Dior Joy Fragrance notes

bergamot, mandarin

Heart note
ra, jamin, li blackcurrant, peach

Base note
zander tree, pimo, cedar, patchouli, benzo

What if he starts the most popular perfume in the world and create a now essence? In the christian Dior Joy by women's perfumes you will find your favorite fragrances of recent years.

Reading perfume reviews, I come across when to kidnap a business hotel. In such a hotel, you look the same - it is impeccably clean, it has neutral colors, an elegant coupling and swings, minimalist furniture. Which is not the soul and character.

I have never been confusing in this way about perfumes, I do not test Joy by Dior . Market research says that everyone loves citrus - Francois Demachy opens the smell Gorzk Frach. Flowers! All Kochajr and Jamin-Francois Demachy throws them into the heart in such a way that every one feels comfortable in them. The safest base you can imagine? Oh yes, Mikko zander trees wrapped in linen pimo - we take!

Joy by Dior is a really good perfume for women , because he drews with the achievements of other perfumes - make Mark Chanel to Blu. Unfortunately, they are picked up and therefore really boring.

How does the christian dior Joy by Dior perfumed water smell?

Vibrations flowers and fruits

In the notes, Rado is interpreted as a starting of bitter bergamot and soda mandarin saturated drops of aldehydw (I don't know about you, but I feel them).

In the heart of the smell of Joy Gwn, the essential Ra and the hypnotizing Jamin play. Fruit and flowers fragrance notes are mixed up and create a very pleasant, bright smell.

Creamy scarf with wood notes

The characteristic notes of the composition is zander tree. His talks, a creamy aroma, delightfully wraps around Mikki Shaw.

Czc Si with Cedre and Paczul moves to the forest. However, he has nothing to do with secrets and danger, while he is Bloga to Disney images with a bellfish.

Pimowy Spokj

Pima in perfumes can be problematic. One of them pressure on the animal, other purely pure and soap.

Biae Pima used during the production of Joy by Dior do not dominate, s rather like adding jamin. Sometimes it reminds me of Jadore Touche de Parfum.

He feels good with other notes, which in effect brings an intimate smell, like a delicate signature.

Many perfume reviewers say directly - Dior Joy is a funny and more universal version of Chanel Allure. I agree with them 100 percent!

Do not reflect the textures of the fragrances of this composition, but also a woody base. Even the contrast between sodki and cream notes is maintained. From the first to the last notes, you can take it to one of the largest Chanel perfumes.

Gwna Rnica consists in the intensity of all the composition. Dior Joy is a more transparent composition and much Janiejsza than allure. It has more splendor in the notes and hearts, and in the base there is less gsta and sodka.

The end of Dior Joy is enclosed by Mikki Pim and a creamy forest smell, not a soda of fluffy vanilla.

How does Dior Joy describe his Twrca, Franois Demach?

"The name fragrances would be known to me from the beginning, it would be the only determinant of my work. Interpretation Sowa Joy - Rado is a difficult task.

Rado is a feeling, it is a sentiment. Her perception is associated with the individual development of each of us, origin, cultures and current mood.

Rado is a very personal feeling, so I wasn't sure if her literal quarrel will be corresponding to the same way.

I am looking for reference, which will be the most happy about - for me it was wind. The village is much easier to interpret and most of us perceive them in the same way.

What is his being? It is rather a long wave than emotion, it was a wild for perfumes. That's my first approach.

The wind in the perfumes is ubiquitous, it is life, clear, sometimes it is even quoting. Such was my interpretation of the smell of Joy, which gives him energy. " - RDO

Christian Dior Joy reviews: Tests after tests

Wearing joy by dior on my Skra for a few days, two have been wrong with me - this is a transparent smell with a high quality.

Clean Dior Joy is above all a sparkling bergamot and mandarin . Re has a feminine sublime, and Jamin gives the composition of sonic and elegance.

Sandy tree makes the smell more talk and milk. Calp the base wraps the cream of clouds, and Rado stretches the smell of cedar and patchouli. Finally, Intymno Pima touches the most sensitive points of our soul.

I am convinced that Dior Joy will be a good smell not only for the Mionicians of Flowers, but above all for women who love fragrances. This fragrance will allow them to look stylish and add discrete elegance.

Women's perfumes Dior Joy by Dior have been packed in a large bottle that transports to the fantastic La Collection Privee and Cruise Collection line.

The name Dior Joy looks really elegant. He doesn't like ditches perfumes, but here this color with silver really impresses me. Believe that you will sell like a buchecz.

Jennifer Lawrence, new muse of Christian Dior's perfume

WRD producer is taking place eternal fight, which from known faces will be more income of the perfume ambassador.

This time Dior will focus on the mods - Jennifer Lawrence . The actress gains a huge popularly wild screening of the Mierci Games saga. Now we can admire J in advertising Dior Joy.

It is worth noting that this is one of the two trilogy that will get the heart of fashion in recent years. The second would be the twilight, and his stars - Kristen Stewart - is the face of the perfume of Chanel Gabrielle.

Of course, this fact could only be a coincidence, because Jennifer Lawrence will play in many other productions (among others Joy in 2024).

However, with so many transports to Chanel, he can not resist that there is no case here.

The name Joy by Dior - as the perfume giant market works

What time before the prime minister of the fragrance dior Joy perfume shelter circulates unexpected information that the LVMH concern, which controls, among others, Mark Christian Dior, also Jean Patou.

Jean Patou belonged rather as a niche - perfume and fashion. Gosia's afterdicing press release laconic, that this has a yard of her profile and add prestige.

Unfortunately, only weeks after the coil of this transaction, it is first known that the Dior brand releases new perfumes - Joy.

What or both these messages? The fact that Joy is the name of the most popular Jean Patou perfumes, and LVMH will buy it just because I don't have a problem with the names of his new Dior Joy perfumes.

It is sad that it is worth the commercial one perfume from the production giant is paralysis to the value of the whole niche brand.

Is it worth buying Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum?

Francois Demachy talks about the clarity of the composition, its versatility. He says about Dior Joy in such a way, as if these perfumes have souls. And in fact the recipe for Joy by Dior is very simple.

In the flower bed, the texture of the Chanel Allure textures, spicing the notes of light fruit, such as those from Gabrielle or Dior Jadore, and dip everything again in a warm allure base.

So why buy in wieś perfumes Joy by dior, if you can have their original from Chanel?

Because - if you have already said before - Dior Joy is a perfume for women who do not like perfume, but still want to smell them .

This is not a composition at all, on the contrary - it is really good. Components used during the production of May high as well mixed.

The only problem is that remind many other perfumes, but not everyone bothers. In addition, you will be elegant and loud as a gift or non -invasive smell to work.

If you do not like cickens perfumes - and Chanel Allure without turning such s - Dior Joy is a good proposition for you.