Coconut, Liwka, Morela

Heart note
Tuberose, Jamin, Brazilian Rane Tree, Ra, Cumin, Lily

Base note
vanilla, almday, pimo, zander tree

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison is a fragrance for the modern Vienna, who mastered the alchemi perfume and knows how poisons move.

It is like a dwarf dressed up in a ponder old woman. A bit of bitterness reveals that this is not a beautiful smell for innocent girls.

When Christian Dior presents his Hypnote Poison Eau de Toilette , the opinions of all would be consistent - this is a poison!

The crazy trio of vanilla, almond and coconut is transferred to a sodko-cream fairy tale, which lasts on Skra for a good 14 hours. I love them during lazy weekends and fall out with friends.

How does Hypnotic Poison Edt smell like?

Hypntic Poison is a cream-bexic oriental perfume that is enriched with spice aromas.

The official ride fragrance was built in contrast of four nasty chords : fluffy vanilla depicted in a duet with flesh-colored Pim, a bitter cumin and migda chord; Natural Jamin -large Jamin and wrapped Jakarand's wood.

You really, since the opening , there is a vanilla mass here . There is these bitter almid and ana, with all this camphoric aura is a carrier moved from the classic Poison. If you focus on the bitterness itself, you will definitely find this aroma of cumin. He may not be obvious, but gives hypnotic power.

Migdaw utility, to additionally emphasize the perfume soda, is a very smuggled deposit. In the vanilla kpiela, he takes me to my childhood when my grandmother bakes vanilla grandmothers and sprinkles them almonds. Sometimes I steal a few of her, and she for art is gonna with my suffering. But this analogy is deceptive ...

Do you sometimes read British criminay? Do you know what else smells of almond? Warm ... warm yes, the poison with the smell of almond is cyanide ! It seems to be accurate, to take into account the red bottle reminding the poisoned apple from the fairy tale Krlewna, in which the water toilets of hypnotic poison was closed.

After a quarter of an hour, the soda literally begins to burst. Vanilla seems drained from the leash. I am found here suggested flowers. However, it seems to me that the starting of such narcotic species as lily of the valley, tuberose, Jamin and Ra zt penetrating vanilla, create hallucinogenn clouds, which at the heart attacks with a double power.

I will honestly say that after reaching this state, the smell becomes linear. Nothing changes in it for many hours. I would like Hypnotic Poison Grao on my Skra, change melodies, present more instruments and nothing here. Well, it can be that the wooden chord begins more noticeable.

Only where Pimo appears at the blanket . In fact, it is extremely pleasant in vanilla. The problem is that you have to have a lot of long. And when it finally appears, it turns out that from today's perspective it is not unusual - the base is drunk, but not an amazing.

The toilet water Hypnote poison from Christian Dior is in my hierarchy in Rwni with kilers such as: Angel from Mugler and Black Orchid from Tom Ford or Kenzo Jungle.

Dior Hypnotic Poison Reviews: How do you wear? Who were they created for? Are you lasting?

Even a small amount of hypnotec poison perfume stays on my scratch record long - the base is felt at me even 14 hours after application. Such a result only with the perfumes of the largest caliber.

With this e Hypnotic Poison is more velvety than other fragrances, so even for those women who do not find in the tower really intense perfumes.

Perfect for what and for unofficial exits - its flashy tail is hardly presenting during elegant circumstances.

Hypntic Poison is a fragrance without a record . Certainly, sublime elegance and non -obvious soda like more mature women - in principle they are directed to them for these perfumes.

Girls will certainly be stunned by high quality - because this composition is relocated by the snaral years from today's sodium premieres (with Illct from Jimmy Choo and Lady Million from Paco Rabanne at the forefront).

See these other versions from the Dior Poison line:


Balsamic poison that tempts and charms his Gst Liwk and hypnotizing tuberoz.

Poison Girl

This is the poison of the Vedician fashion, which is still showing in Abach. Vanilla, Migday, Tonka.

Pure Poison

Poison for the summer: a lot of citrus and white flowers. The tail of these perfumes is jamin.

Hypntic Poison Edp

Hypnote poison perfumed water is primarily licorice, vanilla and tonka.