Decide to buy a fragrance, you want to have it not forged. But how will he check if the perfume is original? Can it be checked if the perfume is original after the code?

There are a few simple ways to have a subrin from the original perfumes. First of all, analyze how the packaging looks. Secondly, the remarks on the bottle. Thirdly, test the smell itself and check its prices.

Although it is more likely that you will find counterfeit perfumes in the bazaar, they can be carefully made subrins in many perfumery.

The purchase of counterfeit perfumes not only makes us become victims of fraud, but these can harm our health.

See 7 ways how to buy original Mskie and women's perfumes.

How will he check if the perfume is original or is it a subryer?

1. The perfume box

The box is the first element to pay comments on, if you want to effectively grow the original perfume from the subrin. Look at the inscriptions, print and foil.

As inscriptions and print

It will find that the perfumes are fake, if in their name or description on the packaging of the letter or will be grammatical. In the original perfumes you will never find this type of blam.

Rnica in the name of the fragrances does not have to be a significant, because even when only a single letter or accent, the producer of the perfume is probably avoided by responsibility for stuffing.

If you do not notice any BDW in spelling, analyze how the remaining prints look.

All texts on Podój s written characteristics for the data of the font perfume and printed in the right color . If the packaging is in this respect from the original, you are definitely dealing with subrbk.

In addition , all areas in the original perfumes. If decorative elements were placed on Pudópe, they are symmetrical and made of high quality materials.

All mae inscriptions and bar codes should be printed and legible.

See in the photo beyond how careful are all markings in the original perfumes on the left. You notice these BD in the recycling sign in the subrbka on the right - the back of the colors of the arrow. Memorial that the black arrow is always on the game.

Consistent information

The information on the packaging must agree with the official ones on the manufacturer's website. Check the place of perfume production, where wherever and capacity.

If perfumes are sold on the official website in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles, and you have 75 ml in RK, it is probably a subrub.

Where the perfume

Where will the perfume help you quickly check if the perfume is original. Analyze the lists of the skills, correctly their spelling and the way they are distributed.

Although the font is often used to write down and its size are very similar in the original and counterfeit perfumes, they are most often both lists of people used in a kind of licked.

In addition, some of them may be saved incorrectly (for example, salicylate benzyl). Thirdly, lists of the original perfumes and subtrains can be distributed by the composition of the liasting.

While the graphic representation of the list will be difficult to verify when purchasing, you can find a duplicate list of skills on the manufacturer's official website. If the perfume is wreak, they are certainly counterfeit.

Foil on Podkój

Check as a cellophane foil. In the original perfumes it is perfectly transparent, clean and quite thick. He must put on the box in such a way that the packaging does not move.

A good ovable box is one of the signs that may show that we are dealing with counterfeit perfumes.

Simple foil

If the foil is made in an unattractive way (too wide, non -large or too much glue), perfumes are probably not original.

In the original perfumes of the foil, as well as the cellophane itself, always flawless.

Cardboard protection of perfumes in the family

The cardboard protection of the perfume is supposed to protect the bottle against cooling by keeping it still in Pudój. Most often, even when you take your pack with packaging, the perfume 'do not fly' in the middle.

Even if the role of mounting is only technical, it is made of high quality cardboard. The manufacturer cares about his apparent appearance - colors, symmetri, simple.

Before you draw conclusions, remember about two things.

First of all, many original perfumes do not have an official packaging . I am talking about so -called testers that have the same as original products, but are packed in technical packaging. It should not be forgotten that though testers are best suited for personal use, we are unlikely to give them to anyone as a gift.

Secondly, there is some probability that the packaging has been damaged as a result of incorrect transport . Distributors operating via the Internet very often use the courier companies. Although the shop and transport company take care of the safety of the shipment, it can happen, the perfume box will be damaged during transport.

2. Flakon

If the packaging is not aroused by your suspicion, check the bottle. That the original perfumes from the subrbek, the remark of the bottle, the color of the perfume, cork and atomizer.

Invoice and a thistle of the bottle

The bottle must look great - its surface should be repaired, without bullets and bibbw in glass, without casting defects and color changes. The inscription should be marked, without any streaks.

Perfume color

When checking the original perfume, assess the color of the liquid itself. Basically, the color of the perfume is natural or darkness. Sometimes greenish, darried or lilac shades are obtained for the help of dye. This can be deprived of her color, which was done for example in Chanel L'Eau.

Twj Niepokj should arouse a bright, chemical color. So if you see the perfume of a well -known brand in an unusual color for them, in no case do not buy them.

Fake perfumes may be darker and more intense in color. Moreover, most often a way to write the brand logo and the name of the perfume will be from the original.

There is one detail, which we usually do not pay attention to, and it is crucial when checking the original perfumes - an atomizer.


The atomizer can tell us really about perfumes. The original perfumes have a thin tube, which gently touches the bottom. In the subrin, the tube is much thicker and the boot is mismatched to the bottle's height.

If you look at the pompk (this is the biaa czy, which is a biaa, which is a biaa, which is a hood). In the original it is obviously invisible.

This remarks on the Atomizer nozzle - a particularly its color, thistle and method of action. You can ask for a seller for a test. If the atomizer is pouring during application, perfumes are certainly counterfeit.

Atomizers in the original perfumes are usually really good quality and have several modes of work. Dziki ago one spray can release a delicate or abundant clouds - depending on how much you cut the trigger.


A good way to check the original perfume is to analyze the cork.

The plug should perfectly belt to the bottle. It is impossible to turn the perfume to play with your legs.

The original perfume cork is usually symmetrical under each other. The output can be a perfume that is in thought of a lack of symmetry in the design of the bottle.

3. Perfume composition

The fragrance composition will allow you to grow up the original perfume.

Work perfumers on the smell of original perfumes. Although we like some more, others are less, they are all the result of the work of experts in this field. They do not have to add that reproduction of them 1: 1 is extremely difficult.

The composition is released with a notes of the head, heart and base. With a minute from the moment when we apply perfumes to SKR, its smell is changing. The widest fragrance notes of the worship of a few minutes, and after a few hours, the sheet of the base remain on the Skra. All Phases of the Frague projection differently, but each of them is planned with intention.

Forged perfumes, the original composition only reminds you to some extent. The twisted nose usually senses Rnni from the first minutes, less taught about 15-20 minutes.

The composition of counterfeit perfumes is sharper, more chemical and you will feel alcohol in it. Her postal fragrance, which she has resembles branded perfumes, disappears about 15 minutes and leaves chemical base substances that significantly grow from the original.

If you have the interpretation of the perfume's originality, never apply them directly on SKR , because the chemical substances are usually very low and can really harm to health . The laboratory research shows that the subhears can contain bacteria, cicie, toxic substances and even urine.

4. PERFUM bar code

Perfumes officially supplied to Poland are certified and in accordance with the requirements must be marked in the Polish address of the manufacturer, dates of vanoci and the barcode.

The bar code on the perfume packaging indicates the place and production time. It should be remembered that the same perfumes can be produced in various places in the world, and therefore the barcasts may have.

The bar codes of perfumes produced in France start with numbers 30-37, the code for English production is 50, German 400-440, Spanish 84, Woska 80-83, and American and Canadian 00-09.

You can check all the bar codes in the bar code search engine .

Mean, however, that this element will counterfeit the easily. It is easier to create a code in a graphic program, a producing bottle, create a subrbk packaging and will take care of the appearance of the perfume itself.

5. Serial number of perfumes

Without wt, checking the serial number of perfumes will help you with the original from the subribka, but in the high quality of the high quality this element is copied.

The serial number must be stamped or printed on the bottom of the cardboard box. It must coincide with engraved numbers or drained on the bottom of the bottle.

6. Price of perfumes

It is obvious that the branded perfumes are dros, but the low price does not always mean that you are dealing with subrbk. However, if you will find suspicious cheap perfume, keep ostrono.

Rnica between the stores can really be a stamp - for example for the women's chloe nomade perfumes in Sephora you will push 285 zotych, and notino 160 zotych (for the same capacity). However, both distributors are renowned and guarantee original products sold.

Some sellers offer 'pens' who present as perfume or perfume testers. This is very cheap and unfortunately very common perfumes . Without extending to the brand and smell, all are packed in the same, 20 or 30 ml bottles.

They are dangerous to health, so avoid them at all prices.

Producers of Podrbek are fraud. If it is still won, see the photo from the Warsaw police in the illegal perfume bottling plant in Pruszków.

All counterfeit perfumes spilled in shocking conditions and contains substances dangerous to health. Don't be deceived, never buy this type of fragrances.

7. Seller

The most effective way that the original perfumes from the subrin is to make purchases from proven sellers.

There are many types of shops selling perfumes, which is why it will be worth getting acquainted with the benefits and threats that are more important with them.

The safest commercial networks or the best internet perfumeries . In both cases, stores have certificates of originality, and besides, you can talk to employees, and even return the goods, if you have any wet.

Keep ostrono, do shopping on all kinds of bazaars, where you do not have the capacity of the return of the goods. Before buying, you will always do the perfume and at the same time you can try to contact the seller's contact details. You have useful, if you discover that perfumes are fake.

Do not hesitate to ask for specific seller asks on the basis of the information contained in this article. For example: can he find out what the serial number of this product is? Or can he ask for an overdue pics of bottle and Pudek?

Buying on platforms such as Allegro, it is worth checking the opinions about the seller and the product. Make sure that he will go through the verification. You will definitely gain wild boars that it will provide your contact information. Read the return policy, and if there is no one, ask the terms of the return. You have the right to refund the unwanted product for 14 days from its purchase.

From the composition, Pudzeka to the Flakon cork - every detail of the original perfume is smuggled. When you watch the fake perfumes, you'll find many low -button in them.

Give me in the commentary what techniques you use to get a subrbk from the original.