly escaping and constitutes 10-25% of the composition. These oils are usually cut and felt on the blanket itself, even after 12 hours after spraying. Good bases s wood oils, patchouli, skra, vetocy, vanilla oil.

  • Heart notes

Heart notes of the perfume chord and sound right after the passage of the notes. S pleasant and constitutes 40-80% of the whole composition. The most often used notes of the heart smells of flowers, you can
lavender, ry, ylang ylang.

  • Gesture notes

Gowy notes are very fleeting and noticeable oils immediately after spraying. The game of the game is a kind of perfume visit, after which the whole composition is evaluated. Although you stay on the Skra only for a dozen or so minutes, seduce your nose and sustain the smell to discover. Citrus and herbal notes are most often used.

After composing your unique fragrance pyramid, the bottle should be supplemented with alcohol and cao shots. The perfume prepared in this way is recommended to set aside for about 6 weeks to make the smells be allowed and obtaining the composition.

Cream, oil or alcohol -based perfume

Alcohol is one of the main components of most shop perfumes. But there is no need at home. How does perfume without alcohol do?

A good idea is a natural perfume in the cream that bases on the constant inxes, wild to spread. They are more durable than traditional smells. Losing intensively only after washing or clash. It is best stored in dark containers - necklaces with a secretary will be perfect.

Oil -based perfumes are closed in dark bosom bottles, it can be with an atomizer for the easier application. Interested in the duration of such home perfumes, they are also important to pilidly

Alcohol -based perfumes are the most durable. The alcohol base is intensified to the smell, but therefore such perfumes are also less long -lasting, because evaporate faster from the Skra. They are tilted the most, because it is enough to spray the SKR mixture that should be stored in a glass bottle or bottle.

How does a flower perfume will

Natural DIY perfumes from flowers are made enfleurageu methods. This is the oldest way to get the given smell, although it is not commercially used for a long time because of the time on the time and is abbreviations. Enfleurage is a maceration of flowers in carcasses and the flowers are used rather strongly. Lim to describe how a perfume of different flowers will make a step by step: jamin, ry, elderberry, fioooks, lavender or other fragrant rolls.


  • Tusz (it could be animals, lard, refined coconut oil, refined shea mass, cocoa masses)
  • Selected flowers (e.g. without lilac, jamin, fragrant fioek, tuberose)

What you need:

  • strip
  • n

In the case of a animal in soake:

  • Pot with gorc water
  • A bowl (to the water)

Method of execution:

1. When creating fragrances, you need to prepare the tool first. You must remember that he should be odorless, so refined oils will work best. If you use the oat of the animal or lard, it is worth first heats it to get rid of all fragrances. Boil water in a pot and put a bowl with a ink. Heat on a small fire for about 10 minutes, and then tear.

2. Pour the prepared tort in the belt dish and wait, and it will freeze. This is very important because he must have forms. You don't need a large one, a 0.5 cm thick layer is enough. If you use coconut oil, pour it into the dish and set aside in the ice. Finally, cut the tool to create a ROMBW retard.

3. Time for flowers. You need to know your perfumes, but dry flowers. The remarks are not on them, because they may cause pomade. We put the flowers next to the other fragrances to the Dou so that they touch the in so that they are touched. Cao, we cover the Ciereczk and do it in a dry and darkened place until the time, and Zachidn (most often after 24-48 hours). At that time, the act should be repeated. We do it until, and the tool will smell well with the smell of flowers. However, individual issues are intensively.

4. The next step is to collect flowers and scrape the carcass from the vessel. Pomads should be soaked to the soic or container and tightly close them. Store a dark, walking place. Her term vanoci is about a few months.

Now, when you know how to make a natural perfume in cream, you can use it, rub a little behind your ears and in places where blood pulsates, e.g. rifles, neck or okci.

How does alcohol -based perfume

Creating your own perfumes based on alcohol is a wind alternative to commercial fragrances, which smells many women and men. Homemade perfumes are output and tailored to your preferences. Contrary to appearances, composing them is not complicated at all, and the fun in an alchemist can be erected with olfactory elation.

Here's what is preparing and how the scent of alcohol will do.


  • 15 ml of jojoba oil or sodium almond oil
  • 70 ml ethanol (e.g. Widka)
  • Essential oils :
  • 7 drops of base notes (cinnamon, patchouli, cedar tree, vanilla, zander tree)
  • 7 drops of heart notes (muscato, geranium, tettlement, lemon grass)
  • 7 drops of notes (jamin, lavender oil, bergamot, orchidaa, ra, lemon)
  • 2 yaks of distilled water (it may be the water)

What you need:

  • A bottle from Zakrtk
  • funnel (optional)
  • coffee filter
  • A bottle with a dark sick atomizer

Method of execution:

1. Pour jojoba oil into the bottle (or sodium almond oil). It is important to make a container made of a dark shaft, because the world can be negatively covered with the smell.

2. Then add selected essential oils. Start with the most intense base notes (the basic note will last on the nun). Then add the notes, i.e. notes of the heart. On the blanket, animal the compositions of the horses, which will be a visit to the Paddida.

3. Now it's time for alcohol. Pour 70 ml ethanol into the bottle.

4. Close the bottle and shock vigorously for a few minutes. Then set aside in a dry and dark place for a minimum of 48 hours. However, most perfumers recommend waiting for 6 weeks, because you need so much time for perfumes to get well at intensity.

5. Add to the composition of 2 yki distilled (or rdlane) water and shock again.

6. Prepare a coffee filter and discharge the perfume through it, pouring it into the previously prepared bottle with an atomizer (this will make the application of perfumes).

7. You can also decorate the bottle at your discretion. In the blanket it is a fragrance signed with your individualism. It is worth enriching it with an aesthetic element.


Alcohol -based perfumes quickly escape, but you can fix the smell, adding glycerin to the YK bottle.
If the perfume of the eye is too intense, you can get a little water to them.

How the oil will make a perfume

Natural, ecological perfumes prepared with oils are permanent and do not tear the scrach, even the very impressed one. Tusta, the consistency of such perfumes, makes you keep a lot, and warmly scribe strengthens them intensively. In addition, he has pilgrimage values. What do you want more? See how he will make its own perfume from the oil.


  • 1 yka jojoba oil (approx. 15 ml)
  • 1 yka beeswax
  • 40 drops of essential oils :
  • Citrus fragrance - wrapping, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, lymphita, freesia
  • Flower-oriental fragrance -patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon, apricot, white grapefruit, wrapping, ylang-ylang
  • Oriental-tone fragrance -patchouli, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, bergamot, white grapefruit, wise, pekaan, mirrrh

What you need:

  • beaker
  • A bottle from Zakrtk
  • May pot

Method of execution:

1. Dry in a pot be bees (on a small heat), then pour jojoba oil into it.

2. Pour the mixture to the previously prepared beaker and slowly measure selected essential oils. Pour about 40 drops, play with proportions depending on which smell has the most intense and the least.

Memorial that some aromas are naturally stronger, so moderation is the basics. It is better to add one and more, if necessary, it will add more and smells with smells, which in turn will impose their intensity, creating unutifically.

3. Pour the composition into a glass bottle from Zakrtk (preferably from a dark sieve) and shock so that all the where the where the where the skippers are well mixed.

4. Set aside your perfume in a dark and walking place for at least a few days. During this time, the oils began to be supplemented, creating your own remote smell.

The consistency of the perfume will be worshiped, chosen than the Padnide, to which we are used to. That is why you can spray or rub into sensitive places on the body and waits, and Molekuy pleasantly wrap your senses.

Perfumes for an olfactory visit that says a lot about you. You can focus on a pki shop or preparing your composition. I describe how to make his perfumes step by step. How you choose a mixture and methods depending on you. Good luck.