On this lithium you will find all the types of Christian Dior J'adore perfume. See which match the most.

Christian Dior loves women. By cae, his life creates a mod that emphasizes their beauty and natural elegance. This is what we contain a real revolution: the New Look trend, which will be born in 1947.

He followed the ambitions to give the feminine once again, in 1999 the fragrance of Dior Jadore was created. After today it is the best -selling Dior perfumes.

I create a letter to systematize all types of j'adore perfumes that have been created over the past three decades. The fragrances are chronologically, from the oldest to the latest version.

Some of them are no longer available in sales, others are converted by newer versions. These are those that are erected recently and enjoy huge popularity.

See the lard reviews of all J'adore perfumes and choose your favorite.

Dior j'adore types

Dior Jadore Eau de Parfum (1999)

Dior Jadore is a staggering smell

Jadore perfumed water is the quintessence of perfectly feminine. The smell itself is the embodiment of the style and nobility of the Dior style.

This fragrance, which is more than just a symbol of Paris finesse, speaks with its universal jet to women in all you know.

Jadore is a sonic essence that shows us the image of a firm and majestic woman, without a garden, he loves life.

Flower and fruity character of Jadore de Dior

Jadore de dior opens with a bee -haired and joyful chord of bergamot and mandarin. The roller smell of ivy of completing this duo.

Then a note of heart envelops feminine and vibrates close to the rice and large Jamin.

Powder elegance of a fioc or Si with the aroma of orchid and ylang-ylang. They are abundant in the finale of pimow and GBI fruit.

See PEN Recensza and opinions about Dior J'adore.

Dior J'adore Extrait de Parfum (2000)

Flowers, flowers, flowers

The first version of J'adore is a feminine quintessence, but not all of us are found in fruit soda. For these women, Franois Demachy will create J'adore Extrait de Parfum.

This bouquet of noble flowers has been enclosed in a bottle from the brand's stoves. It will satisfy all women who look for mature elegance.

Gsty smell of sensual r

The maximum concentration of where this composition is extremely intense. Its expressive character provokes and attracts.

The composition uses the absolute from the Studdle Fire and Damascus, which are known for its intoxication smell. For the bouquet of intensive ylang ylang and Jamamin large.

In the database, you mix the wood notes. The wild composition becomes warmer and even more reliable.

Dior Jadore Eau de Toilelette (2002)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Citrus show the summer face of Jadore

Jadore Eau de Toilelette is a very important and friendly smell. It will gain great popularity of women who consider water perfumed as too intense.

Creamy flowers with PIM, vanilla and citrus Visiturn to spring and summer. It can be worn with both and for work.

Melan Pima and white flowers

The toilet water j'adore opens with citrus notes. The essence from the mature liwka makes the smell sodki and juicy. A spicy muskatov's tan gently gives it and builds atmosphere of mystery.

The heart of the perfume is to the flower borders. You mix orchids, Fioc, Ry, Jamin and Filly. This bouquet is a Pima bow, which sometimes resembles the smell of soap.

The base still smells of melan fruit and flowers, but over time their soda changes in cloud vanilla.

Dior J'adore Summer Fragrance (2004)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Non -alcoholic perfume for the summer

Probably many of you know that perfumes and tanning do not go hand in hand. Not only is it dangerous for Skra, but it causes a tan.

Therefore, in 2004, Dior will release a non -alcoholic version, which not only love the meal of the holiday tan, but those people with an east scrach who can not wear perfumes with alcohol for.

Limited edition, which you love your delicacy

The composition opens with a duo of Magnolia Champac and Mandarin. It is rising and very holiday.

In the notes of the heart, the characteristic Jamin, Lily of the Filly and Orchid appears. Project closes notes of wood, liwy and pima.

J'adore Summer Fragrance has a lot of delicacy and sophistication. Although it is a large version of the first j'adore, even for a moment it does not rub against banal.

Dior J'adore Gold Supreme (2006)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Perfumes with bic particles

The limited edition of J'adore Gold Supreme mixes delicate notes of sodium fruit and citrus with flowers.

After spraying the Skra, remain the particles on it. For me, such a variety is always problematic, because he likes applicable perfumes for scarves and clothes. However, they must admit that look cute on Skra.

The composition seems to be identical to the classic version of J'adore, but for the experienced noses it will be easy to see the Rnice between two fragrances.

Floral storm

While J'adore from 1999 is synonymous with the harmony of fruit and flowers, Gold Supreme is rather conservative, if it's about dispensing fruit soda.

From the first fragrance notes in the composition, dominate the flowers. Magnolia appears first. In her heart, she is accompanied by Jamin, Freesia, Tuberose and Lily of the Lily of the Lily of the Lesson.

While in the first version you will find a definite notes of pears, melon, liwka and peach, here their soda is rather sophisticated. It seems to be more mature.

Dior J'adore L'Odole (2007)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Intoxicating essence of flowers

The delightful intensive version of the classic fragrance creates a really pikn composition.

If there are some insignificant in J'adore, L'imansy from 2007 eaten them. For some women, the first version was too simple, too light and linear.

L'ytol is intensively emphasized by tuberoz, ylang, ri jamin, which makes the smell more Gsty.

Currently, the 2024 version is available at the sale.

Let's give up sparkling vibrations

Where in the opening notes, J'adore serves champagne bbbers, L'ychy in an unexpected way accuses the floral shawl. He invites you to a harsh and more dark experience.

The composition is strong and very flowery, but I don't think so too insistent and the chase.

For all the projection time remains to near Skra. Dziki does not get around the room, fight people on a bouquet of flowers.

Dior J'adore Le Jasmin (2007)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Still a green flower of Jamin

Toilet water J'adore Le Jasmin is another limited edition. The fragrance is sodki, village and very feminine.

It is inspired by a picn, delicate and elegance of the Jamin flower, which since 1999 has been the nut of the fragrances of the J'adore line.

The composition was built on the basis of a bouquet of sodium flowers and citrus.

Jamin in perfumes always brings indefinitely romanticism, and the one in J'adore Le Jasmin is very sensual. This is why I like it even more.

Creamy essence of elegance

J'adore Le Jasmin stays on Skra to Dug, but it smells very subtle.

The smell of juicy fruit of a creamy of cream yamin and adds it slightly and the web.

The wood chord in the base makes at the end of the CAO projection a heat and cozy.

Dior J'adore L'Eau Cologne Florale (2009)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Perfumes created from Poor on summer

Creating j'adore l'eau Cologne Florale, Franois Demachy transform ultra female floral motif in water with a colored citrus touches.

This is one of the most interesting versions of J'adore EDP. She is truly knowing and summer. Deprived of buczuczny feminine, she presents a lot of fashion and gives a lot of space.

Citrus lemonade with Jamine Patches

J'adore L'Eau Cologne Florale is the perfect start of citrus, magnolia and Jamin. Composition of supplementing soda aroma yang-ylang, neroli and kalabria bergamot.

Carefully selected PCZN caps very well, unfortunately you do not stay on the Skra too long. The maximum smell is 4 hours. Dior will use a similar concept of composition in Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau.

Dior j'adore l'or (2010)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Zoto closed in a rally bottle

Dior J'adore L'Or is right after L'Adt the most popular version of J'adore EDP. Although L'Or from 2010 was withdrawn, in 2024 it was presented again in a different, more floral form.

The first version of L'or was a unique smell. A large darker and more sexy than the first and every other version of J'adore.

Mikki, a creamy scent of vanilla

I admit that vanilla from Christian Dior S made masterfully. Hypnotic Poison, Addict and then great J'adore L'Or.

Rocci collected flowers, specially selected compatibles - all these nostrils from the first minutes after application.

The composition does not have the bottom of the first version. Only the smell of Jamin and Ry remains from it. The flowers were entwined with a warm vanilla and tonka beavers.

J'adore l'Or is a great smell for autumn and winter.

Dior Jadore Eau de Toilelette (2011)

Jadore toilet water is a Radoti festival

Add to j'adore ca citrusw, Franois Demachy, you want to find her aiscenotal character.

He will emphasize the contrasts that are told in a woman. It will add a composition of the shelter, joy and appetite on the life.

Jadore toilet water is the perfect smell for the summer. He stays close to Skra and has a large summer optimism.

Classic Jadore with a basket of citrus

Joyful fragrance notes are built around the citrus. The great bergamot is the ruling marks its presence. The smell of Neroli adds elegance to the fruit, and Ylang-ylang of romanticism.

The heart of Jadore Eau de Toilette is radiating the whiteness of the Jamin Patkw and the warmth of the Rzdziemorian Soca.

Dior J'adore L'Odole (2012)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

A rolled bottle is a little day of art

J'adore L'ytol has been enclosed in a limited bottle made by Jean-Michel Othoniel using the unique technician of the producer from the Venice island of Murano in Woszy.

The artist again interpreted characteristic J'adore necklace. This time it was made of siek (and not metal) and gently embedded on the body of the bottle.

The necklace is loud than on other bottles, which is symbolized slowly.

Only three hundred glass bottles were created and they cost 3,500 dollars from them (the set contains three inserts with a capacity of 15 million). This price is dictated by the fact that Zota flakes are embedded in the bottles.

Flowers, flowers, flowers

The luxurious packaging goes hand in hand from the formation of the composition itself.

The limited edition of L'Odel is a multilayer composition. GWN NUT FRAME is of course Jamin. In the opening, an elegant RA appears, a bit later tuberose.

S is a perfect perfume. They are never for gone, banal and unbearable. This composition is different from everyone, it is remote.

Dior J'adore Voile de Parfum (2013)

- perfumes were withdrawn -

Voile de Parfum is a powdery dreamer

And what if so far from the beaten schemes and closed in a bottle of Jadore, what is different? Although Voile de Parfum is created from other fragrances, even for a moment there is no interpretation that the heart of the classic Jadore beats in it.

After all, there are many more and more of it, soda, Mikkoci. All this makes it really fantastic during the more violent days of spring and autumn.

I am sure that when you ask this perfume, you will never forget about them again. This is one of those fragrances you choose, want to feel out.

Simplicity with the key to success

The composition of Voile de Parfum was built around three fragrances. Powdered iris or si with white pimami.

Flowers used for the production of Dior perfumes come from selected plantations, which feels on the Skra after each time when you are wearing them.

The composition is initially developing slowly, and subsequent fragrance notes look lazily. Later, its power breaks out, showing an independent character.

Dior Jadore Touche de Parfum (2024)

New approach to perfumes

Jadore Touche de Parfum makes the Jadore line take on an even more personal character. In this small bottle, the DIOR fashion house closed.

Jadore Touche de Parfum can be used as a perfume, but in fact the composition is bases of fragrances.

It is the fragrance that applies to the SKR before spraying its perfumed venom water.

Of course, Jadore Touche de Parfum blends in with all the scenes of the classic. It will allow you to expression your fragrance and create your own composition.

The smell is closed in a small bottle with an unusual applicator. The removable cork works on a pipette basis, you won't even shed a drop of this magical essence.

Scented note Jadore Touche de Parfum

Jadore Touche de Parfum brings Jadore fragrance notes, additionally strengthening their expression.

It opens with the smell of large -leafed Jamin, continues to go into the Damascus absolute. The note of the base has been varied the essence of zander wood from Sri Lanka.

I admit that I love it wearing a Touch de Parfum without any other additions! This is my favorite page of J'adore.

Dior Jadore Eau Lumiere (2024)

Essence percised by optimism

When the Dior fashion house presents Jadore Eau Lumiere, I had mixed feelings. However, my Sabo does not let me be a lot.

The composition is metaphors of sonic rays. It draws an artistic picture of the shelter about the prank. This is a real closed optimism in a beautiful bottle.

Jadore Lor Eau Lumiere can convince me that life is beautiful.

New ethereal smell of Jadore Eau Lumiere

Jadore Eau Lumiere brings to this collection of fragrances Nowa Ywioowo. At the beginning, the aroma of citrus rises slightly with the dominant red wilderness.

A beautiful Ra flourish in the floral heart. Neroli from Vallaurius appears in GBI - a priceless treasure of the perfume industry.

Magnolia adds more lemon to this essence and you know Wo. In the final of Jadore Eau Lumiere envelops the matte smell of zander wood.

Dior Jadore in Joy (2024)

Jadore in Joy is the essence of Szczcia

On the wave of success Jadore Eau Lumiere, Dior fashion house decides and further the road of optimism and Szczcia. And so Jadore in Joy will be born.

Once again, we are dealing with a fragrance that argues that it is worth looking at the life through the bodies of glasses.

He stays to be a spoglday on a reality under a wire dose. And that's why Jadore in Joy seems like a breeze of air that favors our expectations of every day.

Jadore in Joy, joyful and surprising smell

Although Jadore in Joy perfumes still have the bottom of its predecessors, they are gifted with a happier and more important character.

The note of sea salt brings a lot of sparkling ywiovacy to the composition.

I love the perfume of Plac Pla and the sea, which is why I like Jadore in Joy right away.

In the heart, the fragrance enriches a bouquet of large-legged Jamin, tuberose, flower will be afraid of bitter and ylang-ylang oil.

As a result, it is a very sonic fragrance that fits the summer dress.

Dior Jadore Lor (2024)

Jadore Lor exposes the most beautiful of the raw materials

In 2024, the DIOR fashion house will decide to see us a different face of its bestseller. And so the second version of Jadore Lor is born.

This time the fragrance is a defeat before the most profitable raw materials used by the Dior fashion house.

Is there a more impressive inspiration in the world or noble zoto? Is the perfume that is more associated with its splendor?

Zoto appears as a theme naturally, as if it was additionally filled with this exceptional smell of luxury rays.

Even more expressive and multidimensional smell

Jadore Lor emphasizes the sonic expression of its predecessor. The composition MA presents Pynne Zoto and presents them in the form of ylang ylang.

It opens with roll and floral chords, and then develops notes of hearts on the bass of May absolute and large Jamin.

Both appear surrounded by white flowers.

Finally, the note of the base wraps the smell of tonka, patchouli, labdanum and pima beans. The finish is therefore more oriental, and this is the habit of the Jadore line.

Dior Jadore Labsol (2024)

Jadore Labsol from 2024 is the apogee of Vietnist

The new Jadore Labsol is NOW, the rest of the flagship composition of Christian Dior, whose every aspect has been removed and emphasized.

Jadore Labsol is a different vision of a woman from that presented in the classic fragrance of Dior. It presents itself as a flower limit.

So he speaks to a definite woman who intends to say the world that she is remote.

More sophisticated composition

Jadore Labsol is today the smell is even more sophisticated and sophisticated than when. It closes with four floral absolutes: large -leafed, tuberoz and flower will be dying.

Wild boars, strengthens its original form and surrounds its exotic, hypnotic Aur. The smell is part of current trends, which are crazy with the characteristic smell of tuberose.

In recent years, several great fragrances have been created with this flower, for example Twilly Dhermes and Gucci Bloom.

Jadore Labsol seems to be mature and fits perfectly with decisive women.

It doesn't matter ktr dior Jadore you will choose. You must know that whether the joint element, which makes him develop from them in a sonic, scent.

All Jadore perfumes are the creatures of perfect and sophistication.

By offering yourself a gift in the form of this great classic, you certainly gain that it fits the opportunity.

You are not at risk of any faux pas. This is the quintessence of French style luxury.