Peony, bergamot, aldehydes, mandarin, Brazilian Wound tree

Heart note
ra, lak, lily, ylang-ylang, jamin

Base note
benzoin, amber, zander tree, vanilla, pimo, moss, patchouli

Dior Dune's toilet water always makes a thunderous impression on me.

It may therefore be associated with children with the elderly women who I want to become so much.

Today, the legendary smell does not smell like when, but it still remains excellent.

In Myl, Dior Dune's press materials have a ghost of the calm promenade of Play in Granville. He has a symbolism search for universal harmony, between emotions and impressions. She has the smell of a woman who is at the same time a sweat and delicate, who knows how to take her inside and spokj by nature.

They have to admit that descriptions from the official website of the Christian Dior fashion house always are very poetic, but how does it work in reality? Does it still impress in the new version from 2013?

How does Dior Dune Woman smell like?

Dior Dune's Women's Perfume is a fragrance that works very strongly on my imagination. He can take me to the warm world of world.

It is very radiant and gently enveloping , with a naturally emphasized picno natural smell of human scrach - in aden way he does not get lost.

Getted fragrance notes - just like in the version before the reformulation - intense, feisty and widruch. You can sense a peonies that are beautiful or with a Brazilian wound tree .

In this honor of the projection, it is impressed that the smell will not be at all and certainly not for each.

Everything for Aldehydw and Bergamot . However, it seems to me that Bergamot is thoroughly.

I still sense the Brazilian Rane tree in my heart notes . It is very floral here: lily, ylang-ylang , gently breaks through Jamin and barely notice you can.

There is the strange aroma that I never move earlier and I shoot that it is fragrant . However, the heart is classically lame, because after 45 minutes from the application we go to the base.

And gbi scent notes are great. Although it seems to be a great version of the older version, continue to kidnap your heart.

Everything is very creamy and melancholic. The base hypnotizes calmness and relief .

On my Skra, Dune emphasizes the chords of the tree, Ambra and vanilla - this trio can be known to you with Calvin Klein Obsession, among others.

In turn, I do not sense the characteristic benzo, patchouli and pima. The dbow moss is also about the issues of the SPORN.

In this line, these perfumed water was created Dune Esprit de Parfum and perfumes Mskie Dune Pure Homme.

Christian dior dune reviews: How is it worth choosing? Who was she created for?

This is a beautiful fragrance for mature women. I will see him myself two or three years ago, so I know that girls below 25 years of life will not be able to appreciate the calm aura dune.

Like the Lancome Tresor, the perfume of Dunes is also a fragrance that blends in with wild wood and powder notes. Distress the aur of trust and security.

S is an ideal smell for what. If you choose them for work, you will be perceived as a person who values ​​contact with other people.

This is not a fragrance for big galas and very elegant, evening outings. He is to him to the Miego bathrobe and slippers nor glamor dresses and pins.

Dune Eau de Toilelette: Is it a lasting smell? For how the leek is the best?

They have to admit that I usually recommend balsamic perfumes for autumn and winter. However, Dune smells different - this is my perfume for the summer . Sharbally after reformulation. Although do not give an adulthood and do not stimulate during the authorities, fit the warm season perfectly perfectly.

In the new version , perfectly hand over the reel climate of the coastal resort or the Battinist dunes.

By the way, they wear them to the autumn sweater and they feel perfectly in them.

The smell is very good. It lasts up to 8 hours on my Skra . Do not suck this result often perfumed water.

Over the past 3 hours, the smell is already gently - a wooden fragrance base envelops me.

Is Dior Dune's toilet water suitable for you?

Yes - if you are looking for an output smell like a niche perfume. Dune smells too well for connoisseurs, as well as the perfume in the world.

It impresses with the high quality of the liasting and their balsamic character.

If you like spicy, warm smells, powder base and zander tree, you will definitely fall in love with this toilet water.

No - if you like it dresses or fern perfumes for the whole year. You will not like Dune, if you are looking for soda like in La Vie Est Belle.

This is not a good choice for elegant evening outing - on the other hand, you like moses, so on dates it will work great.

Mionies of the classic from years ago can be disappointed with the new version.

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