Christian Dior Addict Fragrance notes

li mandarins, the flower will be afraid

Heart note
Jamin large

Base note

Dior Addict EDP is legendary women's perfumes. Vanilla, in a juicy green has been spoiling women for years.

Originally, Dior Addict was introduced to the market in 2002 in a dark blue bottle with zoty accents, and then twice refined twice in 2012 and 2023. The current formua is available in a bottle very similar to the original, but with silver details.

Dior Addict is the child of internal perfumer Franois Demach. This is an ultra interesting smell. It is simple, but nuanced and presents his chords in an exceptional way.

Dior Addict does not smell like most vanilla fragrances or most spicy fragrances. It does not resemble these popular wood perfumes. This is absolutely remote perfume, often with natural vanilla, but it does not give it fluffy or food soda. Dior Addict is an intriguer, another approach to this fragrance note.

The composition occurs in dozens of various versions - Addict Eau sensuelle, Addict Eau Fraiche, Addict Eau Delice, Addict to Life, Addict Shine, and the classic Addict Eau de Toilelette from 2002 and Addict Eau de Parfum by Franois Demach from 2023. And this is the last one today.

How does dior addict perfumed water

Unlike the Gourmand perfume, which is associated with creme brulee or warm cookies, Dior Addict smells like a pot of dark and sticky vanilla . Blin with dried wood next to the fireplace, nor lucned muffins. The smell of perfume is dark and gboki. He mixes the fragrance notes of Jamin, Vanilla and Wood-Dymnych.

Gesture notes

The notes of the opening fragrances are li with mandarins and the flower will be afraid . When you spray Dior Addict on your Skra, for the first minutes he has a roll and a bit citrus fragrance. This apparent rally quickly evaporates, giving up a warmer floral note.

Heart notes

The heart of the fragrance is Jaminolist Jamin . It is warmed up with summer soce and smells very, very boldly. Vanilla is shaking the sound of ADDICT for the whole projection time. While it is not very unknown, she is more and more overwhelmed by the composition by one minute.

Base notes

Vanilla is really remote here. It has a mikko hypnote poison, a greenery of greenery. Therefore, Dior Addict is at the same time of Lubiena and Sea , but also rolinary and natural. It resembles the smell of a forest dotted with flowers, after which you walk in the family of the night.

Addict perfumed water

Character and DIOR ADDICT

Addict is out of the stretch on Skra and clothes. When apply him in the morning, there is always a noticeable ruling in the evening . Then he likes to look in him, he will know notes, which will disappear with the drunken hours, looted by this pour night, the courtesan - vanilla.

You will not be a dish, perfumed water Addict can be received as trashy. However, for me this trash is not negative, it is exciting, visiting, interesting. This composition is like a rebellious sister or aunt , who other than everyone else.

My mother has a friend named Krysia. Krysia was impeccable to be proud of parents and teachers. For communism, they easily get into your dream technical studies and have the best grades per year. However, Krysia has unrestrained curiosity, which she will throw her school before her end. She likes the random mocz from Austria, which will open a shelter to her (I will get a passport).

He was a dancer at a nightclub, a volunteer in Somalia, collecting teas in Thailand, and now there is a yoga instructor Krysia before 50 Miaa 4 MW, and recently he decides to wrci to MA number 1. For many OSB is too intense, too free, too trashy. Many people avoid her. Dominth like Dior Addict.

For me, Krysia, as well as this composition, is simply extremely interesting. When you start telling stories, Suchaj even birds outside the window - you just can't be a break from them.

Christian Dior Addict reviews: Tests after tests

Addict is complicated by compositions, but the main fragrance notes, which are treated with his bouquet, s at a recognition. If you have a lot of fun, you have fun, guessing the individual components of this composition.

Admit that I was slightly disappointed with the opening of the perfume. Postal 10 seconds after the S application is very alcoholic. Although this is not a big problem, it does not like this smell, even if it disappears quickly.

Daphne Groeneveld in the Dior Addict campaign

After all, I perfectly understand why Dior Addict has thousands of fans! After the alcohol disappears, you will feel the smell of white flowers and greenery in Gorc vanilla.

When we confuse about vanilla, we usually have a confusing, sodium perfume - most often Gourmand.

However, what is happening in Dior Addict is different. It is as if the vanilla has been mixed with AMBR - it is animal, natural and the soup is not associated with food. The start of it with flowers is not a ghost, it is rolled, vibrations and really sensual.

This is not a fragrance in the style of femme fatale, it has a sensual one that comforts people. If you are looking for analogy, for me Addict is like a mixture of burberry brit and lancme hypnse elixir.

Although, usually vanilla perfumes, women's vanilation in the evenings, Addict may be calmly applied before the morning removal on more violent days. Already two prings keep perfumes for long hours and will be noticed by all people who have been affected by yours.

Toilet water or perfumed water?

The first water toilet Dior Addict from 2002 will be created by Thierry Wasser , and its continuation, perfumed water from 2023 Francois Demachy . Both versions are not dramatically rne. Toilet water was definitely more intense, aggressive and smoke.

Perfumed water is reduced - nothing bites in it, does not suffocate and does not bother. Of course, for some it is an advantage, for others a disadvantage.

A characteristic end of vanilla with rolinn greenery Dior Addict EDT BB tonka and zander tree. The first fragrance note adds a basement composition, a humid character, while the second is the body and cuddness.

In addition, the composition was enriched with Sodk Jeyn. Flower of the dwarit night - a tropical cactus flower that smells of vanilla - adds it mikkoci and a creamy character.

Toilet water has been withdrawn from sales for several years.

First advertising of Addict toilet water

Dior Addict bottle

Mao who knows that all Dior Addict perfumes are packed in a bottle, which is a mapping of the iconic lipstick of the same name. The minimalist bottle remains sad and elegant. Its navy blue color is at the same time mysterious and fascinating. On the toilet water bottle, details, such as the name and tip of the cork, swita, while the water is perfumed in silver.

Is it worth buying Dior Addict Eau de Parfum?

Addict is a perfume for a woman catsly addicted to life and experiences.

Women who likes emotions and goes through his life as if every day would be her last. It takes place from what people say about her, because they do not take the opinions of others seriously.

This is a beautiful smell of free and independence - one of a kind .

The composition will be perfect for women who want to discover their world again. It is intense and energizing, it will be a long tail.

The removal soup Dior Addict Eau de Parfum makes it also suits the image of an elegant woman , who likes from time to time, lies in his instincts.

This fragrance is different than all and shows a loyal soda.

I admit that this inconspicuous bottle is hidden women's perfumes with great power . They can blame in the gow, but everything is within the boundaries of good taste.

Personally, I definitely recommend this composition, one of the most important perfumes of the new Tysilecie!