Chloe love story fragrance notes

neroli, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, pear

Heart note
Flower will be afraid, Stefanotis, Ra, black currant, peach

Base note
pimo, cedar, cashmere tree, patchouli

Chloe Love Story perfume is ode for white flowers. In the puppies of Sodium and bitter flowers he will be afraid.

Here they are gently seasoned with diluted citruses and a somewhat stuffy pim. Cao is very feminine, airy. And it will really be hard to deny her charm.

Chloe perfumes have a strong market position. As one of the few companies, it still creates pereki who delights the high quality (I can take out the soup of the Miaki line See by Chloe).

The smell of Love Story Eau de Parfum is the child of Anne Fipo, who was worshiped by the team responsible for the largest bestsellers of recent years: Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Paco Rabanne Lady Million, as well as perfumes Mskie Invictus and Carolina Herrera Vip Black for Men.

The face of the campaign has been charming Clemence Poesa, and the inspiration of this mythical Idylli Paris Pont des Arts.

How does the chloe love story perfumed?

The main hero of this story is the flower of Sodium and Gorzka (Neroli). And although these components usually take some snobbish forms, here is simply airy and girlfriend.

Pisa's poems can be about the first notes! And although the starting of Neroli from Bergamot is not revolutionary - it is a well -known duo, even with Chanel Mademoiselle - it is really real here.

It can be because of the pear and it can be my mysterious powers that I really feel mio.

Everything calms down in the heart and the known routine enters the smell. The first mioci passes. Neroli is replaced by a soda flower , and acidic citruses become heavily divorced.

These Stefanotis appears. Unfortunately, it does not smell natural - it is a bit colored, which loses a lot of charm. This is a very rare note in perfumes, I meet JW Lalique Fleur de Cristal, where it is compiled with lily of the valley and Jamin.

It is probably peach and blackcurrant give a bit of a soda effect, but I can not get them as individual fragrance notes.

After all, I do not have an allegation - he likes the elegance of white flowers. Do not impose yourself, do not prb these domestic room. Where in the background there is rating, which adds a bit green and knowing.

A slightly more interesting proposal for me is Eternity Moment from Calvin Klein, who also tries the interpretative MIO for the help of white flowers in my heart.

He likes when Pimo accepts the powder smell and I expect this from the Love Story base. Unfortunately, here it smells like soap, which does not give a pure impression, but it is very citing.

I also expect a tilted patchouli and wood notes , but unfortunately I don't even feel them for a moment. They have to admit that I am simply disappointed.

Chloe Love Story reviews: Is it lasting perfumes? What occasions do you fit?

The smell of Love Story is perfect for women and girls. The first add a bit of a fashionable airy, the second can emphasize their delicate nature.

For me it is a daily smell, perfect in the spring and the first days of summer . During the authorities of white flowers are a dangerous choice, because they become a dusk.

It is universal enough that you can easily dress him for work, even if it requires perfume neutral.

The smell is ideal for doctors, teachers, saleswomen, bartenders, princes - all of you who do their own in a large group of people.

This is a flexible smell. It stays on my Skra for about 5-6 hours . He can attach to this result, because he is beyon. Other perfumed waters last 8-9.

If you will apply for clothes, you will feel them the next day.

Love Story perfumes are not intense fragrances. For the first hours they will be felt by the distance of the talking one later, keep the lock.

Kocowa rating: Is it worth buying Chloe Love Story EDP?

It is great at the beginning, because the opening is a pole and he can really be interested. Neroli is bitter, juicy citruses, and pear sodkawa. Everything as it should.

I have no accusation to my heart because he likes the smell of white flowers, even if it is a bit quoting. For me it is a timeless, sensual elegance.

Unfortunately, the base on my Skra is very served. He brings out everything that is worst. As if they wanted to have a mn in an atmosphere of disappointment and profession.

After all, I think this chloe perfume is very pleasant, radiant and nice? Bring positive emotions in me and I definitely recommend them to all women who like the smell of white flowers.