Which is the most random French perfumes? Which perfumes are all Parish at least once in their collection? Which is the best French perfume?

A walk around Paris confirms that the art of perfumes in France is still blooming. Store sites are shimmering with the shine of bottles, and the inhabitants of CIGN behind the time of the tails of their favorite fragrances. The Piter Guerlain boutique on Champs-Lysees invites you to Tests of News, and you will find niche perfumes from Annick Goutal to Place Vendme.

Searching for information about French perfumes, Chanel No 5 and Guerlain Shalimar usually appear in the results. These fragrances, though invariably beautiful, are well known to everyone. What about others, less obvious? I decide to find modern compositions that are actually used by French women.

Because I have no experience with this market, I ask my friend for help, which works in one of the largest drugstores in Paris. Here's what it has agreed to us. See the ranking and make the French perfume.

10 best French perfumes

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

An elegant fragrance with a flirtatnate Anau has been inspiring French for years. Delicate raz and an ani sulpted with a sodium flower will be afraid and embedded on a creamy base. This is by far the most legendary French women's perfumes.

Price: 145 out of 30 ml

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Very popular women in women, the starting of coffee, vanilla, ditched pepper and flower will be afraid. This is a velvet and sensual smell that will give you the senses of the night.

Price: 199 from for 30 ml

Thierry Mugler Angel

Angel, with a sodium and rich smell, is something out of this world. The sparkling note of fruit and sodki caramel drugs drugs. This is the best selling perfume.

Price: 150 out of 25 ml

Christian Dior Miss Dior

Inspired by the memory of the garden, Dior has fragrance notes of flowers - ry and jamin - with Paczul and Mandarin. Christian Dior is by far the most often bought French perfumes.

Price: 469 out of 100 ml

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

The essence of a free and reversed woman. Olfactory echo of the independent spirit. Lent and light notes from amber peach creates an orient at the very center of Paris. Chanel is by far the most popular perfumes from France.

Price: 388 out of 30 ml

Christian Dior J'adore

Only one liter of J'adore requires consuming 10,000 flowers, Jamin, Ylang-ylang and tuberose. These perfumes are promishable by Socem, appears on the streets of spring and summer.

Price: 285 out of 30 ml

Nina Ricci Nina

Sodko-shitted fragrance is a modern fairy tale, a magic potion for romantics. Nina is an object of absolute pass that remains insurmountable on Skra.

Price: 115 out of 30 ml

Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege

The most beautiful perfumes with elderberry, green tea and sonic citrus. This is the essence of delicate feminine, which is why the smell is loved in all you know.

Price: 78 out of 30 ml

Lancme la vie est belle

Sophisticated, feminine, emphasizes the lives of life. The starting of vanilla, iris and pralines is launched by women in France. Perfect for what and evening, for the opportunity.

Price: 176 out of 30 ml

The best French perfume

Fragrances from this list belong to the most popular French women and the best selling in France. Wild nosoms that create the history of the country's perfume. It is wild that we can enjoy these unique fragrances.

We can not miss the perfume icons about French perfumes - Olivier Crespa . It will create, among others, unforgettable Angel, Nina, Black Opium fragrances. J Acques Cavallier is intessy for the smell of Nina and Classique from JPG will be created. Another big noses of France S Francois Demachy (Miss Dior) and Calice Becker (J'adore), however, real stars are known to the maniacs of Jacques Polge perfume, which will create Mademoiselle and Olivier Polge , Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo responsible for the creation of the greatest hit of recent years - La Vie Est Belle.

The remark that this list is very heterogeneous. French perfumes for women are different and much less codified than when. Some of them are delicate and floral. Other sensory and seductive. Some build aur distance while other play enthusiasm cards. In this way, we can give us a matching perfume to your own personality.

Now that you already have all the information, just choose the best French perfume for you. Decide if you want to emphasize your senses, delicate feminine, independent, and it can be mysteriously.

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