Do you want to smell sexy, earthy soda? The most beautiful perfume with Paczul Porws with your remote smell.

In recent years, the patchouli has been in more places on the perfume scene than ever before. There are no people that the perfume is wild and enrich their compositions with a more mysterious and sophisticated smell.

The patchouli in perfumes is earthy, dry, lena and smoke. He considers one of the most sophisticated lickers in the perfume.

Even the supporting roles are most often played, some of the twist, fill the role of their compositions. Thierry Mugler Angel is the most famous in perfumes.

Behind you will find the 10 most interesting fragrances from Paczul for women and mochas that will steal your heart.

10 best perfumes with Paczul for women and mines

1. Chanel Coco Noir

Women's perfumes with paczul, ri wood

Perfume coco noir s balsamic essence with wood. Extracts the bright smell of Indonesian patchouli, which adds a mysterious dimension.

The composition begins with the runs of citrus, passes through the exceptional bouquet of Ry, Geranium and Jamin and the unearthly bases of utkan, ywice and wood are caught.

Tonka beans and vanilla, wrap everything in your mickoci, and Biae Pimo surrounds everything with your purely soap.

As a result, it is a dark fragrance that is eager to extend the notes of rice and grapefruit.

Coco Noir is dark and much GSTS Sisters Coco Mademoiselle. The first in a brilliant way presents the trio of patchouli, ry and wood, the second has much more sparkling citrus. The first is perfect for the evening, the second for what.

2. Mugler a*men

Sodkie perfume with notes patchouli for moczes

Toilet water A*Men was created in 1996 and is the first fragrance of Thierry Mugler. Despite the uptake of years, it remains to the futuristic borders.

He is inspired by American comics and lifts from the 1950s. He introduces a super hero on the stage of the post, whose story mixes with fantasies.

Like many fragrances of the Thierry Mugler fashion house, and*the men resounds in the sodium fragrance notes.

There is a peen opposite - whether in itself soda, the smell of caramel, vanilla, honey and dried fruit with more severe chords of greenery, zi and spices.

It lives purely pepper myths in the company of a sharper smell of wood.

The patchouli is a binder in this composition, stitching all the arguments of the smell. It turns out in this task not to be replaced, because it is by nature at the same time and soda and dry.

A*Men will appeal to all mosides who are not afraid of a break from Tum and look for perfumes for winter.

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Earthy patchouli made of chocolate for women

Black Orchid perfumed water is a sensual perfume, delightful and really mysterious volume Ford serves us recipes at the same time both.

Gowy notes are a composition of black truffles and ylang-ylang. This starting from the first moment shows all the composition.

Orchid appears in a heart note. She is accompanied by the richness of Jamin, and also a feminine gardenia. The fruit makes the smell extremely appetizing.

Tasty intensely black orchid Ronie in a SI in the base. You can feel a bitter of chocolates in it, in a couple with Paczul, Vicyt, vanilla, incense and zander.

The patchouli at Black Orchid belongs to my favorites. She is intense and her companion of her earthly truffles and the god chocolate. In these perfumes they find somewhat harsh, but those not frightened.

Black orchid will be suitable for women who usually choose Unisex perfume and find your feminine in sharper and more common fragrances.

4. Burberry Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum

MSKA Elegance with aromatic paczul

In Mr. Burberry we will find a mixture of British classics and modernity.

Sensual, always from classes, and at the same time at ease - Mr. Burberry is inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat, as well as London. As a result, whether numerous contrasts and there are no lack of dynamism.

Recipe Mr. Burberry traditionally contains fragrance notes that many British perfumers use.

It begins with a grapefruit with myth. Aromatic cardamom adds a more spicy dimension. A classic smell of lavender and cedar is erected in the heart. Cao envelops a balsamic, slightly smoky base, in which the aroma of patchouli and cinnamon proud.

The patchouli combined with citrus notes and metallic myths are at the same time dark and light. Wild water perfumed water Mr. Burberry matches the jeans and an elegant suit. It is ideal for moczes looking for universal modernity.

5. Viktorrolf Flowerbomb

Spring bomb of flowers and patchouli for women

Flowerbomb perfumed water is a truly delightful smell that pulls us into a spring vortex. The smell of the opening is mixed with toe and the drug -affected flowers.

The composition begins with a sparkling aroma of green tea and bergamot. In the heart, take over the flowers - Jaminolisty, orchida, freesia and stulch. However, the patchouli is the most intense here. It makes the floral euphoria take on a dark and Gsty direction.

In this remote fragrance, fantasy meets subtletation. The smell will give us a spring pocot.

Flowerbomb is defined, you know and live the Lancme La Vie Est Belle version. In my opinion, both smells have a lot of similarity, but for fans of patchouli this composition of the Viktorrolf brand will be great pleasure.

The composition will be perfect for women who want to discover and need to patch patch. The soda of this fragrance is rolinary, which is why it will never be mda and stuffy. Wedugu me is a good perfume for the summer.

6. Givenchy Gentleman Original

Patchouli in a member

Gentleman Givenchy toilet water is already years old, but it is still a provocative smell. It leaves all the compositions that are too succumbed, the boyalwery and the uncommon. Her modern from a different era is still current.

Givenchy Gentleman is a strong and easy to recognize fragrance that breaks from the traditions and sports WD Koloskie.

The composition begins with the spicy cinnamon, which was fed with honey and the bergamot was condensed.

In the heart, he shows more tenderness - whether the river with Jamin and strengthens them with the smell of wood and patchouli.

The most smart phase of projection is the base, which lasts on a really long hour. It creates a patchouli, a screech chord, dbowy moss and animal civet.

Givenchy Gentleman is a paradise for moczes looking for timeless classics.

7. Narciso Rodriguez for Her Eau de Parfum

Patchouli, Pimo and Ra for elegant women

Narciso Rodriguez will make Pim his visit. He uses them in all his compositions and must admit that he does it masterfully. Eauntwater Her Eau de Parfum also also hide this fragrance note.

Her composition is not complicated. He begins with the duo of Ry and Sodka Peach. Sensual and delicate PIMO gives them soap clean. The note of the heart is highlighted by Ambra's warm world.

In the base to Gos, wood notes come, which make composition more mikk and creams. The patchouli immers us in an intimate experience of a naked Skra and makes the elegant smell so far gain a mysterious sense.

These perfumes are ideal for all women who look for a smell for what. For Her Eau de Parfum fits for all occasions - it smells at work, at meetings with friends and to an elegant costume during the evening going to the theater.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Kouros

Mskie perfume from Paczul, Cyvet and SKR

The toilet water Kouros of the Fashion House Yves Saint-Laurent is inspired by anti-Greek, and the plays of this era will be. Kouros reproduces a naked fashion, and the smell itself resembles his figure.

It releases uncompromising Si, it is an expression of brave and, as Aden, reminds you of a coat. It is synonymous with Ideau and perfect.

This is a sweating and intriguer smell, hence, likes the minorities.

It is opened by the metallic smell of Aldehydw, Zioowa Shavia and aromatic coriander. In his heart, he will get to them by the poems of Geranium, a flash and Jamin. This is also a time when we can be a beautiful smell of patchouli in honey.

While most compositions focus on Audodn Bazes, Kouros at this stage is only crushed. The composition leaves a distinct smell of Skra, Ciweb, Pima and dbowy moss in the finals.

Kouros will not like most of the many lamps, but if he finds his companion, he will stay with him forever.

9. Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum

Patchouli in hand

Jimmy Choo perfumed water is the perfect fragrance for women who love soda in perfumes. It gives us the smell of a wonderful patchulo-fruit delicacy.

The composition is gona and he really likes it pays attention. Czc mio for luxury and a little exotic, arouses the admiration of many women in all you know.

Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum begins with pear and green notes. In his heart, the tiger orchid marks his presence, and the hypnotizing fragrance with Rolinn Sodenicz.

The base is an explosion of caramel soda and GBI Indonesian patchouli. Not only is it amazing, but this ruling is recorded in memory.

These perfumes have everything in it: a column, intoxicating soda, a treacherous packet and innocent fruit. That is why it will be perfect for all women who likes to add a bit of drama.

10. Montblanc Legend Night

Patchouli and a fluffy vanilla for moczes

The perfumed water of the Night legend is a delicious perfume for mocz. The composition of Way Way Skadniki and remains in a perfect harmony with the brand universe.

Tenderly creams, a picture of a man putting an elegance. With him, everything is a matter of courage and convince. He turns to all those who go through the known determination.

Although legends Night is inspired by its predecessors, he is the most crucial of them all. Initial or aromatic cardamom from the shebal herbs. The pepper myth brings all the notes into the composition of its own and eradication.

In the heart he rests on a duet of lavender and fioc. Flowers highlight MSK elegance of the Montblanc house. The base brings paczul, wood and vanilla.

Legend Night is a perfect companion of evening out. His velvety fragrance notes are great on the Skra, scarves and sweaters.

I am convinced that you will enjoy all modern men who look for warm perfumes for auto and winter.

Patchouli in perfumery

The patchouli is a rolled rompikaln in Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. It has a long odizy that can rise at a high one meter.

However, he is looking for fragrances in it, because it is only in the processes of the Litus that the patchouli smell is created.

After distillation, the patchouli essence obtained releases the smell, which is earthy and moist on one side, on the other it has a leaflet of camphor. The patchouli releases the delightful smell of the cork of wine, for others it smells of a broken apple.

In a perfumery patchouli, wild wild stabilizing and cuts were appreciated. As one of the waniest notes of the composition, it appears for the first time in 1917, in Coty Chypre chip perfumes.

For many (especially in the United States), patchouli oil is a symbol of the crazy 70s and the 'Peace and Love' era. Essential oil dug directly on SKR by the domain of the hippie, who wanted a masculine smell of marijuana.

For another role in the perfumes, the patchouli will wait and until 1993, when Thierry Mugler will present the world of his Angio - Thierry Mugler Angel. The composition of this innovative and absolutely iconic fragrance contains 30% pure patchouli essence.

Since the premiere of Angel Patchula constantly in perfumes. It is great if the struggle notes, creating unforgettable floral, wood, balsamic, gourmand compositions. Her sodki fragrance is best worn by autumn and winter.

Strong and earthy perfumes with the smell of patchouli are currently one of the most popular trends in perfumery. This note is valued because of its expressive and sophistication.

Many perfumers uhonorowao j gwn Rol and emphasized the natural character. Others have added more free or sodium notes to her, which dao patchouli unlimited misleads of new creations.

Without which you choose for yourself, the perfume from Paczul is always chosen.

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