Lancome miracle fragrance notes

Load, freesia

Heart note
magnolia, ginger, mandarin, pepper, jamin

Base note
Ambra, Pimo, Jamin

Eau de parfum lancme miracle s and feisty, but also elegant and safe. This is a compulsory position on a woman who likes perfumes.

Although today does not impress anyone, on the day of the premiere this smell would be an unprecedented creation. It is one of the several compositions of the beginning of the 21st century, which is founded by over a 15-year trend for fruit-floral fragrances.

Why is it worth it is a spraying perfume Miracle? Because we have a trend from which today's bestsellers - Gucci Bamboo or Hugo Boss the Scent . With this ES One much worse not only in terms of parameters, but also aesthetic values. You can find these, es simply boring.

It is therefore worth knowing the smell that not only will ensure a pleasant feeling of use, but also guarantees titans.

How does Lancme Miracle Eau de Parfum smell?

Lancme Miracle smells of sparkling notes of lychee and freesia. The spicy heart resounds with the notes of magnolia, Jamin, ginger and pepper, and the warm notes of the base wrap with the sensual splendor of Ambra and Pima.

For me, this is a strong position WRD leader from the list of fragrances that you can find in perfumery. First of all, Miracle is very optimistic and sonic. In addition , it works well during the authorities , but in cold season. The wildness of soda, acidic and elegance of white flowers, is perfectly suitable as a smell.

Gesture notes

The opening of the smell is crazy. You get a dose of sodium fragrance notes of the lychee fruit that has been passed by the notes of pepper and ginger. The lychee is atwe to recognize, which is why it sometimes resembles the smell known from the Envy Me from Gucci.

From ginger , only a sour river left here, and the characteristic nose swimming . That is why Miracle is less soapy than Envy Me - it stimulates and adds energy.

Heart notes

The fragrance notes of the hearts of this composition are primarily magnolia and freesia. After about 2 quarters of the lychee, it becomes more delicate, giving up the places of elegance of white flowers. It is still and sharp, because ginger and pepper remain intense almost until the last moments of the heart.

CZ osb, with whom I am talking about Miracle, is surprised, the list of notes is not found. In fact, this floral and delicate acid -theorrous smell can be perfectly interpreted.

Base notes

The base is rather standard for most Lancome fragrances - balsamic Ambra, animal Pimo and elegant Jamin. This is a classic start that you will definitely like it.

Lancme Miracle Opinions: Is it lasting perfumes? How do you wear? How do you fit?

Currently, Miracle perfumes can provide you with original fragrances. Although it is still a very popular perfume, in the course of new and bestseller in recent years he lasts behind. And here it can be a black horse for warm seasons. For me it is a reliable smell for the summer.

Besides, it's really perfume. So you don't have to tap the bottle with a bottle - Miracle is felt for others even after 5 hours, and for the next 3 he lasts close to Skra.

Miracle lasts up to 8 hours on Skra, which in the case of perfumes from this group is a really staggering result.

Through this root and flowers, you can dress them not only for work and official meetings, but also for weekend trips with friends, dates in the air and holiday madness under the scenes.

Yes! This fragrance is clearly suitable for mature and very fashionable women . He always adds feminine and lifts 10 centimeters above the ground. Collects these masses of compliments.

Is it worth buying Lancme Miracle EDP?

Although miracle is now a forgotten and underestimated fragrance, I am sure that you have an aunt/teacher who (or in further) uses these perfumes.

Because the smell is sweating, you can simply have an association. Lancome Miracle is so characteristic that Mona assigns faces to them.

But this is the only disadvantage of this composition. Well, there can be a boring base, but these are the only minuses that I could find. However, there is a whole mass plus:

  • Huge laughs.
  • The fragrance is exceptionally optimistic and brings to the mistakes of the positive masses.
  • He doesn't intoxicize, he doesn't cite, he is not a lot.
  • This start of innocence and elegance, so it is suitable for women of each age.
  • Although you can recognize this as a light exaggeration, in my opinion it subtracts years.

For me, Miracle is like prosecco. A bit sodium, a bit dry and very sparkling. And as Prosecco tastes off, you will really like everything .

When this fragrance with another, it comes to my Versace from Versace. Here you will find trucu notes in a meal with white flowers.

Unlike Miracle, citrus is openly in Versense. Both compositions send positive vibrations.