In this ranking, I gather the best and the best Dior perfume for women and men. See which of them fit you the most.

The fragrance portfolio of the Dior Siga Fashion House of the 1940s and contains one of the most famous perfumes in the cosmetic.

It is estimated that over all these years, Dior will release 234 fragrance compositions. In this ranking, I only exchange the most profitable saw - from the legendary Dior Fahrenheit for Moczs to the latest Dior Joy for women.

I do not have the won that on this lithium whats will find what to herself. Without whether you need evening perfumes or a convenient composition for what, Dior has in his arsenal what, which makes you feel remote!

The best Dior perfume

Dior Hypntic Poison

The best Dior perfume for women

Hypnotic Poison (1998) is the most crucial and most beautiful women's perfumes from Dior in this ranking. This red bottle has a real forbidden fruit of the orient.

Be careful, this poison can give you a kick. The great start of bitter almond, Jamin and vanilla intrigues and attracts like a magnet.

The composition from the beginning to the blanket is about three fragrances.

Initially, hypnote poison is juicy, fruity. Misz Liwki and Apricots in the company of a tropical coconut make it holiday and funny. With time, white flowers and notes of wood give it a creamy and warm character.

It smells to intense, right? Hypnotic Poison is a mysterious and devilishly hypnotizing smell. This is a magical formua of jointness.

Dior Fahrenheit

Dior's most beautiful perfume

Are you going to face a face in the face with a mythical Fahrenheit from 1988? Although in 2013, perfumed water was created, it is not even approaching the popularity of this classic.

Introducing FIOKA fragrance notes, Fahrenheit toilet water prettyly destroys MSK perfumeri. CZC him from Ostr Vicyt, a muscato flower and lavender, then piss him off with a scratch, wood and pima axle harmony.

At a long before Dior Homme and his powder iris, Fahrenheit by the first floral fragrance for the mocz, which is successful. And he contributes to the uncomfortable creativity of two wonderful perfumers - Michel Almairac and Jean -Louis Sieuzaca.

Fahrenheit is a real perfume freak. It will be born cautiously against all trends and expectations. However, it will survive the tenth anniversary at the top of 20 best -selling perfumes for mocz in Poland.

Dior Addict

Crazy hat to Diora's perfume perfume

Addict Zupenia streeze my heart. This is the most honest perfume from the Diora collection. Like Hypnotic Poison, he talks about vanilla, but this time instead of a crossbow witch presents us with a real eccentric.

On the one hand, we have vanilla creams, on the other, white flowers and a lot of greenery. This mixture brings a surprising effect, because they seem to be elegant and crazy.

Addict is a vibrations and a really sensitive smell. It is combined with the moist of the tropical forest and Mikko Vanilla. In my case it is a smell for what, but I know that for many women it is evening perfumes.

It will be perfect for those who want to discover the world and do not bother the adventure.

Dior Homme Intense

Hypnotic smell of powder and wood

Homme Intense (2011) is undoubtedly my favorite Mskie perfumes from Dior. Their composition resembles trilogs.

The first CZ will tell about the Toskas Iris, which is one of the most valuable elements of the perfumer palette. The long and muddy acquisition process allows the velvet smell that hides powder and green shades.

The second part is a hell of Ambrette's luxurious fragrance. The hibiscus fruit obtained from seeds has a pim, slightly fruity fragrance. You can define it as a pear liqueur and silk powder.

Third is the essence of Virginia cedar, which provides an adulthood, energizing sound. Soup as if I found myself in a sawmill.

I do not have the stuff that these perfumes are delighted with each who decides to bring them into his collection. S just stuck.

Dior Jadore

Watery Jamin dresses women in Zoto

J'adore (1999) is a breed for the Mioci of Christian Dior for flowers. The heavenly starting of flowers and fruit is to be removed by the rwnowaging and surprises harmonies.

If you are looking for sophistication and feminine in perfumes - you will love J'adore without borders.

The composition opens with the sodium smell of fruit and magnolia. In her heart, Jamami, large, Damascus, Tuberose and Lily of the Lily of the Lily of the Lesslony will be given to her.

Although such a rich bouquet can be a tragedy, it is a frankly watery melon and pear just smells great!

J'adore is the most delicate perfumes in the brand's portfolio, after all, stay on Skra over 8 hours. This is one of those compositions that does not see anyone and is always in a good tone.

Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Floral potion of eternal fashion

Miss Dior has become for the Dior brand what Coco Mademoiselle is for Chanel. Both fragrances are directed to women who have a spark of fashion and want to light up even more.

Of all the available versions of these perfumes, the most joy brings me the floral Blooming Bouquet (2023).

The starting of peonies and ry with Znan Paczulowo-Pimow bases simply throws on his knees. By putting this smell, you feel the most useful material.

The contrast between sparkling pastel flowers and a thin aroma of patchouli makes the composition wonderfully put on the Skra. It is light and funny, which is why it fits the sonic days of spring and summer.

I am sure that if Christian Dior design his Garden, he would like it to smell like this perfume.

Dior Sauvage

Calm madness

Sauvage toilet water (2023) is a modern interpretation of the first perfumes of Msko fashion house Dior. Twrcy's inspiration would be uninterested horizons and open spaces.

The composition or light and GSTE fragrance notes, which is to reflect the dual -modern man - on the one hand his instinct, on the other, innate elegance.

Known for her switch to the smell of citrus, Franois Demachy will create a sauvage from a strong bergamot's radiant notch and a sweating aroma of wood Ambroxan.

The composition season three types of pepper - black, schuaski and ditches - and the zioic aroma of lavender.

Sauvage has class and madness. The melodi of the Wieo and Korzennie duo plays with great success, which is a great hit in Mska perfumery.

Dior Joy by Dior

Elegant bouquet of classics

Joy by Dior (2023) is a long awaited perfume - the fashion house is waiting for us and 15 years for new perfumes for women. While everyone was expecting innovation, Dior served a non -muttelle classic.

Joy begins with the joyful duo of Gorzka Bergamotka and Sodka Mandarin. While citruses, vibrate in the tray, the heart of the smell of the narcotic smell of Jamin and Kwaskowat R.

After what time, soapy pimo and cream zander will add to them. Dziki with these notes the composition becomes peace and harmony.

Joy by Dior is the perfect perfume for work, for elegant meetings, on Randk - the smell will easily adapt to each woman and finds herself in the situation.

Dior Dune

The smell of hot sand on Play

Dune (1991) is one of my favorite summer perfumes for women. This charming composition has this kind of sensory, which he really values ​​in perfumes - it is not flashy and has balsamic heat. It's like a favorite photo from vacation.

Composition or a Brazilian Rane tree, zander tree with AMBR and aldehydes.

I know that the last note is not to favor, but in these perfumes it adds interesting spiciness and never smells old.

Dune is a very creamy and subdued smell. Although there is no such power as Hypnote Poison, it still remains intense. It is worth remember that he represents the star school - two psiknici for over 12 hours!

Myl, the dominant chord of Dune wood can be considered to be unisex perfume. For me, there is a fantastic stepping stone from all winter soda and summer compositions with a floral fruit-charity.

Dior Dolce Vita

The most chard perfume with cinnamon smell

Dolce Vita (1994) is spicy, the body and wildly soda. However, unlike modern sodium perfumes for women, it is not overbearing.

Although warm notes fit for autumn and winter, they create carefree atmospheres and associate with warm Soc during the wax holidays.

In the opening, peach and cardamom, introduce a juicy soda season with spicy spices. In his heart, he will add cinnamon to them and quickly becomes notes dominating.

For me, the smell base is the most beautiful. It wraps the fluffy vanilla and creams of zander tree. After a sketchy, oriental feast, it is like an important balm for souls.

The history of Dior perfume

Ranko about perfumes that will not find their place in the ranking

The smell would always be extremely important for dior. Arsy designer sews in the shore of dresses before the shows and always holds one gas with him.

In 1947 the first smell of his fashion house will appear - Miss Dior . Intercepted Provencal evenings watered with Vietni and the narcotic smell of Jamin and Dark, Wet Earth.

Apparently, the name of the perfume was created before their prime minister and by accident. When sister Diora visits his boutique, who said: Heres Miss Dior!.

In this way, she became the icons of women's perfumes of the 20th century, and its smell will be continued. The most popular of them are Miss Dior Cherie and Absolutely Blooming .

Diorissimo was another great success in 1956. The composition of the designer's favorite flower - lily of the valley.

It seems that this was a natural turn of things, since Christian Dior was obsessed with lily of the valley. Even home greenhouses in which it was hined.

The first perfumes for the Maczies - Eau Sauvage - arose in 1966, already after Dior's death. With juicy notes of citrus, ZI, acute vetora and earthy dbowy moss presents the image of the Dentelmen of the 1960s.

The 1980s and 90s are the twentieth anniversary for the perfume of the Dior fashion house. A podoma poison (1985) is created, which was probably the most fragile fragrance at that time.

While Miss Dior has the largest number of continuations, Poison surprises them. Woven from white Pure Poison flowers, Midnight Poison skipper and a very minor Poison Girl is a perfume that suggests a separate article!

In 2006, the Dior brand, as one of the few, employs your own perfumer. The position of the main nose of Zd Franois Demachy .

The perfumer's new compositions and continuation of the liked lines are also behind the output La Collection Privee .

Rare Cratins (selected by Demachy himself), I have assumptions and creations without borders - this collection reflects the artistic perfume -artist.

Milly-La-Fort , Grand Bal and Granville are positions that every perfume maniac should have at least once on his Skra.

In 2023, the Dior perfume laboratory moved to Chteau de la Colle Noire - the possessions of Christian Dior, in which he hides during the occupation and the planned lives of the last years of life.

I must admit that Dior is one of my favorite perfume brands. In this ranking I only exchange a handful of her heritage. If I had all the perfumes, I can write a book (maybe when, who knows).

I recommend Diora's perfume of you, it will really be immersed in their exciting stories.

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