Which perfume chloe perfumes are the most rating? Who is Chloe at the time? It's a romantic. Sometimes dressed in delicate, pastel colors, sometimes in a streeted motorcycle pants. Chloe is opposed to forced elegance. He values ​​freedom, spontaneous and nonchalance. On the one hand, it is independent and free, on the other natural and delicate. Chloe is the way he wants, as he eats up.

The story of Chloe begins in 1952, when Gaby Aghion creates his first collection under T names. The brand's mission is to create clothes that high as material with elegance and loose. The icon of this brand is a shirt-t-shirt, which or elegance with comfort.

Gaby agHion

Chloe offers an innovative approach to fashion, which in the 1950s arouses great controversy. The concept of "Ready-to-Wear", which from the beginning was the company's politician, assumes that the customer making the purchase comes out with ready clothes. Clothes are not ordered from a tailor. It can be impressed that Chloe will stop in the 50-70s.

Gaby AGHION herself attracts great talents. Her long -year -old co -workers were, among others, Karl Lagerfeld and Stell McCartney. Currently, the company is Compagni Financiere Richemont, and the distribution of perfume is dealing with Coty.

Next to Chanel , Chloe is a brand with which I dried. Early in terms of clothes and fragrances.

Classic chloe perfume line

The story of Chloe's women's perfume begins from 1975, when Betty Busse creates the first perfume for this fashion house. The success of this fragrance would be spectacular - on the canon of classic women's fragrances.

Chloe Eau de Parfum

You will feel a strong chord of white flowers and trees here. The smell is ended with a sharp aldehyde as in the case of the legendary Chanel 5 .

Gowy Note: May lily of the valley, Lonicera, Flower Wyerze, Ylang-Ylang, Hijacynt, peach, Aldehyd

Heart note: Jamin, Ra, Narcissus, Garden Godzik, Bulvious tuberose,

Base note: zander tree, amber, MKLA TARNIA

Chloe edp 2008

Chloe Eau de Parfum has a bottle with a beow bok. This is a fragrance that is a real story of chloe perfume. Perfectly fits in with the philosophy of the company: it's playful elegance.

Gowy note: peony, freesia, lynx

Heart note: ra, lily of the valley, magnolia

Base note: Ambra, Cedar Virginia

Chloe Rose Naturelle

Rose Naturelle presents the characteristic R Chloe, perfectly part of the nut of fragrances from the light of Moroccan Neroli. On the Skra, the perfumes are river and river, strengthened sodk, creams, databases.

Citron note: citron, blackcurrant

Heart note: ra, neroli

Base note: mimosa, cedar

Chloe Rose Naturelle Intense

Rose Naturelle emanates the modern smell of organic ry. This woody perfume for women is and the spontaneous nature with the free spirit of the girl Chloe.

Press note: bergamot, neroli

Heart note: ra, db

Database note: zander tree, cedar

Roses de Chloe

The version from the WSK in coral red is slightly more kwana, but these are hanging, passing and energetic. Unfortunately, it cannot be hidden - it is unstable.

Gowy note: bergamot, tarragon, lychee, lemon

Heart note: ra, magnolia, cedar, apple, black currant, peach

Base note: biae pimo, amber, wood notes

Chloe Leau Eau de Toilelette

Slow, light and feminine: the aura of this smell is delicate as a breath of air. The fragrance contains a concentration of sodium lynx, which gives a feeling of a ruling. Light as dew, this chyperal Ra is spatial and clean.

Note of the head: ra, grapefruit, lynx

Heart note: razasceska, magnolia

Base note: dbowy moss, cedar, pimo, amber

Chloe Rose Tangerine

The removal fruity note of mandarin is mixed with characteristic R, which gives Rose Tangerine the sonic splendor. The smell of blackcurrant emphasizes the unique character of Chloe, and the base made of cedar and white Ambra maintains ultra -modern elegance on Skra.

Gowy note: Tangerine, blackcurrant

Heart note: RA

Base note: cedar, biaa amber

Line: Chloe Nomade

The Nomade line has an inspiration to get to know the spirit of the female adventure, uncommon horizons and inspiring. Chloe resigns here from his characteristic, peena romanticism and adds a bit of an element of Mszpru to the composition.

Chloe nomade perfumed water

At the beginning, Chloe Nomade smells fruity, after a floral time, and then turns into a sharp wood and flower smell. Nomade has an element, but it is at the same time very feminine and ultra elegant.

Gowy note: mirabelle, bergamot, lemon, wise

Heart note: freesia, peach, jamin, ra

Base note: dbowy moss, patchouli, biae pimo, zander tree

Chloe nomade toilet water

Gowy note: Load, Mirabelle, Citruses

Heart note: Freesia, Ra, Davana

Base note: dbowy moss

Chloe nomade absolute de parfum

Gowy note: Mirabelka

Heart note: dbowy, Davana

Base note: zander tree, pimo

Chloe nomade naturelle

Naturelle begins with the Egyptian Jamin collected by the east of Soca. In the whole smell there is a note of what is soda and delightful. This is a fantastic fragrance for sodium and vanilla fans.

Gowy note: dates, mirabel

Heart note: Egyptian jamin, freesia

Base note: vanilla, zander tree, dbowy moss

Line: Chloe love story

The Love Story line is extremely successful. A bouquet of white flowers are great to develop on a Skra. S du, stay on the Skra about 6-7 hours. Good chosen for the spring and summer season.

Love story

The gwna role in this composition belongs to the bitter flower, which hers from Bergamot and the Sodka flower will be afraid. Great smell!

Gowy note: neroli, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, pear

Heart note: Flower will be afraid, Stefanotis, Ra, Black Currant, Peach

Base note: pimo, cedar, cashmere tree, patchouli

Love story eau sensuelle

This is a very strong premiere of 2024. The fragrance is delicate, somewhat antidown, but not dusty. Although it is not an adulteration, it is perfectly worn in the spring.

Gowy note: lemon, yuzu, pear, flower will be

Heart note: Passiflora, Heliotrope

Base note: cedar, amber, pimo, zander tree

Love story eau de toilette

The toilet water is slightly loud than perfume. More know and the ruling, and very floral. Liva flower is neither soda nor citing.

Gowy note: bergamot

Heart note: Flower will be afraid, flower, nasturtium, lily of the valley, green notes, Ra

Base note: pimo

Line: Chloe Love

About Love Mona can tell in an uncomfortable one. Apparently '3' is a very marketing number, but it would be better if only the first two versions of this smell are created - Eau Florale is my huge disappointment. Other two fragrances are dark and GSTE, wrap the body of poviat.

Love chloe

Love is a composition that perfectly fits into the style of unforced elegance. This is a light but unknown smell in the spring and summer.

Goal note: Flower will be afraid, red pepper

Heart note: iris, hyacinth, heliotrope, wisteria

Base note: pimo, ry, powder notes

Love eau inteure chloe

This is my beloved smell for summer evenings. Orient in a couple with a floral and sodium chord. The smell is sensual, wrapping. And this chocolate vanilla ...

Gowy note: iris, heliotrope

Heart note: hyacinth, without, wisteria

Base note: pimo, Peruviac balm, vanilla

Love, Chloe Eau Florale

Don't be deceived, this is not Love you know. The youngest love smells like a floral knocking. There is no counter of notes, which are served.

Gowy Note: Green Tea, Mate

Heart note: Plash peas, wood notes

Base note: powder notes, pimo

Line: See by Chloe

In my opinion, this is a failed Chloe line. While all the smells of this brand are really high as, then see by chloe is simply boring, mde and citing. Although he realizes that the every brand must have a wide range and must propose a lot of "what", it seemed to me that Chloe does not have to. These are candy, which I really don't recommend to anyone.

See by Chloe

Gowy note: bergamot, Jaboni flower

Heart note: Jamin, Ylang-ylang

Base note: pimo, zander tree, vanilla

See by chloe eau fraiche

Goal note: Jaboni Flower

Heart note: water hyacinth, jamn

Base note: vetocy

See by Chloe Si Belle Chloe

Gowy note: neroli, li birch and ogrek

Heart note: Gardenia, Flood Flower, JABKO, JAMAMS, Peach and RA

Base note: Biae Pimo, Ambra, Caraty, Vanilla and Coconut

Chloe perfume reviews - MJ Ranking TOP3

The classic Chloe Edp perfume from 2008 will sign up in my memory. I get a huge capacity that I use for 5 years. There are moments that I love her boundlessly and value a sharp end. Other times I can't get her to her.

I love Love, Eau Intense Chloe. Although it is a rather autumn-winter fragrance, on my Skra it falls perfectly in summer evenings. I am addicted to him.

The only summer fragrance for me is L`Eau de Chloe. Undeniably, it provides additional energy and changes on the Skra. He was perfect for hot days.

And you, what do you confuse about Chloe fragrances? Do you like any of them?