Freesia in perfumery is not rare - it really meets. However, most perfumers treat them as a complement to the composition, because they perfectly emphasize the nature of other notes. If you are looking for a perfume with a smell of freesia or composition where it occupies an important place - it goes well! I prepare a letter of 15 fragrances that will definitely interest you.

How does freesia smell like? In nature, freesia is a bit pepper and very much. They are not able to forget about a certain soda, who you will feel, leaning over a bit of a lot. In my opinion, this flower from the kosac family is simply complete. I love his smell both in a pot, vase and on my Skra.

The smell of freesia is the quintessence of spring. On more than one table during Easter in the replacement of the extendable tulips. One of her gas is enough to hypnotic everyone within the metro radius. However, this flower is not only a warehouse time. Some of you have a particular associations with Freesj - and for me and for me it becomes very removable.

The most beautiful perfumes with the smell of freesia

Diptyque ofresia

The oval bottle hides a bouquet of real freesia. As if it moves these flowers to their own, they are very intense and tangible. However, the UNCANA when buying - a square bottle hides a chemical monster.

Byredo La Tulipe

Although the name La Tulipe clearly suggests that the main hero will be a tulip, there is only freesia on my Skra. Such a immature, where only a few tiles developed on the gas, and the rest is still very green.

Hugo Boss Boss Woman

You remember the great start of Mango freesia in Boss Woman from 2000 ? At that time, it would be a unique and characteristic fragrance, thanks to it, he describes it as delicate and unobtrusive. However, do not think that it is without expression. This composition knocks on your knees with its charm.

Hugo Boss Boss has vie pour femme

The boss has vie pour femme is a very successful smell. The composition closed in a ditched bottle is very delicate, the girl's rushes. Despite everything, it is great on Skra, and the freesia was presented here in the company of a cactus flower, which gives it a unique character.

Hugo Boss the Scent For Her

The Scent Mia will replace Boss Woman. Although the list of fragrance notes indicates that this exchange only applies to the bottle, it turns out that the compositions are very different. The latest version is somewhat devoid of expression - still milling.

Hugo Boss Femme Eau de Parfume

Femme is probably the most liked composition from Hugo Boss. First of all, because the nature of flowers was handed away here. Freesia smells as if it were removed from the vase - paprio and widrujco, but also you are, spring. The other flowers are ra, lily and jamin. It is really worth it.

Dior Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Forever and Ever

This toilet water resembles Femme from Hugo Boss : Freesia, Ra and Jamin is the basics of this composition. Unfortunately, here it is infantile and a belt. Frezia is given in a 1: 1 ratio with water. In my opinion, the boss is much better.

Estee lauder pleasures

Esteee Lauder Pleasures is not only freesia, but also without a peony - notes are felt as much. It is a composition that finds their place to give the delivery of a flower fragrance ladder: it is not boring and predictable, but these are not shocking. Perfect for work and lazy days in the garden.

Gucci Rush 2

Gucci Rush 2 is another incarnation of the hit from perfumery PEK. And it is hard to believe that it had the prime minister in 2001. The starting of freesia with narcissus is to cise, sometimes it is difficult to say which flower we feel. An interesting solution turns out to be a blackcurrant, which gently wins in the nose.

Cerruti 1881

In these perfumes, freesia is not particularly noticeable, but it wonderfully emphasizes the nuances of other notes. In the foreground you will find chamomile and mimoz, freesia only appears in the background. Everything together creates a pikn, AUR ZIOOW. This is not a delicate smell.

Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Eternity is another of the list of non -frequency classics from freesia in Dombie. Here he emphasizes the smell of a fair, lily and lily of the valley. Everything is Mrone and the icy. I have an extraordinary fondness for this smell - there is a feminine quintessence for me.

Laura Biagiotti Laura

Laura from Laura Biagiotti will make me a huge impression on me. First of all, freesia is very natural, secondly, the accumulation of fruit - watermelon, peach, lychee, bergamot and liwki - makes that Cao sends very positive vibrations. Third: it smells really out. An absolute hit of this statement.

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey is an unusual smell, where the thug of the most beautiful flowers on earth was shown in the company of Melon. In a sense, these perfumes remind me of Eternity - freesia in both cases is presented as a icy dwarf of the disagreement. Here it also has a very juicy taste.

Lancome Miracle

Miracle perfumed water from Lancome is one of the most universal fragrances of all time. It has not been enormous popularity for almost two decades, this composition is the same as 20-year-olds and 60-year-olds-you can organize joint shopping with mothers. Freesia is pepper and soda at the same time.

Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Toilette

Toilette water from Armani turned out to be a really perfect smell. If you are a fan of the first SI, this continuation will be a shot in ten during spring and summer. Freeding with a tart accent of blackcurrant as well as GBOK and aromatic pear. When I am looking for elegant and sophisticated perfumes, this composition is reliable.

My TOP 3 - the most beautiful perfumes with the smell of freesia

Laura wins the wild that will introduce a surprise element and proves to be a very charming fragrance from the knit of freesia. However, this is not an elegant composition - it fits the summer for informal occasions. Sometimes it seems to me as frivolous as compositions from Juicy Couture.

This is a sophisticated, but not a boudoir composition. Although he introduces a bit of seriousness, it will still be loving during weekend fall out of the city.

Ofresia is an atmospheric bouquet of mature freesia. It is true that I meet with various opinions about this composition, I still consider her to be extremely interesting and exit soup.

That's why I'm waiting for your opinion. Write which smell from Freesj you like the most. I am waiting for your opinion.